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It was like that you are wandering in the Middle Ages !! Highly Recommended to visit Dortmund, Germany in November.

Dortmund, Germany NEVER disappoints me !!! I came back to Dortmund after holidays In Bavaria, Germany. I was totally surprised to see the city centre. I literally felt that I was back to medieval times. One of the best thing to do in Dortmund is to experience the Traditional German Festival in Dortmund, Germany.

Dortmund, Germany
Traditional German Village life in Dortmund festival in November, 2018

Every November, Dortmund has a traditional German fair for five days. In 2018, it started from Oct 31st until Nov 4th. The city was fully decorated with traditional stalls and activities. There were shops like small huts in the villages.

It gave me a feeling that I was in a Majestic German Village. Dortmund being the 8th Largest City of Germany has a lot to offer for tourists.

German Festival in Dortmund, Germany
German Festival in Dortmund, Germany

There was a big cart with horses. It was taking the people on the city round. There was a long queue. The excitement on the faces of kids, young and old people is beyond words. It reminded me a time how people used to roam around in Dortmund and surroundings 100 years ago.

They had created a small stable for the Ponies. In order to give the real look of stable and provide the natural habitat to small ponies, they had put the hay and food for them. The Ponies also offered rides for small kids upon 6 years. There was a man who is holding a kid and pony during ride.

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In my childhood, I used to watch a cartoon series in which kid has a Pony. It took me back to my childhood memories. Agghhh!! I am too old for Pony ride.

Dortmund, Germany
Ponies in Dortmund during the Festival

Suddenly, I heard a sound of musical band parading with drums. And everybody started getting curious to know what was happening. I was a bit far from the band so I was only able to saw two heads. I started approaching towards them and trying to make out my way from the crowd. OMG – it was a Duck Parade.

There were around 10 ducks and they were marching and following the music and taking the instructions from their masters. I was so surprised to see how they were changing their directions and taking turns on the instruction. This is something exceptional.

There were also goats and sheep. They had created a separate compartment for them which had hay and grass. The area was full of kids. The kids were excited as it was a new experience for them to touch and feed them.

There was also a traditional musical band performing with their instruments. They were dressed up like typical German villagers and producing an amazing music that instantly makes you dance on the beats. It was indeed one of the best German Cultural presentation I had ever experienced.

German Festival in Dortmund Germany
Depiction of true German Rural Life in Dortmund Festival

There was an artist who was performing near Reinoldikirche. The pianist was playing the melodious music for the support of the artist. The artist had attracted a huge number of audiences. There were two ladders which were parallel to each other and there was a big rope joining both ladders.

The artist had chosen six people from the crowd and they were holding the ladders with an extended rope – three people holding each ladder. The rhythm of the piano was going so well with the steps of the artists.

The artist was trying to walk on the rope between two ladders but he was failing again and again but the helpers were not able to hold the ladder firmly. At last, the artist succeeded and received the huge applause from the audience.

There were lot of stalls for games as well like shooting, archery, catch the stuff toys, basket the ball and many more. There were so many people who won lot of stuff like toys, teddy bears from these games. I took the challenge of winning the biggest teddy bear for my wife in shooting but ended up winning only a small truck. But that was also fine for her.

There was also a flame thrower who was performing with the fire. I must say it was one of the best performances of the night for me. He was inhaling the fuel and throwing out the fire flames from his mouth.

Dortmund, Germany
A masterpiece of craftsmanship. A Wooden Eagle at the Festival in Dortmund

They had also presented the early diesel engine. The visitors were fascinated by its designing and exterior.

There were also many rides for the kids and adults like dodging cars, Go merry round, sky wheel and many more. Everybody was so excited and enjoying the rides.

I took a sky wheel ride and the view was so amazing from the top. It was not so high but you can enjoy the surroundings. The ticket was for 4.50

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Old Diesel Engine Vehicle in Dortmund, Germany
Early Diesel Engine in the Festival.

There were so many traditional German shops who were selling typical handmade stuff like wooden craved animals, woolen mats and rugs, baskets, lights, jewelry, decoration pieces, arrows and bows.

There were also so many food stalls that make you hungry. They had so much to offer from typical German Pommes to French Crepes in different flavors, from Ice cream to waffles, German Famous curry wurst (hot dog with special sauce) to meat skewer. For the traditional food lovers, it is the best place.

Dortmund, Germany
Wooden Handcrafted toys and craft at the Dortmund Festival.

There was also a stage where musicians, artists and jugglers were performing. They had made a big sitting arrangement like an Amphi Theater. I got a chance to enjoy the belly dance with wonderful music. The area was fully packed. I just loved the performance.

On last day of the fair, it was Sunday but everything was open. It was so nice to see that EVERY BRAND in Dortmund was opened on SUNDAY. Everybody was busy in shopping- buying things from their favorite brands and enjoying the festival.

Ending Note:

I would highly suggest you to visit this festival in Dortmund during the month of November and get the feel of German Tradition and rural culture !!

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