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Updated: Feb 9

Pancake House is a Philippines based restaurant which has a presence around the globe with over 100 franchises. The Restaurant is not only specialised in Pancakes but also offers a wide variety of delicious International food in Filipino style.

Pancake House International

Ambience and hospitality:

The Restaurant has a bright orange and pink theme. We got a chance to visit Pancake House International in Dubai Mall.

Pancake House International

In UAE, they have most of the branches located in the food court of the Shopping malls and offer a very casual and welcoming environment with their friendly and efficient staff. We were really impressed with the taste and quality of food and services at affordable Prices.

The Food:

Starters & Drinks:

The Restaurant has offers a variety of Starters with Chicken and seafood. We had ordered Chicken Adobo Taco - Our taste buds had Ground Chicken with mango salsa and Pickled red onions with Garlic Mayo and it cost AED 15.

We also had Chicken fingers with the spicy sauce cost AED 22 , the Chicken fingers were coated with crumbs and we felt the crispness in every bite. We also had Spicy Dynamite Squid rings with Honey-Mustard sauce that cost AED 22.

Our Starters & Drinks at Pancake House

We aren't big fans of sea food but Dynamite Squid turned out to be very delicious with a combination of spicy crisps and sweety sauce.

They also have amazing Strawberry soda fountains of Milkshakes. We had ordered Strawberry Milkshake which costs AED 15.

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Main Course:

In the Main course, we had ordered the Spicy Chicken Fillet and Grilled Salmon. The Spicy Chicken fillet had a perfect fusion of species in Filapino style and was served with Brown Rice Pilaf.

Main Course at Pancake House

The combination of garlic may cream, chopped parsley and squeezed lemon has enhanced the flavor and richness of the Chicken and proved to be very tasty and fulfilling and It costs 32 AED.

We totally loved Grilled Salmon which was nicely cooked and served with Sauteed veggies and Rice. it costs AED 38.


We were really excited to try out their Desserts. The waitress had surprised us with their new Edition of Red Velvet Pancakes which they had introduced recently and they wanted feedback from their Guests.

The Red Velvet Pancake was topped up with whipped cream and choco bites and we were totally amazed with the taste and the presentation of pancakes.

Red Velvet Pancake at Pancake House

Here comes our other Dessert - Waffle Foldover. The folded Waffle is filled with Vanilla Ice cream and choco bites and topped with Peanut butter and it costs AED 22. We must admit it’s one of the best Waffles we ever had.

Waffle Foldover at Pancake House

Prices per person:

With the Starter, Main Course, Dessert and Drinks - The restaurant will cost between AED 75 to AED 90.

Pancake House

Overall, we were extremely impressed with the quality and taste of the starters, main course and especially the desserts. In the reasonable prices, we had experienced good food and great services which really worth another visit to Pancake Lounge.

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Ending Note:

Apart from International range, The Restaurants also offer the best Filipano dishes so you can also experience the taste of the Philippines in Dubai.

Staff at Pancake House

Moreover, the restaurant also offers Piyesta Package with the combination of different dishes for family sharing and it costs only AED 179 for 6 person ( AED 30 per person). So you can enjoy the food at the most affordable prices.

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