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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Phobia Dubai offers an ultimate experience of Escape Room Games in Dubai.  The Phobia Dubai is located in JLT. 

Phobia Dubai - Escape Room Game

There are 6 different zones which depict the different scenes and you have to make a choice that which Escape room you want to enter and being locked. You have 60 minutes time to solve the Clues and Escape from the room.

Phobia Dubai - Escape Room Game

You can be a Detective Sherlock and find the evidences of the Jack the Ripper who has terrorised the City of London in Sherlock Vs the Ripper or find yourself in Anabelle’s Playroom and solve the clues to set her poor Soul free in Dark Room or setting your self free from the being a Prison of a Mad man in Live or escaping from the Nuclear Blast in Vault or be a part of biggest Mafia and steal the Priceless Artifact from the museum and escape without being caught in Mission Impossible or Use your Magical Spell to free the World from the Disaster in Battle of Wizards

Phobia Dubai - Escape Room Game

The Games are suitable for 2 persons to  the groups of 5 persons. You need to book your slot and the selection of the game in advance. They offer two Games in different location. Don’t forget to check your location while making a booking.

We had Selected a Vault Escape Game and made the reservation from their Website. We had reached around 20 minutes before the game, the instructor had explained all the rules of the Game and locked us in the Room.

Vault in Phobia Dubai

The Game was on the theme of Nuclear War. The World has destroyed due to Nuclear war. Fortunately, we had survived from the radiations and saved ourselves in a room with low level of oxygen but the World has turned into Zombies. We were supposed to escape from the room before Zombies break in.

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There are three rooms which were dark with dim lights. We had locked in a first room and we needed to solve the clue to open the door of the second room. The room has created a real scene with the fierce Zombie noises which made us feel that Zombies were approaching towards us. We need to find the code to Open the room.

Vault in Phobia Dubai

Here We don’t want to disclose how to solve the Clue so you won’t use it in your Game in Phobia Dubai.

The second room had plants which were dying due to low oxygen and we need to keep up the oxygen level. To be honest, the low oxygen level makes us a little worried to solve the next clue as soon as possible to enter into the third room.

Providing Oxygen to Plants in Phobia Dubai

Well, it wasn’t that challenging and took us only few minutes to solve the clue and entered into the third room . In the third room, we need to connect the wires to explode the door before the Zombies enter.

We just made it in time and succeeded in exploding the Door and escaped from the Room.

Exploding the door in Phobia Dubai

That's how we Escaped and saved yourselves !!! In the end, we got the appreciation and keychains from the Staff of Phobia Dubai.

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Keychain from Phobia Dubai

Ending Note:

The game was full of Suspense, thrill, adventure and horror. We really had to think hard to solve the clues but it was very engaging and full of fun. The activity is best for the group of friends and colleagues for better relationship building.

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