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Best Dining Experience in Dubai - Mazina Restaurant Address Hotel Dubai Marina | Dubai Food Blog

Updated: May 28

To enjoy the best dining experience in Dubai, we have been to Mazina Restaurant located in Address Hotel Dubai Marina. The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance and environment.

Mazina Restaurant, Address Hotel Dubai Marina

The Mazina Restaurant offers a different theme night buffet, we had a chance to enjoy the Italian buffet. We must admit that the food was authentic Italian with a lot of variety. The dinner time starts from 7 PM to 11 PM. The dress code is smart casual.

The restaurant has both inside and outdoor sitting but due to extreme hot weather, we preferred to sit indoor the restaurant. We can still enjoy the view of Dubai Marina from the glass walls of the restaurant.

View of Dubai Marina from Mazina Restaurant, Dubai

We had started our dinner with Salad bar. The bar has different Italian salads like Giardiniera - a mixture of vegetables preserved in vinegar, Olivier salad which is quite similar with Russian salad, MorPanzanella- a mixture of tomatoes, basil, onions with moistened bread chunks.

Italian Salad Station, Address Marina Dubai

The Restaurant also has a separate station for the variety of Italian pastries.

Italian Dinner, Address Marina Dubai

The next station had different varieties of Italian olives and Pickles soaked in Vinegar.

Olives & Pickles Station, Address Marina Dubai

The next station was for Bruschetta (Italian breads) and Italian special beef station with Beef Spiniata, Bresoala, Cured beef.

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Italian special beef station, Address Marina Dubai

The next counter was our favorite and it has variety of cheese. We are big Italian cheese lovers and got crazy to find Italian Gorgonzola, Pecorino, Ricotta and Parmesen on the serving counter.

Italian Cheese Station, Address Marina Dubai

We were really excited to try the Italian main courses. First, we had antipasto and then we had been to a live cooking station where the Chef was cooking Pasta with the ingredients of your choice.

Live Pasta Cooking Station, Address Marina Dubai

We were totally amazed by the variety of Pizzas and desserts.

Italian Dessert Station, Address Marina Dubai

We tasted amazing Italian fruit tart, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta.

Italian Dessert Station, Address Marina Dubai

Apart from the food, the restaurant also had a very friendly staff; they were also serving the specialties on our table.

Ending Note:

We had an amazing night and totally loved the food, experience and hospitality at Mazina Restaurant.

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