Christmas Festivity in Dubrovnik, Croatia aka Kings landing

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The Dubrovnik celebrates the Christmas at its fullest. In 2018, we had planned to celebrate Christmas in King’s Landing. We had reached to Dubrovnik in the evening. The new city looked totally dead at that time.

Christmas Eve in Stradun Dubrovnik, Old town

As we had booked our apartment in new Dubrovnik, we dropped our bags and headed towards Old Dubrovnik. We would like to mention that the local transportation was available throughout the night on Christmas Eve. With the local bus, it took us around 10 minutes to reach to the Old town Dubrovnik.

There are lots of young and old couples were dressed up for the Christmas eve and heading towards the old town. We had sensed the festivity and music in the air far behind. There were also a few small stalls near the bus stop (outside of old town).

Christmas Stalls outside Dubrovnik, Old Town

The entrance of the Old town- Pile gate was fully decorated with lights. There were also a few small stalls near the bus stop (outside of old town).

Pile Gate, Dubrovnik Old town

Finally, We entered the king’s landing. The main street called Stradun was fully decorated with lights and chandeliers. There were lots of food stalls selling Croatian Snacks, Waffles, Fries and Drinks.

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Stradun, Dubrovnik Old Town

There were also live performances by musicians and the king’s landing was indulge in Christmas Festivity. Everybody was dancing and singing and enjoying Christmas eve.

Christmas Festivity in Dubrovnik, Old town

After that, we started exploring the streets of old town. We were totally amazed to see that every bar in the corner had a Christmas Eve Party. They had live performers in front of every bar and people were enjoying the music.

Christmas Eve Concert, Dubrovnik Old town

It was one of the most beautiful Christmas Eve, we had experienced in the old town of Dubrovnik. On Christmas morning, the churches in the old town was fully packed with visitors.

Nativity scene in Church, Dubrovnik

All the street cafes and restaurants were fully crowded with people. We hardly found any place to sit but still there were a lot of closed cafes as well.

On December 26th, we were totally surprised by the Parade of Santa Claus on Sport bikes in king’s landing. There were around 200-250 Santas on motorbikes with music and felt like they had invaded the king’s landing. Everybody was cheering and welcoming them.

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Santa Claus Parade in Stradun, Dubrovnik Old town

Ending Note:

It was definitely one of the nicest Christmas we ever had but if you are coming to explore the city, we would say December 26th would be a better day as everything including city wall, cable car ride and shops are closed on December 24th eve and December 25th.

Christmas Eve in Dubrovnik

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