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December 2, 2018

Winter in Mallorca- Spain


When you are in Germany and you are freezing in winters in -1*C, What could be a better idea to go to another country and GET SOME SUN?


Mallorca, Spain is a considered as the best holidays destination for summers but for me it’s a heaven on Earth even in Winters. Mallorca is the largest Island in Balearic Islands and it's located in Mediterranean Sea. Its one of the Best Destinations in the World and it's a must visit place during your trip to Europe.


Mallorca should be in your "Things to do in Spain" list and I will guide your in my blog which places you can visit in Mallorca during your trip to this wanderlust.


You can use to book your room in Palma de Mallorca or in other parts of Mallorca but I will recommend you to stay in Palma and visit all the places in the island from the city.


Taken this picture from Apple iPhone XS Max in the North Western Region of Mallorca


Mallorca has two mountain ranges in North Western and Eastern Part of the island. The North Western Mountain ranges called ‘’Serra De Tramuntana’’ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Palma is the capital and it is located in centre.


All ready for Mallorca - It was the second time, I was traveling with a small bag pack. I took my first Ryanair flight of my life to Palma The Mallorca Airport from Dusseldorf. The duration of the flight was around 2 hours and 35 minutes.




After landing I felt like I am at Madrid Airport too much similarities between two airports of Spain. After coming out of the airport it felt like I am in Middle East. It has so many Palm trees which reminds me of my time in Dubai.


Amazing lights in an Old street in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  


If you are visiting Mallorca in winter, I would highly suggest staying in Palma because beaches are bit cold. But for summers, it's better to live near beaches.


How to reach to Palma city from Airport? If you go out of Airport, you can see bus stop just on 5-7 minutes’ walk. There are always frequent connections from Airport to Palma City. It took around 30 minutes to reach to city center.



I booked my room in an old hotel, Dalt Murada using Booking.comwhich depicts the old Spanish culture, heritage and architecture, for 3 days. I will recommend you to stay in this hotel for your stay in Palma, Mallorca to have a feel of old Palma. My hotel was located right in the heart of Old City and highly accessible by public transport.



The hotel room was in a vintage style with royal beds and other furniture. It has unique style of paintings hanging on the walls. It also has a wonderful garden where you can enjoy breakfast. Most importantly, all the touristic spots, restaurant and shopping brands are just 3-5 minutes by walk.


You can use to book your room in Palma de Mallorca.


My room in Dalt Murada Hotel in Palma, Mallorca. 


After check-In at the hotel I went straight to La Almudaina Palace and Cathedral de Mallorca as it was only 100 meters away from my hotel and exploring the Palma's best attraction at night its really an exhilarating experience. Dalt Murada is one of the best hotels in Palma de Mallorca.






There are 2 city walls around both these 2 landmarks and the streets of old city are alluring and casting a magical spell on visitors as you passed through them. Don't forget to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Cathedral de Mallorca in the water from the road. 


Mallorca has so much to offer – What would be a starting point?


This Mediterranean Island has plenty to offer and the next 3 days we were exploring the best of Mallorca as well as random places. We rented a scooter from Cooltra for 2 days and explored most of the Mallorca on the scooter from the North Western mountain region to the East side of the Mallorca. I will recommend renting the scooter from Cooltra as I have used their services in Madrid as well and as a returning customer they gave me discounts as well.

Scooter in Palma de Mallorca is a must do activity during your trip to this Spanish island.


Cathedral de Mallorca at Night. Taken from iPhone XS Max. 1.


Best Places to Visit in Mallorca

Following are the places that I have explore in Mallorca and I recommend to visit them as well.


Old City Center: 


Old city in Palma de Mallorca is just fascinating and full of surprises in every corner of narrow streets. It has maze of streets which truly depicting the Arab history. There are streets most of them are open for traffic and always full with tourists. The city has narrow walkways and quiet streets where you truly lost yourself in the amazing building and architecture.


Lonja de Mallorca. A must visit architectural monument in Palma de Mallorca, Spain


There are lots of private houses on the narrow streets and people have been living in these narrow streets since ever. Some of them are also open as museums and galleries to represent the true history, culture and art of Mallorca. The old town also has street concerts and Mallorcan folk dance.


Visited Palma Cathedral:


Cathedral de Palma is commonly known as La Seu. It's a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was constructed as a Mosque in Moorish Era and later on changed into Church.Tourist can also visit it and its highly recommended to explore it from the inside. The ticket is for Euro 7 per person. It's one of the best things to do in Mallorca, Spain.




The Cathedral is a best place from where you can enjoy the view from the top. The cathedral look so majestic at the day time as well and don't forget to take the breathtaking views from the other side of the fountain. Being an addict of Travel Photography I was completely lost during my trip to Mallorca and will recommend to use a good photography kit during your visit to Mallorca.


Cathedral de Palma, Mallorca looks like a fairytale architecture.



Visited Royal Palace of La Almudaina:


The Palace was also constructed by Arabs and it stood next to Cathedral de Palma, It depicts the Islamic architecture and later on converted into Gothic Style. It has tapestries, painting and furniture from different time periods. The palace has medieval style ground floor and upper floor is a celebration ground for royal family.



It has a huge city walls with an amazing View of Sea. There is also a courtyard with palm trees where you can enjoy the sunset with an amazing cathedral tower. The S’Hort del Rei garden is beneath the palace which is one of the pleasant place to sit and enjoy the view of fountain and lost in your thoughts.



Rent a Scooter:


The best way to explore the island of Mallorca is by the Scooter. On 2nd day, I have rented a scooter for 2 days from the company Cooltra. I must say it is the best company in Europe for renting a scooter. I have already experience their services in Madrid and they always have discounts on returning customers. So It is a time to explore the North Western mountains on the Island. To rent a scooter in Mallorca use their services.



It was a dream came true – riding the scooter in the Island on one Side Mountains and Mediterranean Sea on the other side. There are lots of spots where you can sit and enjoy the view. I was totally lost in the scenic beauty. There is a place called ‘’Banyalbufar’’. Don’t forget to take look from the tower. It has the most mesmerizing view of the sea.


Driving Scooter in Mallorca with an Alluring Beach in the background.


Valldemossa, A must visit Small Spanish Town:


It is one of the prettiest typical Spanish villages in Mallorca. Valldemossa lies in Tramuntana Mountain. It is a quiet and picturesque town with lot of street cafes, art galleries, Museum and restaurant. It is not a place for beach lovers but I must say it is a perfect spot of winter vacations when you don’t want to spend much time at beaches.



It has a beautiful natural countryside that makes it best for hikers and nature lovers to have a panoramic view over Mallorca and Mediterranean. It is a kind of place where you sit back and lost yourself in scenery with coffee and dessert. Your's "things to do in Mallorca" list is incomplete without visiting this hilly town in Mallorca.


 Exploring Vallemossa, a small historical Spanish town in Mallorca




I was so deeply fascinated by the beaches of Mallorca. There are lot of beaches where you can go and enjoy but in winters It's not a good idea to go into water. I have been to Cala Fornell and enjoyed the beach by sitting on the side cafés. All the beaches I visited has a Turquoise color water. It surely reminds of my honeymoon in Seychelles. I was dying to dive into the water but the temperature was around 15*C not a good idea to swim. Before visiting Mallorca, try to make a list of beaches in Mallorca so that you can plan accordingly and allocate time to each beach activity.



I had also been to Platja Des Trenc beach. It's a naturally preserved beach and habitat of uncountable birds. I have enjoyed an amazing sunset on the beach. As It was not a peek season, you can only find few tourists. Sometimes, I really enjoy my time in less crowded season. There is a wonderful café where I enjoyed my lunch with their traditional world famous Spanish Olives


Highly recommended to explore Platja Des Trenc beach in Mallorca


Time to explore the East side of the Island:


So I started my scooter to explore the Eastern side of the Mallorca. There are lot of small villages and town where you can enjoy the amazing scenery and sit near the beach. I would highly suggest spending some in the town like Llucmajor, Campos. I was on scooter and discovered the plain land full of greenery which helps to refresh my mind.



Such lush green fields, alluring beaches and mountains on the East side of the Mallorca are really tempting and appealing. It's a complete package to explore the East side of the Mallorca and don't forget to rent a scooter to explore at will. Just 5 kms away from the beach and you are in the middle of highly fertile land with greenery so beautiful that it dazzles the eyes.



Polo Ground in Mallorca


Fan Shopping Mall:


The shopping mall is located near the Palma Airport. It's a very unique style of mall which you usually don’t find in Europe. The mall is half covered and the first floor is open like a fashion street. It has all the brands of your choice.



I must say it's one of the best places for shopping in Mallorca. It also has few restaurants as well. You should definitely visit this mall even if you don’t want to do some shopping. Your's "Mallorca Travel Guide" is incomplete without doing shopping in Palma de Mallorca and FAN Shopping Mall is one the finest places for this activity.


Passeig des Born:


It's one of the most beautiful and well known streets of Palma for shopping. It has all the high ended brands like Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, and Burberry etc. There is also a big square where you can relax a little bit after shopping.


Restaurant, Cafes and Bars:


Wherever I go, one of my dinners is always booked in Hard Rock Café. It's one of favorite’s Hard Rock Cafe with an amazing ambiance. It also has a huge sitting outdoor area. Don’t miss out Hard Rock Mallorca. Being a die Hard Rock Fan I was not able to resist myself and went straight to it without hesitation even though I was in Mallorca and I should try the Spanish food in Mallorca.



La lonja is a place to go to find best restaurants and bars. It's home to many little bars like Jazz Voyeur Club where you also enjoy some good music, Abaco Cocktail bar etc. If you are going in summer, don’t forget to reserve it in advance.


Hard Rock Cafe, Mallorca, Spain 


Ending Note:


Mallorca, Spain has lot more to offer which can’t be possible to do in three days for me. I would highly suggest exploring the small towns nearby in order to get the real feel of an Island. You can also take Hop On Hop Off for Palma but trust me exploring the Island on scooter is much more fun and exciting.

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