German Cultural Festival in Dortmund, Germany - Back to Middle Ages | Things to do in Germany

Updated: Nov 18

It was like that you are wandering in the Middle Ages !! Highly Recommended to visit Dortmund, Germany in November.

Dortmund, Germany NEVER disappoints me !!! I came back to Dortmund after holidays In Bavaria, Germany. I was totally surprised to see the city centre. I literally felt that I was back to medieval times. One of the best thing to do in Dortmund is to experience the Traditional German Festival in Dortmund, Germany.

Dortmund, Germany
Traditional German Village life in Dortmund festival in November, 2018

Every November, Dortmund has a traditional German fair for five days. In 2018, it started from Oct 31st until Nov 4th. The city was fully decorated with traditional stalls and activities. There were shops like small huts in the villages.

It gave me a feeling that I was in a Majestic German Village. Dortmund being the 8th Largest City of Germany has a lot to offer for tourists.