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The Jumble Dubai has reinvented the concept of Escape Games and brings an innovation along with thrill and Adventure. Jumble Dubai is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Al-Barsha and highly accessible with Dubai Metro.

Jumble Dubai

You need to make the booking for your Game in advance and the activity is considered to be best for friends and working Colleagues so you can focus on team building.

Registration form at Jumble Dubai

Each team will consist of 3-6 people and there’s a demo session held before the Game with all the necessary instructions. The Jumble is a totally indoor adventure and offers an unbelievable experience for the Participants.

Jumble Dubai

Are you ready to dive into the World of Jumble and challenge yourself to Solve all 16 Jumbles. You can get your Wristband from the counter which allows you to access the area of Jumble.

The Jumbles have 16 Jumbles and each Jumble has 2-6 rooms in which the team needs to solve the queues to unlock the room. Each Jumble is full of adventure with mental and physical challenge. If you complete the Jumble, the Room will be unlocked and you can jump into another Jumble.

Jumble Dubai

In case you failed the Challenge then you can either re-do the Challenge or Skip it and Enter into another Jumble. You are flexible to choose whatever you’re interested in. You can come with a big group of friends and form the Team and Challenge your mates to see which team solves more Jumble.

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Each Jumble has a different theme where we had to Crawl, Jump, Climb the Money bars, escape from the Fire to call the Emergency and face your fear of Zombies.

Escape Room in Jumble Dubai

One of our favorite Jumble was an Escape Room which has a theme of Iceberg where we had to Escape by stepping on the Iceberg(which has strings beneath) and we needed to balance ourselves without touching the floor. If you touch the floor then you need to re-do the Challenge.

Jumble with Iceberg Theme

One of the Jumble Escape Room was full of Small Plastic Multi Color balls which took me back to our Childhood. Another Jumble Escape room is full of Books, in this Jumble we needed to use our mental strength to find the Book which is helpful in solving the Jumble.

There are few escape rooms on the upper floor. There are a lot of more fun and exciting Challenges in Jumble Dubai which you need to discover in your trip to Jumble Dubai.

Jumble Dubai

The Jumble Dubai is overall a very exciting and Challenging experience where we got the chance to use our physical and mental strength to solve the Jumble. We have succeeded in solving many of the Jumbles but still there were few Jumbles which we weren't able to Solve. The cooperative Staff was present on the floor and helped and guided us if we got stuck or needed any help.

Ending Note:

The Jumble is a best exercise for the Team building and highly recommended for the friends to visit during your trip to Dubai. It’s highly recommended to reserve at least 2 hours for this activity.

Jumble Dubai

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