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The Prime Grill by Mina in Dubai is a Restaurant owned by Michael Mina who is a founder of Mina Group and a famous American celebrity Chef and launched his first cookbook in 2006. The Mina Group has 40 restaurants all over the World including 2 Michelin Star Restaurant in San Francisco and Las Vegas. 

Ambience and Hospitality:

The Restaurant has a beautiful ambience and quite spacious for the gathering of friends and Family. It also has a huge outdoor sitting area but in summers, there’s also enough to sit inside the restaurant and enjoyed the lively environment of the restaurant. 

The Restaurant also has a very efficient and friendly staff which were busy in providing high standard services for the guest. As we ordered all the specialities and signature dishes of the Restaurants it took around 30-40 minutes to prepare our food. 

Staff at Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

Food at Prime Grill:

The restaurant has variety of options in Chicken, Duck and dried Beef. We had ordered their Signature Roasted Half Chicken with Tuffle Mac & Cheese and fresh Broccoli, Garlic  crumbs and onion.

Signature Roasted Half Chicken at Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

We had also ordered Hickory Smoked Short Rib With Confit cherry tomatoes, potatoes purée and crispy carrots.

Hickory Smoked Short Rib at Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

The restaurant also has an option of Wood fired Grill Prime New York Strip Steaks. We were totally impressed with the quality of Black Angus beef from USA. Every bite of the beef tasted heaven. 

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Prime New York Strip Steaks at Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

We had also visit their kitchen to enjoy the live Wood Fired Grill of our Beef Steaks. 

Behind the Scene at Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

For the Drinks, we had ordered fresh Strawberry Mojito, Lemonade and Orange Juice which tasted totally amazing. We also had lovely Strawberry Cheese Cake as a desserts. 

Our Drinks and Strawberry Cheese Cake

Ending Note:

We totally loved the taste, Ambience and the quality of services by the Restaurant. We would highly recommend to visit the restaurant chain by Mina. 

Prime Grill by Mina, Dubai

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