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Things to do in Munich, Germany | Germany Travel Guide

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Munich is the Capital of the richest state of Germany. It’s the third largest city of Germany and offers a great experience in History, Arts, Culture and entertainment for its visitors.

The City is World famous for its Oktoberfest and welcomes 6 million people every year around the Globe for the celebration of Fest. The city also offers true Bavarian Culture and traditions.

Munich Rathhaus, Germany

Must places to Visit in Munich:

You have just reached Munich Central Train Station. Question here? From where should you start Exploring the City of Munich?

The Best idea would be starting your great Trip to Munich from exploring the Munich Old Town, you can either walk (around 8 mins) from Munich Central Train Station or take S-bahn, U-bahn or Tram (2 mins journey) to Karlsplatz.

Munich Old Town:

During the Medieval times, the historical town of Munich was protected with walls, watch towers and 4 Giant Gates called “Tor”. Now, there are three Gates for entering the Munich Old Town (one of them was destroyed due to a heavy explosion).

Munich Old Town, Germany


The huge Gothic Gate was called Karlstor and it used to be known as Neuhauser Tor back in the 18th century. It takes to the Old town of Munich (One of the longest shopping pedestrian Neuhauserstraße and Kaufingerstraße). The street has shopping brands on both sides and provides the ultimate shopping experience.

Karlstor, Munich

There are several shopping passages which have mostly local brands and restaurants. The most famous is Kauferingertor Passages which also leads to the other side of the street.

Sendlinger Tor:

To enter the Munich Old town from the South, Sendlinger tor is the Gothic style Gate and one of the oldest city towers which was used in the 14th century to travel to Italy.

Sendlingerstraße, Munich

The Sendlingerstraße is a famous pedestrian for the shopper as it has all the famous luxurious and local brands.


The Isartor is another entrance to the Munich Old town. The Gate is located near to the Isar River and it was damaged during WWII and it was restored later on.

Isartor, Munich

Karlsplatz (Stachus):

The unofficial name of Karlsplatz is Stachus, it’s a huge square which is always crowded with people whether it’s day or mid of night.

The square has fountains in the centre to kill the summer’s heat and often hosted big stages for concerts and Performances during Carnival and Ice rink in the Christmas season.

Kauferingertor Passages, Munich


If you keep walking on the pedestrian path, you will reach the most famous Town Hall “Rathhaus’’ which has the most beautiful and attractive Gothic Architecture.

Rathhaus, Marienplatz Munich

The famous square is called “Marienplatz” and it’s the most lively square and always crowded with people. There are lots of cafes and restaurants around the square.

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Rathhaus, Marienplatz Munich

You can also visit the top of the Rathhaus and it costs 3 and offers a lovely view of Munich old Town.

View from top of Rathhaus, Munich

The Rathhaus has a Tower balcony and offers a Glockenspiel show by representing the historical stories everyday at 11 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM with Bavarian music which you can see standing in the square. It’s really worth watching the show.

Marienplatz, Munich


On the right side of Marienplatz, you can find an open air market called “Viktualienmarket”. The market has fresh products from Farmers and it has 140 stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, spices and delicatessens. Occasionally, the market also host the live performances of local farmers.

Viktualienmarket, Munich

National theater Munich:

The National theater is located in Max Joseph Platz and considered to be one of the finest Opera and Ballet theaters. The Theater had been constructed by King Ludwig I in 1810 and since then the theater had hosted premiers of countless shows.

National theater, Munich


From the Max Joseph Platz, If you walk on Residenzstraße you will reach to Odeonsplatz. It’s one of the biggest squares of Munich where people used to gather for Protests and Parades in old times. The square has Sculptures of lions and is often crowded with people.

Odeonsplatz, Munich

Munich Residence and Hofgarten:

The Munich Residence is located near Odeonsplatz. It’s the largest Palace in Germany and used to be a Royal Palace of Wittelsbach Monarchs of Bavaria. The Palace is open for the public and you can get the ultimate experience of visiting the wonderful Architecture and lifestyle of the Royals.

Munich Residence

The Residence also has a huge Courtyard known as Hofgarten (near Festsaalbau zone). Your trip to Munich can’t be completed without visiting the Munich Residence. The small Christmas Market is also set in one of the courtyards of Munich Residence.

Hofgarten, Munich

Nymphenburg Palace:

Nymphenburg Palace used to be a summer Palace for the Rulers of Bavaria. The Palace is one of the main attractions of Munich and located in the North east of Munich Central Station (around 10 minutes by car and public transport).

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Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

The Palace is a Baroque style Architecture along with the Park and Lake which enhances the beauty of it.

Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

Dachau Concentration Camp (KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau):

How to Reach Dachau Concentration Camp:

The camp is located in a Neighbourhood of Dachau around 20 KM from the Munich Centre. The Camp is highly accessible with the Public Transport. You can either take S2 direction Peterhausen or Regional Train from Munich Train Station. From the Dachau Station, you need to take the bus no. 726 which drops you infront of the Camp. Download MVG App or Deutsche Bahn App to find the Public Connections in Munich.

Dachau Concentration Camp:

The Entrance of the Camp is free of cost but if you want a guided tour, its Cost € 3.50. but be cautious about the timings.

Dachau Concentration Camp

From 1933 to 1945, during the Nazi's time the camp was used to be a place of terror and violence. The camp had more than 200,000 prisoners from 40 Nations and uncountable people were killed due to torture, shortage of food and Hunger.

The Dachau Camp is a must place to visit during your trip to Munich as it takes you back to the dark phase of history.

Isar River:

The Isar River is flowing in the middle of the city just a few miles away from Isar tor. The River has two branches and provides a best escape to kill the scorching heat of summers.

Isar River, Munich

There are also a lot of pebble beaches on different spots on the River where you can also swim and relax.

Isar River, Munich

The Kulturstrand bar also turns into sandy beach in summers which create a lively and party environment with Electronic music.

The Isar River is surrounded by Maximilian Park, it’s a lush green Park where narrow water channels are flowing, you will totally get lost into the peace of this place.

Maximilian Park near Isar River, Munich

Friedensengel (Angle of Peace):

It’s a famous Monument of the Lady located in the Maximilian Park near Isar River. The Monument is elevated with two sided staircases and a fountain in front of the Angel. The statue is a Replica of Nike of Paionios.

Friedensengel, Munich

Englischer Garten:

World Largest Urban Public Park is located in the Centre of Munich. It covers the area from Munich Old town to the North western side of the City. It’s one of the lush green park and usually gets crowded in Summers.

Englischer Garten, Munich

The water streams are also flowing from the Park and provide artificial waves for the Surfers. In summers, you can find lots for Surfers surfing in the Englischer Garten.

One of the significant points to enjoy the view of the Park is Monopteros, it’s around 16 m high and similar to Greek temples. In the evening, you can find lots of people over there to enjoy the sunset.

Olympia Park:

The best place to enjoy the 360 degree view of Munich is from Olympia Turm located in Olympia Park. The ticket costs 7 and it’s a must activity to do in Munich.

Olympia Park, Munich

The Olympia Park hosts uncountable festivals and concerts during different seasons.

Olympia Park, Munich

We had attended the summer festival in August in which the park had set different stalls and rides including Ferris Wheel, Dogging cars. The Olympia berg is one of the best places to enjoy the Fireworks of New years eve in Munich.

Festivity in Olympia Park, Munich


Other Recommendations:

Download the Local App MVV for Munich Public Transportation to find the effective connections within the city. We would suggest buying a day pass to explore the city as it’s more economical.

Munich Old town

We would suggest to walk within the Munich Old town and explore the narrow streets of Munich which takes you back to Medieval times.

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St Peter Tower Munich:

To experience the mesmerising view of Munich Old town and Munich Rathhaus, you should climb up the narrow stairs of St Peter Tower.

View from St. Peter Tower Munich

Deutscher Museum:

For the Tech Savvys, the visit to Deutscher Museum is a must thing to do in Munich. It’s the World’s largest Sciences and Technology Museum which exhibits more than 28000 objects.

Deutscher Museum, Munich

How to Reach Munich:


Munich has International Airport which operates International and domestic flights. Almost all the Airlines are landing their flights in Munich.

Munich Airport


If you are coming to Munich within Germany or Europe, You can take a Train to Munich. Normally, Tickets are more expensive than the bus but if you book your trip in advance then you can get a cheaper ticket.

In case, you are planning your one day trip to Munich from a Bavarian City. The Bayern ticket is the best and cheapest way to travel within Bayern state.

Munich Central Station


You can also take a Bus to Munich, there are quite a lot of Bus Companies which are operating in Munich . It's a cheaper option but takes more time than train.

Ending Note:

The Munich is very close to Liechtenstein and Austrian Border. You can also go for one day trip to Salzburg, Austria with Bayern Ticket. Apart from this, the Munich city has beautiful Lakes in surrounding (Ammersee, Starnberger See, Tegernsee and Wörthsee.

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