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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

P.F. Chang's is an American based, Asian themed Restaurant and spread its Franchises all over the World. It has its presence in 25 countries and operates 100 branches Internationally and 208 branches in the US.

Horse in the entrance of the P.F. Chang's Dubai

We had been to PF Chang’s in Dubai, there are 11 branches of the Restaurant in Dubai and it's located in almost all the main Shopping Malls and touristic areas. We have visited quite a lot of branches and our favorite one is in The Beach, Opposite to JBR.

The Ambience:

The P.F. Chang’s, the Beach is located along the beach and offers indoor and outdoor sitting. During the winters, it’s a best experience to sit outside and enjoy the lovely view along with the hustle bustle of people. We have been there in summers and sat in their Indoor sitting.

P.F. Chang's Dubai

Most of the P.F. Chang’s has a Tall Horse in the entrance of the restaurants and symbolises the Forbidden City in China which was built by first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

The Restaurant is influenced by Chinese and American Culture. It has Artistic hand painted Wall Paintings depicting the warriors and fighters and their culture.

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The Food:

The Restaurant offers a perfect fusion of Asian flavor with Fine Chopped Vegetables with meats and variety of food from Chef’s Special Dim Sums to Dumplings, from Dynamite Shrimps to Mongolian Beef.

P.F. Chang's Dubai

We had ordered Wonton Soup (AED 39) as a starter which has Home-Made Chicken Broth Chicken Wonton, Mushroom, Spinach and Shrimps Kung Pao Chicken (AED 63) which has Spicy Sichuan Chilli Sauce with Peanuts, green onion and Red chilli peppers and Chang’s Fried Rice (AED 42) which has eggs, perfect combo of healthy vegetables and Chicken.

We totally love the taste and the quality of food, the serving is also enough for two people.

Ending Note:

The Restaurant costs between AED 175-200 for two People for Starters, Main Course and Drinks. Per Person, It’s between AED 80- 100.

We would highly recommend the restaurant to try out the Authentic Asian Food in Dubai.