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Updated: Feb 9

What could be a better place than Castle Neuschwanstein for Celebrating the 8 months of our wedding !!!

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle – Wonderland in Bavaria, Germany

In Oct 2016, I booked all my tickets to Castle Neuschwanstein but unfortunately, I got a Visa only for 8 days, so I only got the chance to visit Bratislava, Prague and Vienna.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle on our 8th month anniversary

Last year in Oct 2017, I booked my tickets again for Castle Neuschwanstein, but I got visa rejection from Austrian Embassy and again my plan was got cancelled.

This October 2018, I again booked all my tickets to Castle Neuschwanstein with my wife for our 8th month of wedding celebrations. It was one of my dreams to visit this castle in Autumn and thanks to ALLAH Almighty I fulfill my dream in this year's fall and you never know what's Allah had planned for you.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle on our 8th month anniversary

Indeed visiting it with the love of my life was millions time better than visiting it as a bachelor. It's not only the most visited castle in the world, it's also the most romantic castle in the world.

Undoubtedly it's the best things to do in Germany in any given weather and it has completely different look and surroundings from other castles in Germany. It's a Gem of Europe and your Euro trip can't be completed without your tour to Neuschwanstein Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Walking on a hill in Bavaria, Germany and Neuschwanstein Castle is in the background

How to Reach Castle Neuschwanstein:

We started our journey from Dortmund main train station (Hauptbahnhof) by Deutsche Bahn's (DB) ICE Train. There's a small town near Castle called Füssen where we stayed. Füssen is around 3.5 km away from the Castle. As Füssen is a small town, there is no ICE going to Füssen, so we changed the train and took Regional Train (RE) from Munich.

It took us around 2 hours from Munich (Germany's 3rd Largest City) with two changes. After a long Journey of 9 hours from Dortmund. Finally, we reached to Füssen at 10:30 PM. All the restaurants closed around 10:30 PM to 11:00 PM. The only option we had at that time was McDonald's. So if you hungry at night McDonald's is a place to go. It remain opens until 1:00 AM.

Our Room in Füssen:

It was a very sudden plan. I did not have much time to book the hotel in advance. All the hotels in Fussen were fully booked and all the options left were pretty expensive. We would highly suggest booking the hotel in advance else you will find all the expensive options.

Luckily, we found a very cozy room using with a personal bathroom around 2 km away from Füssen City Centre. The room was in a basement of a German household.

Our host was very cooperative and welcoming as we reached there around 10:30 PM and he was still waiting for us. Our room was located near to a Super Market REWE.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Our room in Füssen, Germany

Journey Towards Neuschwanstein Castle from Füssen:

Next morning, we started our journey to Neuschwanstein Castle from Füssen. You can take a bus No. 78 from Fussen Bahnhof. The return ticket is for 4.5 or you can rent a cycle for 10 for a whole day. You can also go on foot.

The bus dropped to a village called Hohenschwangau. Neuschwanstein Castle is above on the hill from Hohenschwangau. You have to walk upwards to around 700 meters or you can take a horse cart. It will cost you around 7 per person.

Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle :

When we reached the ticket station, there was a huge queue. There are limited slots available to buy the tickets online. We would suggest you book the ticket online even if you are not able to buy tickets online so in this way you will be get a priority in the queue because there is separate queue for it.

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Tickets for Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle Tickets

After waiting for half an hour, we got tickets. If you are an EU student- Don’t forget to ask for your Student discount. There are 3 main attractions in this area – 1) Neuschwanstein Castle 2) Hohenschwangau Castle and 3) Museum of the Bavarian Kings.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Hohenschwangau Castle

There are different type of combinations of tickets, if you planning to explore more than one attraction in a day we would suggest taking a combo Ticket.

Horse Carriage Ride:

After getting the tickets we were ready to go Castle and we took a horse carriage, so we can enjoy the view and our surroundings. I highly suggest having a horse carriage ride.

FINALLY !! FINALLY !! We are here. WOHOOOO – It was like my dream came true. I totally lost in the beauty of the castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Going to Neuschwanstein Castle In a Horse Carriage

The carriage can take you to a certain point and afterwards you have to walk all the way to the Castle. On your way to the castle they are few Restaurants and cafes.

You can also do some shopping at some stores and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bavarian foothills from the hill and the view is out of this world. Highly recommended to stay there and enjoy the beauty of the Bavarian Alps.

Bavarian Foothills View from the Hill:

On the other side of the hill you can view the sky high Bavarian Alps, the view of the Castle from this point is majestic and a man made platform provides the best point to explore the beauty of the Castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavarian Alps
View of Bavarian foothills from Neuschwanstein Castle

After spending some quality time on both sides of the hills we started walking towards the Castle and there's an open ground right after the Gates. When I saw the ground and the buildings surrounding it, I felt for a while that I am in Minas Thrith, a legendary and mystic city showed in The Lords of the Rings.

The white courtyard was just like the scenes of The Lords of the Rings and Neuschwanstein Castle was glowing in the sunlight coming from behind the Bavarian Alps.

History of Neuschwanstein Castle:

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in 19th Century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria from his personal funds. The Castle was intended as a home for the king but he died in 1886, the same year in which the castle was completed. After his death, it was open for the public.

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Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle

The tour inside the castle is only possible with a tour guide. You can have a tour in different languages. We opted for English and our tour started at 3:05 PM. After every 5 minutes, there is a tour going into the castle. It is strictly prohibited to take photos – so guys put your phones and cameras inside and lost in the beauty of the castle.

Bavaria being the richest state in Germany has many castles but the most important castle in Bavaria is Neuschwanstein Castle. Do Visit Bavaria for its rich history and culture and experience the best of German Culture.