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Best day Trips from Munich with a 49 Euro Ticket- Explore Germany

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Whether you love to spend your weekend exploring medieval towns, wandering in nature, or wanting to visit historical places, there are a lot of exotic places near Munich that you can go and explore in a day trip.

Best Day Trips from Munich

The 49 Euro ticket is a real treat for all travelers to travel in an affordable and convenient way to discover various German cities and regions, including small towns, countryside, and picturesque landscapes.

With the 49 Euro ticket, you can travel unlimited on regional trains across the entire country.

Must places to visit from Munich with a 49 Euro Ticket:

  1. Neuschwanstein Castle

  2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Zugspitze

  3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber

  4. Berchtesgaden

  5. Lindau

  6. Würzburg

  7. Regensburg

  8. Salzburg

  9. Bamberg

  10. Nuremberg

  11. Ulm

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Let's find more details:

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 19th Century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria from his personal funds. The Castle was intended as a home for the king, but he died in 1886, the same year the castle was completed. After his death, it was open to the public.

 Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

The world-famous Neuschwanstein castle is also located above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen. There are many hiking trails near the area and one of the most tourist spots in Germany.

Most beautiful castle in Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

2. Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Zugspitze:

Garmisch Partenkirchen is famous for its Skiing spot, and neighboring valleys are considered best for tracking and hiking and lie near the famous Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. You can take a Zugspitze Bahn to the top of the mountain. The Eibsee is one of the most beautiful lakes, with a breathtaking view of the great Zugspitze.

To visit Garmisch Partenkirchen from Munich, check out our blog, Things to do in Garmisch Partenkirchen.

Must visit places near Garmisch Partenkirchen
Grainau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch and Partenkirchen were two different towns since 1935 when Hitler combined the two towns to participate in the Winter Olympics games in 1936.

Hiking in Garmisch Partenkirchen
Hiking in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

You can also walk on the trail along the Partnachklamm River called Partnach Gorge. It’s one of the most mesmerising tracks, full of natural beauty.

How to reach Garmisch Partenkirchen

3. Rothenburg ob der Tauber:

Rothenburg is one of the best-preserved towns in Germany, which takes you back to Medieval times. The town is located in Franconia's Heart of Bavaria. The town has intact medieval walls, which used to be for feeding farm animals in old times.

Find out the blog on Rothenburg Travel Guide.

Rothenburg Old Town
Rothenburg, Old Town

Rothenburg was the second largest city in Germany in the Middle Ages. Now it’s a small town that welcomes uncountable tourists from all over the world and provides them the chance to experience the life of Germans in the Medieval Ages in Germany.

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Best view of Rothenburg Old Town
Rothenburg, Old Town

The city used to have an imperial defense hold in the past. It had 46 defensive watch towers and 4 KM long city walls. You can also take a tour of Rothenburger Turmweg with a guided tour.

Transform your walls into a stunning homage to Munich's beauty with our exquisite collection of wall art pictures - the perfect addition to capture the essence of this vibrant city in your home or office.

Marktplatz in Rothenburg
Marktplatz in Rothenburg

The view of the old town was mesmerizing from the walls and watch towers. We were lost in the beauty of the town. The town is also famous for its beautiful Christmas Market, and many people shop for Christmas decorations.

Check out the blog on the Christmas market in Rothenburg.

Rothenburg Watch Tower
Rothenburg Watch Tower

4. Berchtesgaden:

Berchtesgaden is located in the South of Germany near Austria. The area is an ideal place to spend a perfect vacation in nature. Berchtesgaden is the gateway to Berchtesgaden National Park in the German Alps, with lush green valleys in Summer and an alluring landscape.

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How to reach Berchtesgaden National Park
Berchtesgaden National Park

If you aren't into hiking, you can also take a Seilbahn at Jenner Mountain and reach the top and enjoy the beautiful view of the valley and Königssee.

Jenner Mountain in Berchtesgaden
Jenner Mountain in Berchtesgaden

Ramsau is a mountainous village in Germany located in Berchtesgaden National Park in Bavaria, Germany. Hintersee is an alpine lake located in Berchtesgaden National Park near Ramsau.

The lake is relatively small. Still, it's undoubtedly one of the most picturesque lakes in the Bavarian Alps. You can also go for paddle boating in the lake and enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view.

Ramsau in Berchtesgaden National Park with 49 euro ticket
Ramsau in Berchtesgaden National Park

The famous 'Eagle's Nest', which was exclusive to the members of the Nazi Party, is also located on the top of Kehlstein near the Southeast of Berchtesgaden.

Königssee is located in the Berchtesgaden Alps, Germany, near the Austria border. The Königssee is King's lake, the third deepest lake in Germany, between the cliffs. The lake has emerald green water and a beautiful cruise in a traditional boat that takes you to the unique church of St. Bartholoma.

Lake Königssee in Bavaria, Germany with 49 euro ticket
Lake Königssee in Bavaria, Germany

5. Lindau:

Lindau is a beautiful Island town on the Northern shore of the Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance. The lake lies between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland borders, and you can also take a cruise to Bregenz, Austria, or Switzerland from Lindau.

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Lindau in Bavaria, Germany
Lindau in Bavaria, Germany

6. Würzburg:

The city of Wüzburg is known for its Baroque and Rococo architecture. The city has significant historical importance, and the old town was entirely destroyed during World War II. Most of the architecture was rebuilt after the war.

Alte Mainbrücke, Würzburg
Alte Mainbrücke, Würzburg

The River Main flows through the city, and the Old Main Bridge, or 'Alte Mainbrücke,' is a pedestrian stone Bridge from the Old town to the districts on the left bank of the river. The bridge is similar to the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

How to reach Würzburg with 49 euro ticket
Old Town in Würzburg

The Medieval Marienberg Fortress is above the River Main, which is around 15 minutes walk up to the hill. The old town and River Main view are spectacular from the top.

Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg
Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg

The Würzburg Residenz and Hofgarten are also the top attractions in the city. We strolled down the old town and enjoyed the river cruise.

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7. Regensburg:

Regensburg is located on the Danube River and is known for its well-preserved old town. The River Cruise is very popular in Regensburg.

The Walhalla is also located in Regensburg above the Danube river. It’s a neo-classic building and looks familiar to Pantheon. It’s a hall of fame that honors the achievement and accomplishments of all the famous Germans.

Walhalla in Regensburg
Walhalla in Regensburg

8. Salzburg:

Salzburg is one of the popular touristic cities in Austria, located around 2 hours away from Munich. It's located on the Germany-Austria border, and you can go to Salzburg on Bayern Ticket.

The picturesque River Salzbach flows in the city and gets very crowded during the summers. The city also has a beautiful Mirabell Palace and Gardens.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg, Austria
Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

Salzburg has such a beautiful medieval old town, and you can find the Mozart residence in the streets of Salzburg.

Things to do in Salzburg

The Fortress Hohensalzburg is located on the top of the city, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the old town.

Fortress Hohensalzburg in Salzburg
Fortress Hohensalzburg in Salzburg

9. Bamberg:

Bamberg is one of the preserved towns in Germany with beautiful medieval architecture. The old town of Bamberg literally takes you back to old times. The best way to start your trip is from the Old bridge called Obere Brücke.

Obere Brücke in Bamberg
Obere Brücke in Bamberg

Bamberg also had seven famous hills, and each hill had a lovely old church. It's also known for its Timberwood houses.

Old Town in Bamberg
Old Town in Bamberg

The Old town of Venice looks like Little Venice with small bridges, and you can also find the Gondola boat on the River Regnitz. Walking around the old town of Bamberg is truly an experience.

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Obere Brücke in Bamberg
Obere Brücke in Bamberg

10. Nuremberg:

Nuremberg was very historically significant during Holy Roman Empire and Nazi Era. It is now the capital of Franconia and is considered one of the lovely medieval old towns. There are narrow cobblestone streets with artistic shops selling hand-made Pottery and glass decor. It’s a must to visit Handwerkerhof to buy handmade decoration pieces.

Things to do in Nuremberg
Old Town Nuremberg

City walls encircle the old town of Nuremberg. There are also dining options in the old town and street cafes & Ice cream parlors. The Pegnitz River also flows within the old town and has tiny old houses with wooden bricks on the roof. There are also a few restaurants and cafes on the bank of the river.

How to reach Nuremberg with 49 euro ticket
Pegnitz River in Nuremberg

Lots of people aren’t familiar with the underground Dungeons of Nuremberg. The tour is only possible with the Guide, so you need to check the dates and timings of the available slots in advance.

Nuremberg Old Town
Nuremberg Old Town

On the North of the Old town of Nuremberg is the famous Imperial Castle of Nuremberg, also known as Kaiserburg. The castle had significant importance in the Holy Roman Empire and carried a stronghold in the region as every new emperor was obligated to have his Imperial Dinner here.

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg
Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

11. Ulm:

Ulm is located in Baden Württemburg, but it's a bordering city between Bayern and Baden Württemburg, around 2 hours direct train from Munich. The city's most significant landmark is its Old Fishermans and Tanners Quarter.

Old Fishermans and Tanners quarter in Ulm
Old Fishermans and Tanners quarter in Ulm

It’s a medieval quarter of the Ulm where the small channels of the Blau River follow and enter the Danube River. The quarter has timber-framed houses, which was very popular among travelers who went to Hungary through the Danube in the 15th century.

Ulmer Münster in Ulm
Ulmer Münster in Ulm

It has many restaurants, shops, and bars in the quarter. The city wall walk is also very distinctive as it has an old town and the Danube.

Ulm is famous for its summer Festival Nebada where the city swims down the Danube. The river becomes full of people. This year, the event will be taking place in July, and we will be definitely going there.

Ending Note:

If you plan to use public transport, it would be very affordable to use Germany's 49 euro ticket and travel unlimited across Germany.

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