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Ammersee Lake Bavaria Germany, Things to do near Munich

Updated: Jun 6

Ammersee is sixth largest Lake of Germany. It’s located in the South of Munich and your trip to Munich can’t be completed without the visit to Ammersee.

Bird Eye View of Ammersee, Bavaria

Ammersee is highly accessible with Public transport from Munich Central Station. You can touch the lake from different points as there are many restaurants and activities on different waterfront points.

Ammersee, Bavaria

We have been to two different points one is near Utting and the other one is Herrsching. Herrsching and Diessen are the most popular spots. There is also a famous Stream train which goes to Utting.

Stream train in Bavaria

We have been to Herrsching with Public transport. You can take direct S-Bahn S8 direction towards Herrsching.

It almost takes 50 minutes or if you going from the neighboring towns of Munich, you can also take a bus. It almost takes the same time but you will pass by the beautiful forests and landscapes.

Cruising in Ammersee, Bavaria

You can also go for the Cruising trip of Ammersee from Herrsching for 11.70 and it also stops at different towns on Ammersee but be aware of the weather conditions.

The lake is just 5 minutes walk from the Herrsching train station. It has small restaurants, cafés and ice cream bar near the lake and you can enjoy your drinks on the waterfront.

Restaurants & Cafes in Herrsching Ammersee Lake

As Herrsching is one of the top spots so it’s always crowded with people so it's not an ideal spot for swimming. There are many shores for the tourists to relax and indulge themselves in the beauty of the lake.

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Herrsching, Ammersee Bavaria

In summers, Herrsching also offers a NachtMarkt with live music concerts, different shopping and food stalls and fireworks.

Little Castle in Hersching, Bavaria

You can also bring your own boat and sail in the lake or there’s also a possibility to rent a paddle boat and enjoy the paddling experience in Ammersee.

Boating in Ammersee, Bavaria

You can also walk along the lake and enjoy the greenery of the surroundings on one side and lake on the other. We had spent a lot of time near the lake and see the ducklings floating in the water.

Ammersee, Herrsching

If you want to swim and enjoy the calmness of the lake, we would highly suggest visiting the lake at Utting.

You can take a direct train to Geltandorf from Munich Central station and then need to change the train which takes directly to Utting. Normally, it takes around 50 to 65 minutes from Munich Central Station.

Ammersee Utting, Bavaria

Utting is the best spot for swimming as it's not crowded. You can also sit on the Pier in the lake and enjoy the beautiful view of the lake with the Bavarian mountain in the background.

Pier in Utting, Ammersee Bavaria

There are different restaurants and café along the lake from where you can get your favorite snacks and drinks. There’s also a possibility of paddle boating or you can also do a cliff diving in the lake.

Pier in Utting, Ammersee Bavaria

The best thing to do in the lake is a Cruise trip. There are different cruise companies offering their cruising service in the Lake.

There are three different cruise packages: Grand Cruise, Northern Cruise and Southern Cruise.

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Ammersee Utting, Bavaria

We took the Southern tour and it costs 11.70 but you can get a cheaper ticket if you are traveling with a group of people. The southern cruise covers Herrsching and surroundings. There is also a possibility to enjoy the cruising for short distance only for 3.

Southern cruise in Ammersee, Bavaria

We had experienced the short cruise trip from Utting to the Breitbrun only for 3 and then on the way back, we walked through the forest and residential area to Utting.

Cruising in Ammersee, Bavaria

Ending Note:

Moreover, you can also plan a picnic with your friends. We must say it’s a best place to enjoy the water and calm surroundings in summer.

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