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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Bonn used to be the capital of West Germany before unification of Germany. The city is on the Rhine River and famous for its unique history and culture. Last year, we got a chance to visit Christmas market Bonn in December.

When the weather is cold and dark, Christmas market of the Bonn is enlightened up with crowd and gives a cosy feeling to its visitors.

Christmas Festivity in Bonn, Germany

Bonn old town was fully cheered up with Christmas festivity. All the streets of the old town was decorated with colorful lights and the main entrance of the streets were decorated and welcoming the audience.

There were more than 180 beautiful hut style stalls with Christmas decor and Santa on the top of the Stalls.

Christmas Stalls at Bonn

In 2019, the Market in Bonn is starting from November 22, 2019 until December 23, 2019 but it will be closed on November 24, 2019.

Münsterplatz Bonn

The main Christmas market is set up in the main square of Bonn Old Town called “Münsterplatz”.

The square is packed with stalls selling decorative stuff for Christmas, wooden carved ornaments, candles, souvenirs, starry lights, woolen shawls, Handicrafts, Ceramics, leather goods and many other everyday items.

Christmas Souvenirs Shop

There were lots of food stalls aswell which was full with crowd and serving delicious Christmas culinary delights like potato pancakes, gingerbread, Mandels, wurst, Pommes etc.

Münsterplatz, Bonn

When we visited the market last year, it was the 50th anniversary of Bonn Christmas market of Bonn. They had placed an Observatory Tower looks like Christmas Candle in Remigius Platz.

From the top of the tower(about 81 meter tall), you can enjoy the mind-blowing view of the old town depicting the festivity and lights of Christmas.

There was also a restaurant on the bottom of the tower to enjoy the food and drinks.The market is also famous for its culinary items including smoked salmon, Fresh German pizza called ‘‘Flammkuchen” ginger bread, hot chocolate.

You will be amused to see how they have placed the small ride for the entertainment for the visitors. You can find small sky wheel from where you can enjoy the view of the market. There are also few rides for the kids.

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Bonner Weihnachts Markt

There are few more stalls in Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz, Mulheimer Platz and Windeckstrasse.

Weihnachtmarkt, Bonn

Unfortunately, the weather was unexpectedly started dropping to -8 in Bonn and people started closing their stalls and visitors start return to their homes so the market became empty even though it was Saturday night.

Christmas Festivity at Sternstrasse, Bonn

Apart from the Christmas markets in the old town of Bonn, we would highly suggest to visit and experience the Christmas festivity in Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter, Bonn.

Its around 18 KM from Bonn main train station and highly accessible by local trams in 25-30 minutes.

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Christmas Festivity at Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter, Bonn

They have set up a Christmas market around the castle with beautiful stalls. They have created a scene from old times with hay and bushes spread on the floor.

They also have lots of stalls selling different specialities of Christmas like decoration pieces, scarfs, woollen gloves, socks and many more. There were also food stalls offering food and drinks. There was also small carousel ride for the kids.

Carousel ride, Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter, Bonn

There is also a live performance going on for the audience and lots of families and kids are gathered around the stage and enjoying it.

Musical Performance at Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter, Bonn

They had also set up Christmas theme inside the castle's Corridor.

Christmas Market at Drachenburg castle in Konigswinter, Bonn

Ending Note:

To experience the medieval Christmas market, we would highly suggest visiting Siegburg Christmas Market. Siegburg is around 20 minute away from Bonn main train station.

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