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Guideline for Game of Throne fans in Dubrovnik - 14 famous Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik

Updated: May 28

Let’s conquer the kings landing before it turns into ashes.

Being a crazy fan of Game of Thrones, we want to explore each and every part of the World where Game of Thrones has been shot to see how amazing it looks with our eye. We started our Game of Thrones tour from King’s landing, Dubrovnik.

Being honest, it took us some time to find out the exact spots where the real scenes of the series took place.In our blog, we will provide a guideline for the GOT fans so they can quickly find the spots.

Guided Map for Game of Throne fans:

Guided Map with Marked Spots for Game of Throne fans

We are so glad that we visited the King’s landing before its turns into ashes by Dany’s dragons.

The old town of the city has depicted the scene of King’s Landing in “Game of Thrones”. The old town has unique and well-preserved cobblestone streets with wonderful architecture and bricks covered buildings. We literally felt that we were in the scenes of GOT.

1. Pile Gate:

So, we entered the city from the main Old town Gate called Pile gate. The gate had featured several times in Season 2 and 3 of Game of thrones.

It’s the place where famous scene of the King Joffrey had been took place when he returned to Kings' landing and being attacked mobs . It’s a main entrance to the Old town.

Pile Gate - Dubrovnik King Joffrey's return to Kings landing

2. Lovrijenac Fort:

The Lovrijenac Fort also appears in several episode of GOT. Like a curious fan, we were always wondering where the iconic dialog between Cersei and Littlefinger had taken place where they confronted each other. The scene had been shot in the Lovrijenac Fort.

The Fort is on the coastal area and the entrance of the fort is a little bit before the entrance of the old city town.

Iconic dialog between Cersei and Little finger had taken place in Lovrijenac fort

3. Gradac park:

Do you know where the Purple wedding took place and Joffrey get poisoned? You can see the view from the top of Lovrijenac Fort over parking lot and Gradac park. Though, the view is very different from the real scene in the series.

4. West Pier, Dubrovnik:

The famous West pier has shown in various scenes like in battle of blackwater bay and when Sansa and Shae were watching the ships and Little finger offers her help .

Sansa and Shae were watching the ships- West Pier, Dubrovnik

The scene was shot in season 2 Episode 1. The Pier is located between Lovrijenac Fort and old town. Don’t forget to take the Iconic picture.

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Sansa and Shae were watching the ships- West Pier, Dubrovnik

5. Minceta Tower:

The old town is surrounded by city wall and you need to climb up the stairs to experience the view where Danaerys was looking for stolen Dragon with Ser Jorah in season 2.

Danaerys was looking for stolen Dragon with Ser Jorah in Minceta Tower

The famous tower is called Minceta Tower. The ticket costs 20 including entrance to city wall and Lovrijenac Fort.

Danaerys was looking for stolen Dragon with Ser Jorah in Minceta Tower

6. Spanish stairs - Walk of Shame:

The famous Spanish stairs where Cersei had the Walk of Shame is also located inside the old town. The stairs are right next to Cathedral Saint Ignatius. The stairs are always full with tourist, you hardly get an opportunity to get the perfect picture.

But during our visit in Christmas days, the surrounding street shops were closed and the stairs were totally empty. So we got an opportunity to do “my walk of shame”.

Cersei's "the Walk of Shame" in Spanish stairs Dubrovnik

7. Rector’s Palace:

On the main street of the old town, you can find Rector’s Palace where indoor scenes were shot between Danaerys and thirteen rulers of Qarth where she requested to carry her army.

Dialogs between Danaerys and thirteen rulers of Qarth in Rector's Palace

8. Pile Harbour between Bokar Fortress and Fort Lovrijenac:

The Pile Harbour appears in season 6, when Cersei was waiting for Princess Myrecell's Return.

Cersei was waiting for Princess Myrecell's Return

9. City Wall:

The Dubrovnik City wall has appeared in uncountable scenes in the GOT series. The most famous scene is in Season 3, After battle of Blackwater, Tyrion, Bronn and Podrick walked on the wall.

Dubrovnik City Wall

The old city is surrounded with City wall. You have to climb up the city wall from the left side of the city entrance. The ticket cost 20 and it also includes the entrance to Lovrijenac Fort.

It’s highly recommended to come early in the morning to enjoy the view of the distinctive old city in less crowd and also get your pictures with beautiful view of the old town and Adriatic.

10. Sponza Palace:

It's the most crowded place in Old Town Dubrovnik, the cathedral is located on famous pedestrian called Stradun and appeared in Season 5 of GOT.

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Sponza Palace, Dubrovnik

11. Dubrovnik West Harbour:

It's a spot where it had been Ordered to kill Robert Baratheon's Bastard children.

Dubrovnik West Harbour

12. Ploca Gate:

It's another entrance to Dubrovnik old town and appeared in Season 5, when Cersei entered from Ploca Gate after Walk of Shame.

Cersei entered from Ploca Gate after Walk of Shame

13. Lokrum Island:

The island is located around 15 minutes ferry from Dubrovnik Mainland, Its a green Island and features in Season 2 when Daenerys visited it.

Lokrum Island on Maps
Lokrum Island

14. Fort Bokar:

The Fort Bokar was appeared in Season 2, when Tyrion and lord Varys discussed the kings landing defense for battle of blackwater bay. The best view of the Fort is from Fort Lovrijenac.

Tyrion and lord Varys discussed the kings landing defense for battle of blackwater bay at Fort Bokar

Ending note:

Another interesting thing, we would like to share is that Star war is also shot here but the city has gained tremendous popularity after the shot of Game of thrones.

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