Best Ice cream in Dubai - Sweet Salvation Dubai

Sweet Salvation is specialised in Stylish and Innovative Ice creams and confectionery products and takes a taste, looks and the presentation to the next level.

Sweet Salvation is a Toronto based Little Ice cream shop which spreads around the globe to satisfy the taste buds of Ice cream lovers.

Sweet Salvation, Dubai

In Dubai, the Sweet Salvation is located in City Walk by Meeras so when you get tired of the shopping you can relax and enjoy their Ice cream. The Ice cream parlour is a little cozy shop which is perfect for the casual hangouts with family and friends.

Sweet Salvation, Dubai

The ambience is just on mark with a Turquoise and black & white theme colors which provides a very rich and elegant feel for the customers.

The lush green plant has been displayed behind the Counter which enhances the refreshness of the environment.

Sweet Salvation, Dubai

We were exploring City Walk and got attracted with an amazing ambience of the Ice cream shop and we were totally amazed to look at the Menu.

The Little Ice cream has a lot to offer from their Chef driven innovation Ice creams and cafes with the combination of high quality ingredients to traditional Cone Ice creams.

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Sweet Salvation, Dubai

The Mouth watering collection of Ice cream cakes from Cookie butter with the combo of Salted Pretzel pieces, Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce to Red Rapture with Red Velvet Cake with Raspberry Sauce and Meringue Crumble taste absolutely out of this World. You can also order Pimped out Cheesecake with eight different Slices of your choice.

Apart from Ice cream and Cheese cakes, the shop also has Bangin Brownie Sliders with Chocolate and caramel sauce and when you have the Cookie crumb you literally feel that you have tasted Brownie from Heaven.

Sweet Salvation, Dubai

Our most favorite is Krusty The Cone (35 AED ) - It’s a rainbow color Cone with Vanilla Ice cream and cotton candy sauce and rainbow sprinkles and Cotton candy attached to the cone make it look so tempting and we bet you can’t resist yourself without trying it.

Actually, it’s too sugary but still yummy. If you like a little touch of Sugar, we would suggest Red Rapture cone which is with Vanilla ice cream, cream cheese and red velvet cake.

Krusty The Cone at Sweet Salvation Dubai

We also loved their collection in Shakes and Frappes. We tasted Cookies & Cream Shake (40 AED) which has soft Vanilla ice cream, Orea cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, Fudge Cookies topped with heavenly tasted cookie dough chucks. It’s one of the best Cookies & Cream Shake we have ever tasted.

Cookies & Cream Shake at Sweet Salvation Dubai

The shop also has a Waffle bites with Belgian waffle pieces, Hazelnut Choco sauce with soft Chocolate. You can also try their Ice Cream Pints (45 AED) in 7 different flavors and Hot Chocolate (25 AED) in three different styles.

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We sat along the big glass window and enjoyed the hussle and bussle on Road with a view of Burj Ul Khalifa and enjoyed our heavenly Ice cream.

Ending Note:

Sweet Salvation makes us treat ourselves with the finest and Yummiest Ice cream in Dubai. We would highly recommend visiting this in Dubai.

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