To Travel is to Live !!

We are wandering in different countries, capitals, cities, towns and Islands.

Aoon Mujtaba


Travel is my passion and to see the whole World is my dream. To fulfil that dream I started exploring the World in 2012 during my MBA and the very first trip that motivated and pushed me was that of Malaysia. I am a huge travel fanatic and have been to 42 Countries across 3 Continents and covered 4 Oceans.


From Holy Kaaba in Makkah, KSA to Prophet's Mosque in Medina, KSA to Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman. From St. Peter’s Basilica Vatican to Roman Catholic Kolner Dom, from Colosseum in Rome, Italy to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. 

From Great Wall of China to Berlin Wall, from Grand Palace in old town Brussels to Tbilisi cobblestoned old town reflecting Persian and Russian Influence, from Acropolis of Athens to Royal Palace of Madrid, from Traditional Pashupatinah Temple in Nepal to Chritianborg Palace Copenhagen, Denmark, from the Bahnhofstrasse (3rd most expensive shopping street) in Zurich, Switzerland to Champ Elysee in Paris, France to Bangkok's iconic Suvarnabhumi International Airport to World's No 1and most beautiful Changi Airport in Singapore.

From The Opera in Vienna, Austria to Halloween Party in Prague, from the world coldest Capital Astana, Kazakhstan to the scorching heat and sand dunes of Arabian Desert, From Deosai Plains to Shigar Cold Desert in North of Pakistan to the foothills of Bavarian Alps, from the Medieval streets in Porto, Portugal to the Jewish square in Krakow, Poland. 


Panoramic view of Paris, France from Arc de Triomphe and from Eiffel Tower to breath taking view of Dubai, UAE from the top of the world, Burj Khalifa to world's largest Ferrari theme park, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to Universal Studios in Singapore to Disneyland in Paris, France.

From enjoying the Infinity pool from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to snorkeling in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE from the famous Oresund Bridge in Denmark to Malmo, Sweden from cruising in Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey to cruising in Danube River Bratislava, from the challenge of Sky Diving and fastest and longest Zip-line in Dubai, UAE from attending Swedish House Mafia's concert in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia to world's leading dance party Sensation Dubai-2017. From endangering my life in the Wild Life Safari of Maasai Mara, Kenya to the exotic and relieving Honey Moon in the Hilton Silhouette Island in Seychelles and Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey.



From the night life of Amsterdam, Netherlands to the shinning mornings of Tashkent Uzbekistan , from experiencing the Tomorrowland - biggest party on Earth to the deep meditation in Thailand, from welcoming the Year 2018 on the roof top of Hilton Baku to attending NYE 2015 in the cruise party in Persian Gulf to snowy city of Luxembourg to driving scooter in the wanderlust of Mallorca, Spain to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France to the birthplace of Portugal i.e. Guimaraes.


My unsatisfying need and curiosity of exploring more countries, cities and cultures will take me to all the corners of the world.  In Sha Allah

Minahil Ali

I have started my passion of travelling from exploring different regions of Pakistan from Northern mountain ranges of Karakoram to Southern Coastal line of Arabian Sea. In 2016, I came to Germany to pursue my Master and it was a starting point for me to unleash my fears and chasing my dreams like a free soul. 

I have been to 22 countries across 3 Continents and wandered in uncountable cities like a local and experienced Islamic History in streets of Istanbul and Kayseri, Turkey to the Catholic rituals in Bavaria, Germany. From Hagia Sophia to Blue Mosque in Turkey, from Duomo di Milano, Italy to Kolner Dome, Koln. 

From enjoying the hidden gems of Europe in Gdansk, Poland to the most famous wonder of the World Pisa Tower, Italy, from the most unrated cities like Krakow, Poland to the most crowded cities like Paris, experiencing the magical Eiffel Tower, France to Outdoor Sculptures in Florence, Italy, From the most historical Berlin wall to Dubrovnik's City Wall, from the great Mughal's historical Lahore Fort to Royal Palace of Madrid, from the Night life of Amsterdam to German's capital night's glimpse, from the Bachelor Party in Valetta, Malta to Honeymoon in Seychelles. 

From the cobblestone streets of Munich, Germany to the most Medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany, from the Jewish Quarters in Prague to the Place of Origin of Nazi Party, Nuremburg. 

From sailing in the narrow canals of Venice, Italy and Amsterdam Canals, Netherlands to Cruising in Mediterranean Sea in Malta. From enjoying the breath taking beaches of Seychelles to European one of the beautiful beaches of Mallorca, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal.

From enjoying the Winter Wonderland in Salzburg, Austria to the Scorching heat of the Summers in the most luxurious city of the World, Dubai UAE. From Enjoying the Autumn in fairyland Castle of Neuschwanstein in Germany to welcoming the Spring in Foothills of Alps in Germany.