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Spice Klub Dubai - Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Dubai | Things to do in Dubai, UAE

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The best of Modern Indian Cuisine in Dubai: Spice Klub Dubai

Spice Klub Dubai is located in Kuwait Street Mankhool around 3 km from Burjuman Shopping Mall. The restaurant brings a lot of innovation and reinvention in typical Indian food and comes up with Modern Indian Cruise.

Spice Klub in Dubai, UAE
Spice Klub in Dubai, UAE

They serve wide range of street food of Indian in a most unique way that totally amazed us. It's one of the best restaurants in Dubai we have visited and highly recommended to dine here during your trip to Dubai.

An Ambience in Spice Klub, Dubai

Spice Klub has also restaurant branches in Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad in India. Now, the restaurant comes to Dubai with its unique taste and presentation of Indian food.

The Restaurant has a great ambiance with colorful seating and dim lights. The comfy sofas have multi colored cushions with the pictures of Indian brides and Hindi written text.

The walls of the restaurant are also depicting the Indian arts. One of the walls has a big painted picture of famous Taj Mahal Agra.

Spice Klub in Dubai
Spice Klub, Dubai

On the right front, the restaurant has a swing sofa for the kids as well. Actually, this is where we sat and it's one of the perfect spot to enjoy the whole view of the restaurant and also get a little feel about India and its art.

Spice Klub in Dubai

We were warmly welcomed by the manager and guided me towards my reserved table. The waiter brought welcome drink called “Mango on the Rock” and prepared it infront of me.

Starters & Drinks at Spice, Klub:

Here comes our food. We had started with drinks. so the waiter brought round glass pot containing mango puree and he poured some mango juice with Liquid Nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen turned the mango puree into small mango cube with the juice. If you are a mango lover, you have to try this drink.

They had also served Pani Puri in a very innovative style. Pani Puri is the traditional street food of India and Pakistan. It's a round fried crispy snack with mixture of flavored waters, chutney and potatoes, spices and peas. The Spice klub had a very unique presentation of it.

Pani Puri in dubai. Spice Klub in dubai
Traditional Pani Puri, Spice Klub Dubai

The Khatta Pani (Sour Water) was in the test tube and Metha Pani (Sweet Water) with the bowl full of the mixture of peas, onions, potatoes and 8 different chutneys.

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Highly Recommended to try Pani Puri in Spice Klub

The waiter had also prepared few Pani Puri for us. So, first he put one test tube of Khatta Pani in fried crispy round snacks called "Gol Gappas", then added some Metha Pani from the syringe, added one spoon of the mixture of peas, onions and potatoes. In the last, he ended some chutneys of our choice. So, now the Crispy Puri fully stuffed.

It's a traditional way to finish a Pani Puri in one bite so you can have a taste of everything together. It was one of the yummiest Pani Puri of my life.

The next starter was Vada Pav. It's also a very famous traditional street food of India. The small piece of bread served with Potato curry, sweet sauce, green chili sauce and Garlic Chutney. You have to add the one spoon of the each served curry into the bread and eat it together as a one bite. AWESOMEEE!!!

Dubai food Blogger
Vada Pav at Spice Klub Dubai

Then, Dahi ke Kebab was served. It was a small flour cutlets made by yogurt. The kebabs were so soft and delicious that it melted in one bite. We just can’t wait to go back for these kebab.

Dahi ke Kebab at Spice Klub, Dubai

Here comes Hazari Paneer Tikka. It's a grilled cottage cheese with a perfect combination of spices and chopped vegetables.

The cottage cheese was covered with green vegetable like capsicum and chilies and make it taste delicious.

Hazari Paneer Tikka at Spice Klub, Dubai

The waiter had served their signature drink Kala Khatta Mojito with the main course. It was a drink with the perfect sour combination of lemon and black salt with fresh mint. Then, he topped it up with a drinking soda. This drink is very good for the digestive system as well.

Dinner Main Course at Spice Klub, Dubai:

As a main course, we had Daal Kabila. It's a Daal (Lentil) with the fusion of Indian spices with Tarka. The waiter had also served Achari veggies which was served with mustard sauce and perfect balanced of spices and Veg Kadhai which was fresh sautéed vegetables cooked in traditional Indian style.

The main course food was served with Pomegranate raita and Roomali Roti which enhance the taste of the food.

Daal Kabila, Veg Kadhai and Roomali Roti at Spice Klub, Dubai

At last, Waiter served Vegetable Dum Biryani. It had served in a small clay pot with the layer of Basmati rice and spicy vegetables. This place is a heaven for the foodies like us.

Spice Klub Dubai
Vegetable Dum Biryani at Spice Klub, Dubai

Dessert at Spice Klub, Dubai:

This restaurant was surprising me with all the innovations and the way they had served the desserts was really surprising. It was super cool.

The Volcano Chocolate Mousse was injected with kesar milk from the syringe right infront of us and the small chocolate volcano started flooding the lava with the help of Liquid Nitrogen.

This is one of the most innovative and tastiest chocolate Mousse which the perfect fusion of French and Indian desserts.

Volcano Chocolate Mousse at Spice Klub Dubai
Volcano Chocolate Mousse at Spice Klub, Dubai

Pan Mousse is another innovation with liquid Nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen poured on the on Pan favorite and rose petal. It changed it into the yummiest Pan Mousse.

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Pan Mousse at Spice Klub, Dubai

Vegan Chocolate Pan is a chocolate in a Pan flavor. If you love chocolates and Pan, then this is for you.

Spice Klub Dubai
With the Incredible team of Spice Klub, Dubai

Ending Note:

The restaurant offers lot of innovation in preparation and presentation of the typical Indian food. It's a best place for the vegetarian in Dubai and no doubt one of the best restaurant in Dubai, UAE.

Even a person like me who is not a pure vegetarian loves the taste of their food. The great ambiance and friendly staff make you enjoy your time more. I would highly recommend visiting Spice Klub Dubai and experiencing their innovation with liquid nitrogen in food.

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