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Things to do in Dortmund, Germany - Germany Travel Blogs

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

I have a special association with the city of Dortmund. I have lived for more than 6 months in Dortmund during my student life.

I’m totally in love with the city's vibes, and it will always stay in my heart.

Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund in Germany

Dortmund is considered a city of Students. Many local and international students live here, but the city isn’t International at all. The city is famous due to its BVB Football Club.

Dortmund Central Station
Dortmund Central Station

How to reach Dortmund:

Dortmund is well connected by Train and bus. You can choose different options depending on your convenience. Click below to find out the best ticket prices to reach Dortmund.

In this blog, we will share how to explore Dortmund like a local:

The best way to explore Dortmund is to go out from the Main exit of Dortmund Central station. The station and the surroundings are always packed with crowds.

When you go out, you need to cross the road, and you can find Bibliothek in front of you and on the right side you can find the Football Museum.

Football Museum:

You can start your trip by exploring Dortmund Football Museum. The Museum has unique Architecture and presents Germany's football history. The museum has many artifacts, like the 1954 World Cup final football. The museum also displayed Germany's World Cup trophies on the first floor. The primary ticket price is 10.


If you cross the road in front of Dortmund train station, you can find the stairs, and if you walk straight from the stairs. You can find yourself in Westenhellweg. It’s a long Pedestrian and has a famous shopping street in Dortmund.

Dortmund, Germany
Shopping Street in Dortmund

The Pedestrian has almost all the famous local and International brands. The Pedestrian also has a shopping mall called “Thier- Galerie”. The pedestrian is always full of people busy shopping.

Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund Town Hall

You can also walk around the Alter Markt and Altes Stadthaus in Dortmund.

St. Reinoldi Church:

The St. Reinoldi Church is near Ostenhellweg. The church is visited by people every day.

The surrounding of the Church is happening and almost always crowded. There are many cafes and restaurants and the big square near the Church. In the summer, it’s the best place to hang out and enjoy the sun, along with the ice cream. The church is well connected with Public transport (U-Bahn and buses).

Tour to Signal Iduna Park:

Signal Iduna park is the home ground of the famous BVB club. The stadium was constructed to host the World cup of 1974. Since then, the stadium has hosted many World cup and club matches.

Dortmund, Germany
Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund

How to reach the Stadium:

The stadium is located in the South of Dortmund and around 3 km from Dortmund Central Station. The stadium is highly accessible with Public transport.

You can take a Regional train, which takes around 5 minutes to reach the Stadium. Or you can also take U-Bahn, get off at Westfalenhallen, and walk for 5 minutes to the stadium.

Borussia fans:

Whenever there’s a match of Borussia, the city is fully packed with fans. They are always people on the streets after the match and celebrating the success.

How to buy a ticket:

The tickets sell out pretty quickly after the start of the general sale. You can buy tickets online BVB, at sales points in Dortmund, and BVB fan Club shop at the stadium.

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The lowest price of the ticket is for the Standing cost around 17, and increases depending on where you want to sit.

Stadium Tour:

There’s also a stadium tour, including a visit to the dressing room, Players’ tunnel, VIP area, Borusseum club museum, and trophy room.

Phoenix Lake:

The Phoenix lake is an artificial lake located in the Horde neighborhood of Dortmund. The lake is the best place to enjoy the summer.

Phoenix Lake in Dortmund
Phoenix Lake in Dortmund

The summer outdoor market was also set up, selling artistic pieces. You can also go Paddle boating in the lake.

Phoenix Lake in Dortmund
Phoenix Lake in Dortmund

There are many restaurants and cafes located on the Lakes. The Horde is well contacted with Public Transport.

You can take a Regional train or U-Bahn from the Central station. The surrounding lake has a beautiful resident colony.

Resident colony on Phoenix Lake in Dortmund
Resident colony on Phoenix Lake in Dortmund

Restaurants in Dortmund:

The Brückstrasse in Dortmund has lots of Halal Restaurants and cafes and provides many options to eat and take away. I have lived in Dortmund for almost 6 months and have tried almost all the restaurants. The restaurants are also open till late at night.

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The Döner places are even open until 3 AM. A few of my favorite restaurants are below:

Brückstrasse in Dortmund
Brückstrasse in Dortmund


The best halal burger in Dortmund is Roasters. They have different options with Chicken and beef, but my favorite is Chilli Chicken. It's chicken with Cheddar cheese, Jalapenos, and Salad.

Best Burger in Dortmund
Roasters in Dortmund

American Pan Pizza:

Another best place to eat Halal is American Pan Pizza. They have the best deep-pan pizzas and also offer pasta and Lasagna.

Pizza in Dortmund, American Pan Pizza
Pizza in Dortmund, American Pan Pizza


Alex has the best desserts, waffles, crepes, and coffee.

Alex in Dortmund
Alex in Dortmund

Shisha Places in Dortmund:


If you are looking for a Shisha cafe with a terrace view, IROOM is the place to go. It’s located around 500 meters away from the Dortmund Central station. They also have good options for cocktails and smoothies.


Medusa has the best Shisha in Dortmund. It’s also located near Dortmund Central station. It has a good ambiance but often gets fully crowded during weekends.

Mato Lounge:

Mato is located near Brückstrasse. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating, and it’s small but offers good shisha and cocktails.

Events to Attend in Dortmund:

Street Beach Festival:

In July, For three days - the area in front of the famous Dortmund U-turns into a Caribbean oasis with big stages and performances. The party is full of music and food and is worth attending.

Medieval Festival in November:

Dortmund turns into a small medieval town from October to November for a week and offers the best experience of a Medieval town. Read our blog on the Medieval Festival in November.

Medieval festival in Dortmund
Medieval festival in Dortmund

Dortmund Christmas Market:

Dortmund has the tallest Christmas tree and offers one of the best Christmas festivities in the region of NRW. Read our blog on Dortmund Christmas Market.

Dortmund Christmas Market
Dortmund Christmas Market

Ending Note:

You can also take a day trip from Dortmund to Düsseldorf and Cologne to enjoy the bigger cities in NRW along the Rhine River. The cheapest and most convenient way is to go with an NRW day ticket.

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