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Things to do in Baku, Azerbaijan | Baku Travel Guide | Explore Baku

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Explore Baku the Capital of Azerbaijan - Things to do in Baku - 3 days Guideline

Baku - The capital of Azerbaijan is one of the most amazing cities with a unique and rich history and culture. The city has a variety of flavors from its beautiful old town and modern skyscrapers, home of 5-Star hotels with mind blowing architecture like Four Seasons, Hilton and Fairmount.

The city has the best traditional food with a wide variety of local and International food chains and most lively nightlife. Baku is also hosting Formula 1 racing every year.

Baku Skyline from Hilton Baku

I have visited Baku twice, once in 2015 for my business trip and in 2018 for celebrating the New Year Eve with my wife. As I was living in UAE at that time, there's a direct flight with Fly Dubai.

Visa Procedure for Pakistanis:

The procedure to apply for the visa is also very simple for Pakistanis. You can apply for the E-Visa Online and normal processing time is 1-3 business days but you can also apply for urgent visa and get in 3-5 business hours.

The cost the visa for Azerbaijan is USD 20 and you get your visa on your Email after 3 days of payment of fees.

Good news for the Pakistanis: Soon, there will be a direct flight from Pakistan to Azerbaijan.

Heydar Aliyev Centre:

I had started my day with a visit of the most iconic building of Baku. Heydar Aliyev Complex is one of the most famous and unique architectural complex that's one of the masterpieces of Zaha Hadid.

Heydar Aliyev Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan

The complex has hosted different exhibitions and art work of different artists.

Heydar Aliyev Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan

The different floors of the complex presents the different theme. You can also be privileged to see the cultural representing the colors of Azerbaijan, puppet collection and huge range of musical instruments.

Inside Heydar Aliyev Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan

We were totally amazed to see the beautiful miniature where they have exhibited different buildings of Azerbaijan. The price of the entry ticket is 15 AZN for exhibition and Museum & additional ticket for 10 AZN for Car exhibition.

Inside Heydar Aliyev Complex, Baku, Azerbaijan

Don’t forget to take the picture near I LOVE BAKU, it’s just a few meters away from Heydar Aliyev Complex.

I Love Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan

Old Town of Baku:

The old town of Baku has one of the oldest city center which remain undefended. The old town has two parts called Ichari and Bayir.

The Inner part is called Ichari and you can find all the places like shops, restaurants, mosques and churches next to each other. There are narrow streets and have almost same height.

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Old Town of Baku, Azerbaijan

We were totally amazed by the beautiful view from these streets with a background of framing towers. The outer part is called Bayir. There are different squares in old town which are worth to explore. You can also find a Vahid Monument in old town.

Vahid Monument in old town Baku, Azerbaijan

Maiden Tower:

Our next stop was towards world's famous Maiden Tower in Old city of Baku. The tower is considered to be constructed before the advent of Islam.

The Tower is covered by cloud of mysteries and legends which are rooted to the History of Azerbaijan and national Culture of Azerbaijan. The pool of tower's epics and legends is a part of Azerbaijan's culture and national heritage.

Maiden Tower in Baku, Azerbaijan

Palace of Shirvanshahs:

The Palace is a must place to visit in Ichri Old city. It was built in15th Century, it has the main palace building, burial place, mosque and near the Murad gate, you can also found a old bath house.

Palace of Shirvanshahs, Baku, Azerbaijan

Nizami Street:

The Nizami street is one of the most crowded streets of Baku downtown. It's a long street with all the shopping brands and restaurants and cafes. You can also find the big square called Nizami Monument.

Nizami Street, Baku

There are many other streets connecting with it where you can find the beauty and wonder of Baku. While exploring the neighbourhood of Nizami street, it gave me a feel that I am in Paris as the Architecture is quite similar of Parisian buildings.

Exploring Nizami Street in Baku, Azerbaijan

There are countless clubs and bars and famous for the nightlife in Baku. For the shopping lovers, Yusif Mammadaliyev street is a must place to go. It has all the luxurious brands.

You can also find the famous girl on bench Sculpture also in Nizami Street. The famous fountain square is also over there. You can also visit Nizami Museum of Literature near to fountain.

As we were there in the last days of December, the city was enlightened up with festivity of Christmas.

Christmas in Baku, Azerbaijan

There was also a Christmas market selling Christmas specialities and every street was decorated with lights and fully crowded with people.

Christmas in Baku, Azerbaijan

Highland Park (Dagustu Park)

To enjoy the beautiful view of the Baku skyscrapers and Caspian sea, Highland park is a must place to go. You can either climb up or use the Funicular train which takes up to the park.

Highland Park (Dagustu Park)

The Shahidlar Monument (Ateshgah) and Marttyrs’ Alley are also up there and are must visit places during your the Highland Park visit.

Shahidlar Monument (Ateshgah) in Baku, Azerbaijan

You can walk on on Martyrs Alley and reach to Shahidlar which has a sparkling flame dedicated to Ottoman soldiers died in World War 1.

Baku Skyline
Baku Skyline from Highland Park

Milli Park:

On the bank of a Caspian Sea, the Milli park is around 3.5 km long and runs parallel to sea.

It's a lush green park with waterfront and one of the most relaxing and enduring place in Baku. In the background, you can see flaming towers aswell.

Milli Park in Baku, Azerbaijan
Milli Park in Baku, Azerbaijan

You can either walk or take a train ride by paying small amount of money and take a round of the park along the sea.

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Exploring Milli Park in Baku, Azerbaijan

You can also experience the Mini Venice in Baku in Mili Park.

Mini Venice in Baku in Mili Park

They have small canals like Venice but definitely cleaner water with gondola boats riding in the canals. It's a must do Activity during your trip to Baku.

Mini Venice in Baku in Mili Park

At the end of the Milli Park, there is a ferris wheel, you can have a panoramic view of the city and Caspian sea from the ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel in Baku

We had a great time at the Ferris Wheel and it's a must do activity.

Ferris Wheel in Baku

Cruising in Caspian Sea:

It’s a must activity to Cruise in the World’s biggest lake. You can take the tickets from the ticket booth in Millipark next to Bulvar Mall.

Cruising in Caspian Sea, Baku

The price of the cruise is 10 AZN but it’s not like typical cruise. It only sails in the Baku Bay and you can enjoy the view of the city from there.

Cruising in Caspian Sea

Flame Towers:

One of the most iconic Skyscraper of Baku is Flame Towers. These are three towers and symbolized the fire. The towers can be seen from the different places in Baku.

The Fairmount Hotel is also located in the tower. The Jazz club is the best dining option on the top with a live music performances.

Flame Towers in Baku

Shopping in Baku:

Apart from Nizami streets for shopping, they have lots of shopping mall with wide variety of malls like Bulvar Mall, Baku Port Mall, Ganjlik Mall with lots of local and international luxurious brands. A wide range of Shopping Streets are also located near the Maidan Tower and across the Baku.

Shopping Streets in Baku, Azerbaijan

Mosques in Baku:

There are very mosques in Baku with beautiful architecture. Hedyar Mosque and Bibi-Heybat Mosque are the most iconic mosques.

Baku Olympic Stadium:

Olympic Stadium is hosting lots of national and international games. It's a bit far from the city center. There is also a shore of Caspian sea nearby with lots of restaurants with balcony on the waterfront and best place for enjoying the sunset with coffee.

Baku Olympic Stadium

Telequlle Restaurant - TV Tower Baku:

To enjoy the 360 panoramic view of Baku and Caspian Sea, Baku TV Tower is a must place to visit. It has a revolving restaurant on the top with amazing food and view of the city.

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Hilton Baku:

As we have been in Baku at the end of December, so what would be a best way to welcoming the new year ? We had booked a New Year's Eve dinner at Hilton Sky Grill. It was on the roof top with a Terrace.

Hilton Baku
Baku Skyline from Hilton Baku

The six course menu has been served and amazing live music. Then at 12 AM, all the guests went on the terrace and enjoyed amazing fireworks.

New Year in Baku at Hilton Baku
New Year's Eve in Baku at Hilton Baku

Where to stay in Baku?

There are lots of good options to stay in Baku from the Luxurious hotels like Hilton, Four Seasons, Fairmount to the affordable and good hotels.

As I have mentioned that I have been to Baku twice, on my first trip I have stayed in Hilton Baku which was one of the most luxurious place to stay in the heart of the city.

Hilton Baku
View of Caspian Sea from Hilton Baku

For the second time, we stayed in Four Seasons Hotel on the New Year Eve of 2018.

Other options to stay in Baku:

Terrace Hotel near Heydir Ali Complex is also a very good option to stay. The hotel is a good with beautiful terrace and view of the city. The cost per night is also very affordable. We would highly suggest this place for Budget Travellers.

Transport in Baku:

Baku city is well connected with public transport but I was using Uber as it was very cheap. We were only paying $ 4-5 even for the long routes. Baku also has a purple taxi which I had also used it. The prices are a bit higher than Uber.

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Ending Note:

You can also visit Carpet Museum where they have displayed Azerbaijani Carpets and rugs during different times.

To experience the world’s only Miniture Books Museum, you can visit in Baku Old town. Qala Archaeological Complex is an open air museum with traditional buildings.

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