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Updated: May 27, 2020

My First Christmas Market in Germany:

The German Christmas Markets “Weihnachts Markt” are famous all over the World. I always wanted to experience the Christmas festivity in Europe and the first Christmas market I had visited was a Christmas Market of Baku, Azerbaijan in December 2017.

Dortmund Christmas Market

This year, Dortmund Christmas Market was the first one I have visited in Mainland Europe. Dortmund Christmas Market in the City Center is just like my imagination and the videos of Christmas festivity I used to watch during my childhood.

Dortmund, Germany
Exploring the Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

Dortmund Christmas Market:

In 2018, the Dortmund Christmas Market started from Nov 22nd and until Dec 30th. As I was desperately waiting for the Christmas market to start, so I visited the Market on the first day of its opening.

The timings of the Christmas Market was from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays and 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Sundays.

It was closed on Nov 25th and Dec 25th. Do check the timings before going to Dortmund Christmas Market as every year they have different dates and timings.

Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund Christmas Market in Germany

How to Reach the Main Christmas Market:

The market is different from the other cities as the different markets are located in different squares and closer to each other. The Christmas market is highly accessible with U-Bahn from the Dortmund Train Station with U41, U47, U45 U49 in direction of Hacheney, Aplerbeck, Westfallen, Horde).

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A Shop selling Traditional German goods at the Dortmund Christmas Market

One of the biggest markets of the Dortmund is near St. Reinoldi Kirsche. The street is decorated with colored hanging globes which are changing colors and makes the view magical.

The small wooden chalets selling different Christmas decoration pieces, handicraft, traditional wooden toys, Christmas socks, lights, scarfs and candles.

Dortmund Christmas Market:

All the streets of the Dortmund were fully crowded with people. It felt like all the Dortmunders are on streets. Dortmund hosts one of the biggest Christmas Markets of the Germany having 300 Stalls.

There are different squares where they had placed different stalls decorated with Multicolor LED lights.

Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany
Crowd at the Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

On the other side of the St. Reinoldi Kirsche, there are different food stalls offering traditional German food from German Sausages (Wurst) to French Crepes, from famous German Pommes to Churros, from Bratkartoffeln to Brezel and Roast nuts.

The tree has surrounded by small Chalet shops offering different things to the visitors. The small chalets are decorated with small LED lights and also little Santa Claus on the roof of the chalets.

Stalls at Dortmund Christmas Market

Most of the chalets offer fresh food like Fried fish, Boiled Potatoes with sauces, different variety of breads. There are also stalls of traditional decoration, Jewelry, Wooden baskets and toys.

Stalls at Dortmund Christmas Market

This place is mainly for the families with kids with car ride and also sky wheel for the best view of the Dortmund City Center.

Stalls at Dortmund Christmas Market

One of the Biggest Christmas Tree:

The main Christmas Market is located in the big town square near Karstadt. It has one of the Giant Christmas Trees with a height of 45 meters and made up of 1700 Trees and thousands of lights. The lighting of the tree starts on the Nov 26th at 6:00 PM.

Giant Christmas Tree at Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

As I am staying in Dortmund just in the center and watching the preparation of the Christmas tree every day, it was so exciting to see the tall Christmas tree full of lights.

In the fashion street of the Dortmund, there are also few artists playing a very alluring music for the audience and receiving a great appreciation from the audience. The main fashion street also has food stalls and it is always full of crowd in these days.

Dortmund City Center, Germany
An Artist playing in the streets of Dortmund, Germany

Central Stage at the Dortmund Christmas Market:

On the next square in old town, there is an open stage like a snowy wonderland background and theme where the singers are performing on the Christmas Songs every day.

This place is almost full everyday with visitors who are enjoying the music and dancing on the Christmas songs.

A central Stage at the Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

The stage is surrounded by small chalets selling Christmas specialties to the people. So the people can enjoy the food and music together.

There are also few rides for the kids- if you are coming along with the kids, this is a place for you.

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Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

There's another small Christmas market near Kampstrasse Station with different food stalls and standing tables for the chit chat sessions. The market also has a tall Christmas Pyramid with different levels.

The pyramid is rotating and each level is depicting different characters like Angel, dancing people and candles.

Dortmund, Germany
A Shopkeeper is preparing goods to sell in the Dortmund Christmas Market, Germany

There's also a Theatre for the kids with a performance of Puppet Shows every evening.

There're also tour operators who can arrange your trip to Dortmund Christmas Market with a full guide of one hour in which they tell you about the 100 Years history of Christmas Markets.

Ending Note:

I am passing by Dortmund Christmas Market almost every second day and always indulge in the festivity all by myself. I would highly recommend visiting the Dortmund Christmas Market and getting an opportunity to see one of the tallest Christmas trees in Germany.

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