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The Best Indian Restaurant in Munich - Madam Chutney

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Munich has its fair share of Indian restaurants, but when you are craving authentic Indian food, finding truly authentic Indian food can be a challenge.

Let’s guide you in the right direction about the best Indian Restaurant in Munich - Madam Chutney, where you can savor the real flavors of India in a cozy, traditional Indian Restaurant.

Best Indian Restaurant in Munich
Madam Chutney, Munich

Best Indian Restaurant in Munich - Madam Chutney:

Location of Madam Chutney:

When we decide to dine out, convenience is often a top priority. It's a common expectation we all share. Madam Chutney is located in the heart of Munich City just a short 5-minute stroll from Marienplatz. Plus, it's easily accessible via public transportation, ensuring that your dining experience is not only delicious but also effortlessly convenient.

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The ambiance of Madam Chutney:

The restaurant combines both Eastern and Western styles. On one side, you'll find captivating wall paintings that beautifully showcase India's rich heritage.

Best Indian Restaurant in Munich
Madam Chutney, Munich

Meanwhile, the opposite end boasts a modern seating area adorned with chic hanging lights. This dynamic combination, accompanied by vibrant music, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for all our guests.

Indian Restaurant in Munich
Madam Chutney, Munich

While they currently offer indoor seating, they are also working on providing outdoor seating, ensuring even more options for you to enjoy our culinary delights in the fresh air.

Authentic Indian Restaurant in Munich
Madam Chutney, Munich

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Best Indian Cuisine at Madam Chutney:

We began our dinner with a tasty Indian appetizer: the Samosa Chaat - a potato filling complemented by a variety of chutneys.

Best Samosa Chaat in Munich
Samosa Chaat at Madam Chutney, Munich

For our main course, we delighted in the Tawa Chicken, a traditional dish featuring juicy chicken legs and thighs cooked to perfection on a griddle(Tawa). It was served alongside a refreshing salad, mint chutney, and rice. What set this dish apart was the fact that it wasn't overly cooked but maintained its juicy texture, with the spices.

Best Indian food in Munich
Tandoori Chicken at Madam Chutney, Munich

We also ordered the Tandoori Chicken, which was barbecued to perfection and served with a tomato gravy, along with complimentary rice.

The Butter Chicken, with its ideal balance of spiciness and subtle sweetness, is truly the essence of authentic butter chicken. It was garnished with cashews and served with plain white rice.

Best Butter Chicken in Munich
Butter Chicken at Madam Chutney, Munich

To complement these mouthwatering dishes, we also ordered Garlic Naan and Laacha Paratha (Indian Baked Bread), perfect for soaking up the rich gravies and enhancing the overall dining experience. The Authentic Mango Lassi is an ultimate combo with spicy food.

Mango Lassi in Munich
Mango Lassi at Madam Chutney, Munich

We've noticed that the main course servings are typically quite generous, usually more than enough for one person.

Best Indian Restaurant at Munich
Best Restaurant at Madam Chutney, Munich

For dessert, we decided on Shahi Gulab Jamun, which consists of milk balls dipped in sugar syrup with cardamom, served alongside mango ice cream. The Gulab Jamun was incredibly soft, practically melting in your mouth.

Best Indian Dessert in Munich
Gulab Jaman at Madam Chutney, Munich

And, of course, our dinner wouldn't be complete without savoring a comforting cup of Masala Chai.

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Service at Madam Chutney:

The restaurant's service is outstanding, a solid 10/10 - the staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. Our food arrived promptly after placing the order, and we were pleasantly surprised by the efficiency.

Madam Chutney, Munich
Madam Chutney, Munich

Additionally, they offer a comfortable waiting area for guests, allowing them to patiently wait for their table.

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Ending Note:

The restaurant is often fully booked on weekends, so it's a good idea to secure a reservation ahead of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself waiting for a table.

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