Ferrari World - Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE | Best Theme Park in UAE

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

To explore the ultimate and exquisite experience of Ferrari cars, we have visited the Ferrari World Theme Park in UAE. The Ferrari World is located in Yas Island Abu Dhabi.

It has 5 different zones with 37 incredible rides and attractions for kids and adults and provides the magnificent Ferrari Experience.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

From the Bird eye view, the theme park is like a Ferrari Logo. The Amusement park has the record breaking fastest Roller Coaster to Real Ferrari Experience, from a visit of Italian landmarks to Ferrari Galleria. The Ferrari World is totally indoor so you don’t need to worry about the weather.

The Price for a single day ticket is AED 295 but if you book a Yas Island Package, it will cost you way cheaper. If you start early in the morning, then you have enough time to explore the park in a single day.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

As we had booked the 2 days package of Yas Island including 2 nights stay in a hotel and access to Ferrari World and Yas Water Park. Check their website. So We already had the tickets. It’s highly advisable to book your tickets in advance.

We had an ordinary ticket which we changed into FAST TRACK by paying extra money to avoid the long queues. Don’t Forget to pick up your map from the counter so you can identify and decide the rides you want to experience first.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Keep in mind that all the Rides aren’t free in Ferrari World. We had paid an extra money for experiencing the Kart Ferrari Racing and Ferrari Simulation Games.

You don’t need to worry about your belongings like Wallet, Mobile phone, Keys etc. You can keep your belongings in the tray at the beginning of every ride or they collect in the start.

Zone 1: Welcome Plaza

The theme park has a huge Welcome Plaza which is normally reserved for the special events and live performances. It also has 2 Ferrari Stores from where you can buy Ferrari accessories, Apparels or cars as your memorable Souvenir.

Our Souvenir from Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Zone 2 : Family Zone

The Family Zone has most of the group rides and attractions for the family and kids. The Zone has Nello’s Adventureland where the little kids also enjoy and have their best time in Ferrari World.

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Turbo Tower:

The Turbo Tower is a friendly ride for both Kids and Adults and has a free fall from 13.5 meters height. The ride was quite Childish for us, but we took the Ride to enjoy the Wonderful Aerial view of Ferrari World.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Tyre twist:

We had jumped into the F1 tyre and the ride started and we were rotating our Tyre with the help of handle and it was spinning, twisting and colliding with other F1 tyres. This ride reminded us of our childhood Tea Cup ride. The ride is very friendly for the kids and light hearted people.

Flying Ace:

We flew in a Military plane at a Height of 63 meters and gave the most exciting experience.

Zone 3 : F1 Zone

This Zone has all the Rides with Ferrari theme so you get the chance to know and experience the history of Ferrari and Ferrari Cars.

Tyre Change:

It was the first Ferrari experience we had in the theme Park. This activity is at the start of the Park.

Tyre Change at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

We had accepted the Challenge to be a part of the Ferrari Pit Crew and supposed to change the tyre in 5 seconds. The Time Clock was recording our timing and it took us 16.6 seconds to change the tyre completely.

Tyre Change at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Galleria Ferrari:

We have been to Ferrari Galleria where they have exhibited the Ferrari’s History and the iconic Ferrari car back in time and how the Ferrari’s design evolves over the year.

Galleria Ferrari at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The Galleria shares the amazing stories of Ferrari’s World.

Galleria Ferrari at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Karting Academy:

For the Karting Academy, you need to buy an additional ticket. We had signed up and they assigned us the time so we didn’t need to wait in the queue for our turn. We had a real drifting experience in Long track.

Karting Race at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The Academy had taken all the safety precautions including professional helmets. We had several laps in the go-kart circuit. We really felt like a real Champions and Aoon had been stood 2nd in the Go-Kart Race.

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Karting Race at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Scuderia Challenge:

We had also challenged the advanced Simulation and gained first hand experience to be trained like Ferrari Drivers.

For the Kids, they have Regular Simulators which are included in the ticket but we had paid AED 85 additional for this experience.

Scuderia Challenge at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Driving with the Champion:

Do you wanna Experience Ferrari's Racing History in Cinematic effects and Ride along with Driver? The Driving with Champion is a must attraction in the Ferrari World. It provided us with the ultimate experience to travel through Ferrari’s History.

Zone 4: Italian Zone

In the Italian Zone, they have created a tiny Italy so you get the chance to explore the main landmarks and Scenic beauty of Italy.

Italian Street at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

This Zone also has an Italian Architecture with cobblestoned streets, houses with small balconies and hanging clothes and small street cafes. We literally felt that we were in Italy. You can also find Studio Artista from where you can buy artistic paintings.

Studio Artista at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Viaggio in Italia:

The Ride is inspired by the Open-Road endurance Mille Miglia Race. We took our seat and elevated high and experienced the multi sensory stimulators of Italy.