Great Escape from Naples, Italy in March 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdown | Corona Virus in Italy

Updated: Nov 18

We always plan something special on our birthdays. In 2020, We had planned to celebrate my Birthday in the beauty of Amalfi coast in Italy. When we booked the flights, the word “COVID-19” didn't exist in the World dictionary.

We started looking for hotels in Naples, Italy and Positano, Amalfi Coast. Still, there was no sign of Coronavirus in Italy at that time.

We had booked a hotel for 3 nights in Naples and 3 nights in Positano, Amalfi Coast. The initial plan was that we will spend one day in Naples, one day exploring Pompeii and Mount of Vesuvius and 4 days exploring the beaches and towns on the Amalfi coast.

As February started, everyday we were hearing the news of the spreading of Coronavirus in Northern Italy. We were quite relaxed about our plan and expected that everything will be fine in the next few days.

As our trip was approaching, we were hearing the news of casualties in Northern Italy. We had a close look on the news of Coronavirus and read about the situation in Southern Italy.