Zaroob Restaurant - The Authentic Arabic Food in Dubai, UAE

To experience the Authentic Levant food in Dubai, you have to visit Zaroob. It’s an Arabic Restaurant that serves Traditional food from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt. The Restaurant is inspired by Street food which has been found on the streets in the Levant Region. The restaurant provides an ultimate Arabic food with a Modern dining experience to its guests from all over the World.

The Restaurant has a unique and eye-catching Ambiance inspired by Arabic Streets which has a Funky Theme. It has both Indoor and Outdoor Terrace sitting. Apart from the food, an attractive and cheerful Ambience is also one of the main reasons why restaurants are always crowded.

Zaroob Restaurant. Dubai UAE

The Restaurant also has a live cooking station and Open Kitchen so you can see the preparation of food and gets warm food as soon as it comes out from the Oven.

Zaroob has three different branches of locations in the most Crowded and famous spots in Dubai Like Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed, and Mirdif.

The Restaurant offers a very extensive menu from a different variety of Fresh Salad with Fattoush, Falafel, and Halloumi. We were totally in love with their variety of Hummus. Zaroob also offers Manakeesh which is a flat Oven-Baked bread that comes with a different combination and choices of filling of Cheese, meat, and Zaatar and Manakeesh wrap which is adopted to a modern taste with a combination of Mushroom Steak, Beef Roast and many more. It also has authentic Arabic Fateer with Meat, Cheese, Honey, and many more options. As Arabic Street food is incomplete without a Shawarma so they also have various options with Chicken and Beef Sharwama. The Restaurant also has burgers and Sandwiches but they are also prepared in Arabic and Middle Eastern Styles.

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Zaroob Restaurant. Dubai UAE

We have been to Zaroob quite a lot of time and always been impressed with their quality and taste of food, services, and the environment. It’s a very cool place for casual lunch or dinner. Our most favorite dish from Zaroob is Koshari which is a traditional Egyptian street food made of Rice, Lentils with a topping of Chickpeas and Fried Onions. They also have a variety of options in Fresh Juices and Fruit Cocktails.

Zaroob Restaurant. Dubai UAE

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Ending note:

It’s one of the finest places in Dubai to try out Arabic Street Food at an affordable price and in the best environment. It’s highly recommended to visit during your trip to Dubai

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