Tresind Restaurant | Innovative and Tasty Indian Food in Dubai, UAE

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Taste of India in the Arabian Desert. One of the best Restaurants in Dubai for Indian Cuisine !!

Tresind Restaurant is located in Nassima Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road (Prime location in Dubai) highly accessible with local and private transport. Tresind is an Indian cuisine restaurant which brings innovation in traditional recipes with extra ordinary taste, presentation and luxury.

The restaurant offers À la Carte for lunch (12:00 PM to 3:30 PM) and dinner (7:00 PM to 11:30 PM) and also offers variety of tasting Menu (Dishes served in small portion vegetable and non-vegetable).

Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE
Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Tresind is always fully packed with international guest from Europe, America, India and Pakistan and also local Arabs.

So don’t forget to make your reservation in advance through their website or calling them.

The restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It has an amazing ambiance with dull lights and comfortable and colorful sitting sofas and chairs which depicting the traditional culture of India.

It has a huge collection of typical Indian spices decorated in the centre of the restaurant. These spices are the main ingredients and bring life to the Indian food.

Collection of Indian spices

We were welcomed by extremely generous and humble staff on the reception and escorted us to the bar. On the left side of the restaurant, there’s a bar famous for its Cocktails.

Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE
Comfortable seating in Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

The manager had explained the range of drinks and cocktails they were offering. We had ordered Strawberry Colada which served with fresh strawberry ice cream and mint water to enhance the real taste of the drink.

Strawberry Colada at Tresind Dubai

After the drinks, we went to the main restaurant. The manager welcomed us and brought the jag and put the liquid neon. The liquid nitrogen raised the steam with refreshing aroma and it helped to fresh the body and mind.

After the drinks, we went to the main restaurant. The manager welcomed us and brought the jag and put the liquid neon. The liquid nitrogen raised the steam with refreshing aroma and it helped to fresh the body and mind.

After that Aromatic refreshing therapy, the chef had served the box which has four small sections. Each section had different starters like Gol Gappay, Fried lady finger, Vegetable Sushi and Vegetable Pie.

The best thing about the restaurant was that the chef was explaining all the starters and their specialties.

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Vegetables box at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

After few minutes, the chef along with its trolley came near to my table. OMG – THIS WAS SOMETHING REALLY AWESOME. The chef prepared the Signature Butter pepper Garlic Prawns right in front of us. It was a very interactive cooking. The chef was explaining the whole cooking steps.

He added black pepper, fried garlic, Green chili sauce, Parsley, Basil, Coriander and pink pepper topped with Japanese Mayo. It was the yummiest Prawns, we have ever tried. In every bite, we felt the fusion of all the spices.

Garlic Prawn at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

The next innovation was Tandoori Chicken with Pineapple Carpaccio. The Chef again came with his trolley. He had a chicken with chilli paste which was already baked in tandoor (tradition way of cooking). He gave a charcoal smoke to the wrapped chicken and pineapple and spread green chili and olive sauce.

The tandoori chicken with pineapple carpaccio with green sauce was ready to be served. The taste of charcoal made it the best tandoori chicken.

Tandoori Chicken with Pineapple Carpaccio at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

The next starter was Wagyu Satay. Wagyu Satay had served with peanut curry, burnt chilli and eggplant pickle. We heard a lot about this dish from my Indian friends but this was the first time we tried it.

The meat was very tender with the perfection of sauces and spices. You have to try it.

Wagyu Satay at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Then, our favorite Kebab Roll had been served. Actually, it was long kebab which covered with the typical Indian thin dough and red spicy and avocado sauce. The combination of meat kebabs with these sauces made it a best starter of the evening.

Kebab Roll at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Here comes another innovation in traditional food. The waiter served us Blue Berries in a small Japanese lime tree with aromatic neon that helped to refresh the mind.

We also got an opportunity to go into their kitchen and met their Master Chef Mr. Himanshu Saini. It was such a wonderful experience watching the chef cooking the live food for the guests.

Chettinad Chicken Curry at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Time for the Main Course now !!

The Manager had served the 3 main courses with the combination of 4 different Indian bread. The first name course was Bengali Kosha Mangsho which was served with traditional green peas Kochuri (Special bread filled with green peas) and punched onions. This dish was made by the lamb meat and very famous in Province of Bengal, India.

The second dish was Kadhai Lobster. The lobster had stirred fried snow peas with the perfect combination of asparagus and peppers. The lobsters were served as dried and also in a curry depending on the guest’s preference.

Kadhai Lobster at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

The Traditional bread called “Naan” and “Garlic Naan” had been served with it.

The third main course was Chettinad Chicken Curry. It's one of the most famous dish in South Indian state Tamil Nadu. The dish had a perfect combination of spices and the aroma.

The presentation of the dish with onions and parsley enhanced the taste. The dish was served with Appam that is special bread from Kerala, India. It's Black Bread made up by Black Thai Rice. It was the first time, we have tried this traditional bread.

Dinner at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Desert Time !!!!

Here comes the chef trolley again on my table. The Chef prepared the Strawberry Pastry right in front of us. The best part was the explanation of the steps and ingredients.

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Strawberry Pastry at Tresind Dubai

He put the Caramel White Chocolate base and then added Chocolate cheese on it. Then, he put Ras Gullay (traditional Indian Sweet) and then Saffron Rabri followed by Strawberry circled wire on the top. He sprinkled strawberry rust and Pistachio. And In the last ingredient, he used liquid nitrogen to reduce the temperature of the rose.

After few seconds, the rose was frozen and then he sprinkled the rose petals on the pastry. The chef had innovated a new dessert by mixing the traditional sweets of Indian with French style pastry. This pastry was a fusion of French and Indian sweet.

The Chef presented another typical dessert called “Daulat ki Chaat” from the area Chandhni Chowk in the Capital city Delhi. It had served with a crumble called “Soan Papdi” and it decorated with Gold dust and Pistachio.

Daulat ki Chaat at Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Ending Note:

Highly recommended to try their innovative and modern Indian food. Great Ambiance and location with highly skilled chefs and very cooperative staff. It's one of the most delicious Indian food restaurant we have ever tried in Dubai, UAE.

Tresind in Dubai, UAE
Tresind Restaurant in Dubai, UAE