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Zagreb Christmas Market - World's best Christmas Market

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Guess What? Which city won the title of Best Christmas Market for three consecutive years in Europe?

Hint: It’s not a German-speaking country !!

In this blog, we will be sharing our experience of the best Christmas Market in Europe. It’s the “Zagreb Christmas Market.”

Zagreb Christmas Market
Zagreb Christmas Market

The Croatian Capital is turned into the wonderland of fairy tales during Christmas. Not only the main city center was representing the Christmas festivity, but the whole city had a collection of Christmas markets.

Christmas Market Zagreb
Christmas Market Zagreb

From the main fashion streets of the city called “Llica” to the streets “Tkalciceva Street” known for its lively environment, was covered by chandeliers and lights. and celebrating Christmas festivity.

Things to do in Zagreb Christmas Market
Christmas festivity in Zagreb

Christmas Festivity in Llica:

The famous street is decorated and lightened up with Christmas festivity. Many connecting streets take into different squares where several stalls are set up for food and drinks. There are lots of corners and passages representing different scenes.

Best Christmas Market in Zagreb
Llica, Zagreb

Bana Josipa Jelacic Square:

The main square of Zagreb is truly representing the beauty of Christmas. Small stalls sell various Christmas souvenirs, decorations, and food stalls.

The big stage is also set up for traditional Christmas musical performances.

Bana Josipa Jelacic Square Zagreb, Croatia
Bana Josipa Jelacic Square

People from different age groups, from kids to old, dressed in traditional Croatian dresses and performed in front of a big crowd. The tallest Christmas tree in Zagreb is also over there.

Best Christmas Market in Europe
Bana Josipa Jelacic Square

The Nativity scene at Zagreb Cathedral:

Near the Zagreb Cathedral, they have created nativity scenes from the Medieval times. You can see the live performance by the people dressed in traditional clothes and presenting tales with lightning fires from old times.

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The Nativity scene at Zagreb Cathedral
The Nativity scene at Zagreb Cathedral

Later on, after the performance, you can also meet the artists and enjoy free traditional drinks.

The Nativity scene at Zagreb Cathedral, Zagreb, Croatia
The Nativity scene at Zagreb Cathedral

King Tomislacv Square:

The magical Ice rink is set up in Tomislacv Square and offers a unique and beautiful experience for ice-skating lovers.

Christmas Festivity at Zagreb
Christmas Festivity at Zagreb

In case you don’t know how to skate, experience your first ice skating in the fairy tale environment of Zagreb.

Don’t forget to book your ticket online to avoid the wait in the queue. There are also a few stalls for food and drinks near the square.

Christmas Festivity in Zagreb
Christmas Festivity in Zagreb

Christmas festivity at Strossmayer Square:

It’s one of the best Christmas markets in Zagreb, located in Strossmayer Square and called Fuliranje “Fooling around.” The market is next to Tomislacs Square and is famous among Croatians for its amazing vibes, music, and food.

Advent Zrinjevac:

Just a few miles from Strossmayer Square, you can reach Zrinjevac park to enjoy another Christmas market. It’s one of the classical markets with live performances and booths offering food and drinks.

Christmas Festivity at Zrinjevac park
Christmas Festivity at Zrinjevac park

In 2018, Coca-Cola sponsored the market, so I found booths with a Coke theme and a Christmas Sledge.

Christmas Festivity at Zrinjevac park Zagreb Christmas Market
Christmas Festivity at Zrinjevac park

Gric Tunnel Wonderland:

During the Christmas festivities, the tunnel is decorated and depicts different scenes. Last year, the tunnel turned into a Winter Wonder theme and gave the feel of the ice caves.

Gric Tunnel Wonderland in Zagreb, Croatia
Gric Tunnel Wonderland

Christmas festivity in Upper Town- Strossmayer:

If you come out from the Gric Tunnel, you can find steps leading towards the Upper Town. You will be amazed by the beauty and festivity in the upper town.

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Christmas festivity in Upper town Zagreb
Christmas festivity in Upper town- Strossmayer

The pathways are fully packed with people, and on one side of the path, there are stalls with beautiful Christmas decorations and lights.

There are also live concerts going out. Everybody was enlightened and induced at the Christmas party.

Zagreb Christmas Market, Upper town
Zagreb Christmas Market, Upper town

The next market is set up with Food stalls on one side and a Theme background on another. We were so amazed to see the beautiful theme set by Nescafe to take beautiful pictures with Christmas themes.

Zagreb Christmas Market, Upper town
Zagreb Christmas Market, Upper town

The Upper town has a Christmas market in all the corners and courtyards. The streets are decorated with lights and stalls.

Christmas festivity in Upper town in Zagreb, Croatia
Christmas festivity in Upper town

If you walk further in Gornji Grad, you will explore more markets with the beautiful theme set up to take mind-blowing pictures with a background of Zagreb Cathedral. There are long waiting for queues to take pictures in picture booths and frames.

Zagreb Christmas Market
Zagreb Christmas Market

Christmas Tram:

There is also a Christmas-decorated tram that passes by Ilica (the main fashion street of Zagreb) with Christmas songs in it.

Ending Note:

Zagreb is the best city to visit during Christmas, and I am sure you will be in love with the liveliness and festivity of the city.


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