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In my childhood, my mom used to capture the moments by her Kodak camera. I grew up watching her taking the pictures of amazing scenery of Pakistan. That's how I had developed my interest in photography. She became my first inspiration.


I started learning the art of photography from her and got my own Kodak camera. I used to take a lot of pictures of my siblings, cousins and friends. After the invention of digital camera, I remember my first digital camera was from Samsung. At that time, it was not very common in my home country Pakistan. I started watching different tutorial to enhance my skills and learn new techniques.


I was also using Nokia N76 mobile phone along with my Samsung Digital camera for photography. In 2009, I bought Nikon D-3000 with Nikkor 18-55 mm lens along with Sony's 40x Optic Zoom Video handy cam with Infrared. At that time I was a student of BBA (Hon's) and was living in a hostel in the capital of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad. I used to spend the whole day in capturing the natural beauty and monuments of the green city.


I was also using a mobile phone Nokia N-900 for capturing the instant moments in my university days. In 2012, I upgraded to Nikon D-5100 with Nikkor 18-55 mm lens. It help to enhance my photographic skills. During my MBA, I joined GCU, Lahore's photography society and started taking part in different competition and also arranged different events in GCU, Lahore and photo walks along with Punjab Youth Festival-2012. During my MBA, I went to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for the student exchange program where I learnt more skills.


Moreover, I was also using Samsung Note 2 to capture of the moments with my friends. In that year I entered into the domain of Instagram and for a couple of years Samsung's Note 2 was my BFF. Back in the day my best friend Hassan Tufail helped me a lot in learning new skills and he was one of my inspiration for photography. 


In 2014, I moved to Dubai, UAE and started new life as a Digital Marketing Executive. I updated my kit to Nikon D-5500 with Nikkor 18-55 mm, Nikkor 55-300 mm and Nikkor 14-24 mm Lenses. For the craze of Wildlife Photography in Masai Mara, Kenya, I also bought Nikkor 200-500 mm. GoPro Hero 4 was the latest gadget in my photography gear in 2015.

In 2016 I decided to enter into the domain of Professional Photography and used my Traveling as a source of inspiration and content creation.Later on, I switched from Samsung Note 2 to Samsung S6 Edge and then Samsung Note 7 but due to the problem in Samsung Note 7 I switched to Samsung S7 Edge for mobile phone photography. Time to time, I updated my phone from Samsung S7 Edge and bought my first Apple's Iconic iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black. Moving to iOS from Android helped me a lot to take my Instagram to a whole new level.


In 2017, I also purchased DJI Mavic Pro Drone for my upcoming Euro Trip. Aerial photography was my latest sensation. 

My grand Euro Trip of 32 days in 2017 was the defining moment for me as a Professional Photographer and I also became an Influencer in the world of Social Media. From Tomorrowland in Belgium to Real Madrid's Iconic Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain I covered various countries and cities and met with several professional photographers who gave me helpful advises in the field of Travel Photography. Samsung's Gear 360 degree helped me to learn the new art of 360 Degree photography and videography.


In December 2017, I switched to Nikon's full frame camera Nikon D-850 which has an exceptional speed and precision and also joined Nikon Premium Membership and went to Nepal for Travel Photography work shop with Nikon's team led by Mr. Subodh Shetty. He is one of the best Travel Photographer in the World and his guidance really helped me a lot in learning new skills. I also attended a workshop in Dubai organized by Mr. Danial Cheong and Mr. Dany. Both of them are World's leading photographers and highly recommended to attend their exhibitions to learn professional photography.

Keeping both Samsung S8 Edge and iPhone10 X and using their advance features for my photography along with my Nikon D-850 Camera in my Winter Euro Trip-2018 helped me to acquire new skills and I was able to do several experiments with my advanced photography kit. In my Winter Euro Trip I mainly used my newly acquired Nikkor 24-70 mm lens.


Now I am using iPhone XS Max for capturing the rare and amazing moments in my life.I am a Nikon Premium Member and on regular basis I am attending Nikon's workshop and enhancing my skills. Nikon D-5500 was my companion in more than 25 countries


As I am highly adventurous and experiencing many thrilling activities like Parasailing, Bungee jumping, Zip line, Ice Skating, Sky Diving and Bungee jumping. I was using Go Pro's action camera Hero 4 and now I have upgraded to Go Pro Hero 6 and using it in different countries to capture the experiences.


My passion of Photography is taking me to different countries, capitals, cities, towns and I will keep traveling to fulfill my dreams and passion.

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