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14 Best Lakes to Visit in Bavaria, Germany with a 49 Euro Ticket

Updated: Sep 10

Sometimes we get exhausted by following the same life cycle every day. Just to give yourself a break from the routine, what would be better than planning your weekend escape in one of the beautiful lakes in Bavaria, Germany,

Now, with the 49 Euro Germany ticket, you can travel on regional trains to various lakes offering breathtaking views and you can also take a tour of the charming cities, towns, and villages located on the shore of these lakes.

Undoubtedly, Bavaria is the home of the Alpine Lakes, and you can find breathtaking lakes and views. There are many famous lakes and some hidden lakes in Bavaria which you shouldn't miss.

Lakes to visit with 49 euro ticket

Some people think the lakes are the best place to enjoy the summer, but we have a different opinion, the Alpine lakes look so magically beautiful in the winter too. We agree summer has its own charm when you can swim in the lakes, but in winter, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of foggy lakes and snow.

With the 49 Euro Germany travel ticket, you can experience the beauty and tranquility of Germany's lakes while enjoying a comfortable and affordable way to travel. You can conveniently plan a day or weekend trip, rent a camper, or book a local hotel or Airbnb.

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14 best lakes in Bavaria with a 49 Euro ticket:

  1. Konigsee

  2. Eibsee

  3. Walchensee

  4. Chiemsee

  5. Bodensee

  6. Forggensee

  7. Großer Alpsee

  8. Ferchensee

  9. Lautersee

  10. Hintersee

  11. Schliersee

  12. Tegernsee

  13. Lake Starnberg

  14. Ammersee

Let's find more details:

1. Konigsee:

Königsee is located near the Austria border in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Bavaria, Germany. The Königsee is King's Lake, the third deepest lake in Germany, between the cliffs. It's one of the most picturesque lakes with its emerald green water.

Königssee in Bavaria Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Königssee in Bavaria Germany

Many small waterfalls are dropping from the cliffs. The lake also has a beautiful cruise in a traditional boat, and the boat stops in the middle of the lake sounded by cliffs, the driver blows the trumpet, and you can hear the trumpet echo. The boat takes you to the unique church of St. Bartholoma and Salet.

How to reach Konigsee in Bavaria Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Konigsee in Bavaria Germany

2. Eibsee:

Eibsee is located at the bottom of Zugspitz, Grainau. Zugspitz is the highest mountain in Germany. The Eibsee is one of the most beautiful and crystal clear alpine lakes with a breathtaking view of the great Zugspitze.

There are a variety of restaurants and hotels for tourists to relax. You can also rent a paddle boat or go on a boating trip for 7.5 per person.

Visit Eibsee in Bavaria Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Eibsee in Bavaria Germany

There are many hiking trails from the hike goes to Alp Mountain. You can also take the Zugspitz Bahn to the top of the mountain.

3. Walchensee:

Walchensee is the deepest lake in Germany, and it’s located around 75 KM away from Munich. The lake has a beautiful Turquoise color and is famous as a kite surfing spot. There are many picnic and camper spots along the lake. You can also rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful lake.

How to reach to Walchensee in Bavaria Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Walchensee in Bavaria Germany

To enjoy the beautiful view of the lake, you can climb up to the Herzogstand, which is around 1800 meters. You can also go there by Cable car, which takes you to the top of Herzogstand.

Best lakes in Germany
Walchensee in Bavaria Germany

4. Chiemsee:

The Chiemsee Lake is also known as Bavarian See, the largest lake in Bavaria. The Lake is located near Rosenheim in the area of Chiemgau. The Chiemgau range of mountains surrounds the Lake.

how to reach Chiemsee in Bavaria Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Chiemsee in Bavaria Germany

The Chiemgau is famous for its creational activities. It’s not only an ideal spot for summer activities, but you can also enjoy the perfect winter activities like Skiing in the area.

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Chiemsee in Bavaria Germany
Chiemsee in Bavaria Germany

5. Bodensee:

Bodensee is also known as Lake Constance. The lake lies between Germany, Austria, and Swiss borders. Lindau is one of the beautiful Island towns on the shore of the Bodensee. Many beautiful towns along Lake are in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. We recommend spending a few days along the lake and exploring the different towns.

Largest lake in Germany
Bodensee in Germany

You can also take a boat cruise from Lindau to Bregenz, Austria or Switzerland, and many other towns along the lake. During the summer, the lake is full of tourists, and there are small cafes and restaurants located on the lake.

How to reach Bodensee in Germany with a 49 euro ticket
Bodensee in Germany

6. Forggensee:

The Forggensee is the fifth-largest lake in Germany and has a reservoir. The lake is located near Füssen, with mountains in the background, making it one of the most picturesque lakes in Bavaria.

Forggensee in Bavaria Germany
Forggensee in Bavaria Germany

It is also famous for kite surfing, and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle has located around 11 km from the Lake. There are many spots where you can rent a boat during summer and enjoy boating in the lake.

7. Großer Alpsee:

The Großer Alpsee is the biggest lake located in Allgau. The lake is surrounded by lush green meadows, forests, and mountains. The lake is also famous for its uncountable summer activities like sailing and kite surfing.

How to reach Alpsee in Bavaria Germany
Großer Alpsee in Bavaria Germany

The lake has many restaurants, cafes, and resorts on its shore and is very famous among the Germans for a holiday.

You can also take a chair lift on the top of Berg and experience Kletterwald and take the Alpsee coaster to come to the foothill of the Berg.

8. Ferchensee:

The Ferchensee is located in the German Alps in the area of Mittenwald. The Lake is located on the Northern foothill of Olypiaregion Seefeld. It’s on the Bavarian border behind the Mittenwald. The Path to reach the Ferchensee is so beautiful. The lake is at an elevation of 1,060 m.

Lakes near Mittenwald
Ferchensee in Bavaria Germany

There's a bus ride of around 15 minutes from Mittenwald Train station to Pristine and the exotic lake of Ferchensee. Around the lake, there are trolling flowers and gentians blooming. The background of the lake is mesmerized by the mountain view.

Ferchensee in Bavaria Germany
Ferchensee in Bavaria Germany

In the summer, you can enjoy the lush greeny, and in the winter, you will be amazed by the fog and winter wonderland of the snowy mountains and frozen Lake.

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9. Lautersee:

Lautersee Lake is another Pristine lake located near Mittenwald. It's at a lower height than Ferchensee Lake. If you are coming from Mittenwald. The Lautersee comes first. It’s the same Bus that goes to Ferchensee and Lautersee.

How to reach to Lautersee in Bavaria Germany
Lautersee in Bavaria Germany

The lake is also ideal for swimming and boating. We rented a boat for 1 hour from the boating company for Euro 14, and we enjoyed paddle boating in the Lake. The lake is relatively small, it hardly takes 10 minutes to paddle from one corner to another on the boat.

Lautersee in Bavaria Germany
Lautersee in Bavaria Germany

10. Hintersee:

Ramsau is known as a mountaineering village in Germany and is located in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. Hintersee is also located in Ramsau.

Lakes near Berchtesgaden
Hintersee in Bavaria Germany

The lake is relatively small, but it's undoubtedly the most picturesque lake with the alps in the background. You can also go paddle boating in the lake and enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view.

How to reach Hintersee in Bavaria Germany with 49 euro ticket
Hintersee in Bavaria Germany

11. Schliersee:

Schliersee is located around 1 hour from Munich. The lake has a perfect view of the mountains. We rented a boat and enjoyed boating around the lake.

Best lakes near Munich
Schliersee in Bavaria Germany

There are many restaurants and cafes on the shore of the lake, and it's highly recommended to spend a night near the lake during summer.

Schliersee in Bavaria Germany
Schliersee in Bavaria Germany

We also took the seil bahn (cable car) to the top of the Schlierberg Alm. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake. We took the Sommerrodelbahn from the top to the bottom of the hill and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Schliersee in Bavaria Germany
Schliersee in Bavaria Germany

12. Tegernsee:

Tegernsee has located around 50 km from south of Munich. The lake is famous for its resorts along the shore of the lake. It's one of the cleanest lakes with a background of the mountain.

How to reach Tegernsee in Bavaria Germany with 49 euro ticket
Tegernsee in Bavaria Germany

The day trip to Tegernsee isn't enough. There are lots of tracks which are best for hiking, and the lake view is so beautiful from the mountaintop. You can take a boat cruise or rent a motor boat for a few hours and enjoy the lake tour. There are many restaurants on the lake with a beautiful view to relax and enjoy the food.

Tegernsee in Bavaria Germany
Tegernsee in Bavaria Germany

13. Lake Starnberg:

Starnberg Lake is located around 25 kilometers southwest of Munich. The lake offers many activities like boating cruises, Paddle boating, electric boating, Kayaking etc. There are also Boating schools where you can take lectures and get your boating license.

Lake Starnberg in Bavaria Germany
Lake Starnberg in Bavaria Germany

The lake has many excellent restaurants and cafes near the shore. Hugos Beach Club is one of our favourite clubs, which is the best place to enjoy the summer sunset and drink.

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Lake Starnberg in Bavaria Germany
Lake Starnberg in Bavaria Germany

14. Ammersee:

Ammersee is the sixth-largest Lake in Germany. It’s located in the South of Munich, and your trip to Munich can’t be completed without a visit to Ammersee.

There are many spots for swimming apart from the main spots, and they are not very crowded. You can also sit on the Pier in the lake and enjoy the beautiful lake view with the Bavarian mountain in the background.

Ammersee in Bavaria Germany
Ammersee in Bavaria Germany

There are different restaurants and café along the lake where you can get your favorite snacks and drinks. There’s also the possibility of paddle boating, or you can also do cliff diving in the lake.

Ending Note:

The best part of these lakes is that we are well connected by Public transport like regional & local trains & buses so you can conveniently plan your day trip or weekend plan.

The best and cheapest way to travel is to buy a Bayern day ticket. It costs Euro 26 per person, but you can add an additional person for Euro 8, and up to 5 people can be added to the single Bayern ticket.

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