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A Magical German town - Garmisch Partenkirchen

Updated: Feb 15

Lets explore the Bavarian beauty

Bavaria has the most bank holidays in Germany. If you get an opportunity to work in Bavaria, We must say you are really lucky as you can explore the Bavarian beauty by doing one-day trips within affordable prices.

How to Reach Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

The best way to explore Bavaria is with Train using Bayern ticket. The ticket costs Euro 26 per person. The maximum 5 people can use the group Bayern ticket. If you are traveling with a bunch of 5 friends, the ticket costs 11.5 Euro per person and you can use all public transport except ICE and IC in Bavaria. Check on their website for details.

Grainau, Germany

Explore Garmisch Partenkirchen:

This summer, we made a plan for a one day trip to Garmisch Partenkirchen. As we were traveling from Munich, there is a direct train of around 1.5 hours from Munich Central station.

Garmisch Partenkirchen is famous for its Skiing spot and neighboring valleys are considered to be best for tracking and hiking and lies near famous Zugspitz.

Exploring Garmisch Partenkirchen

Garmisch and Partenkirchen were two different towns since 1935, when Hitler combine two towns to participate in the Winter Olympics games in 1936.

Garmisch Old town:

Garmisch is located on the west of Railway station and Partenkirchen is located on the east of the station.

Garmisch Old town

Garmisch is famous for its liveliness. It has a famous street called Marienplatz which is always crowded with tourists. It has different shopping brands, souvenir shops and small street side cafés and restaurants with painting on the walls.

Old Town, Garmisch

The town is around 15-20 minutes from the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Train station. You can either walk from central station or take bus number 1 or 2 to Garmisch old town.

Mohrenplatz Garmisch Old town

From Garmisch Partenkirchen train station, you can also take a direct bus to Ski stadion to enjoy one of the best skiing experiences in Bavaria.

On the way to Ski Stadion


Partenkirchen has a unique Roman history with famous cobblestone old town and street known as Ludwigstrasse and it brings real Bavarian vibes. This town was used by Romans for the trade between Venice and Augsburg.

The old town is on a walk of 20 minutes from Train Station by walk but you can also take a direct bus number 1 or 2 direct to the old city but in opposite direction to Marienplatz Garmisch.

Souvenir Shop in Garmisch Partenkirchen

The old town has a variety of Restaurants offering traditional Bavarian food. I was totally amazed to see the picturesque buildings and get the real feel of the Bavarian town.

Garmisch Partenkirchen

The famous church Maria Himmelfahrt church and Sebastain Kircherl church are also located in the middle of the old town center. I would also suggest visiting Mercure hotel to have their amazing Cappuccino with cozy environment.

Maria Himmelfahrt Partenkirchen

Partnach Gorge:

After visiting the both old town, we had walked on the trail along Partnachklamm River called Partnach Gorge. It’s one of the most mesmerizing tracks full with natural beauty.


To climb up the mountain, you can also take GraseckBahn costing Euro 5 for one way to the top.

Exploring Bavaria

To enjoy the best Panoramic from the high mountain, I would highly suggest to spend some time in Das Graseck Panorama restaurant. They also have their luxurious Graseck hotel & Spa for night stay.

Gedentafel Memorial:

We further proceeded towards the track leading to Gedentafel means Memorial of Plaque for the people died by Plaque. You can also see the beautiful mountain with the top covered with snow.

Gedentafel Memorial

Ride to Zugspitz:

On the back side of Garmisch Partenkirchen central station, there is a special Train operation on the route to Zugspitz. Zugspitz is the highest mountain of Germany 2963 m height.

The ticket cost Euro 58 including train plus cable car ride to the top of the mountain. The train is also passing from different surrounding stations. The train is free until station called Grainau if you have Bayern ticket.

You just need to show the ticket on the ticket counter that’s on the back side of the central station and you can get the free return ticket. Incase, if you are not traveling with Bayern ticket then it cost around 6 to 9 Euro.

Zugspitzbahn Station

Explore Grainau:

As we were travelling with Bayern ticket, so we went to Grainau free of cost. The Grainau lies on the foothills of Zugspitz and it’s surrounded by forest.

St. Johannes der Taufer is one of the most beautiful chapels with cemetery on its front steps and backyard.

St. Johannes der Taufer, Grainau

The town has a tracking trail along with small water streams. We had hiked around 4 Km on the track and reach to the valley to see the amazing view of the mountains and towns.

We would highly recommend having a short stop at traditional Bavarian restaurant on the way.

Grainau, Garmisch Partenkirchen

Restaurants in Grainua with best view:

The restaurant is called ‘’Neuneralm’’ and it’s opened in the 19th century. Moreover, Grainau also has its small old town with small restaurants and guesthouses.

View from Balcony of Neuneralm Restaurant, Grainau

Trip to Eibsee:

From the Grainau bus station, you can also take a bus to Eibsee, the lake lies at the point from where you can take a Cable car to Zugspitz.

You can also take a Zugspitz bahn from Grainau to reach to Eibsee. The bus fare is Euro 3.20 per person and it takes around 10 minutes (The Bayern ticket doesn't cover this journey).

Grainau Old town - Bus Stop

The Eibsee is one of the most beautiful lakes with a breathtaking view of great Zugspitz. There are a variety of restaurants and hotels for the tourists to relax. You can also rent paddle boat or go for the boating trip for Euro 7.5 per person.

Boating in Eibsee

Due to the rain, the boating company was not operating and unfortunately, we did not get the chance to get the boat ride. There’s also a track along with the lake to enjoy the best Bavarian scenic beauty.

Eibsee, Bavaria

Explore Winterwonder near Garmisch-Partnerkirchen:

To experience the Winter wonderland in area near Garmisch-Partnerkirchen region, we went to Klais and Mittenwald. Klais is just next stop of Regional train from Garmisch-Partnerkirchen train station.


There are small hills which are covered with snow and you can also hike up in the summers. There are also few guest houses where you can stay and restaurants near the train stations.

Winter Wonderland in Klais

We would also recommend some additionally things:

From the point Alpspitz, you can also take a Alpspitzbahn (cable car) or hike on the trail and enjoy the beautiful view of Allgau.

The closing timing of the bahn is 5 PM(depends on season). You can also enjoy the sommerbahn with beautiful scenic beauty but be aware of the weather because it’s not operational in rain.

To enjoy the best panoramic view of the mountains and valleys, its highly suggested to spend some time at cliff called Alpspix. There are other activities aswell which you can do there. Check their website

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