Europe's Best Theme Park, Europa Park Germany

Updated: Mar 20

The Europa Park is comprised of 18 different themed based on different European countries. The main entrance of the Park starts from the German theme but there’s also another entrance from the hotel and resorts which enters from the Spanish theme.


Whether you want to enjoy the mini Black Forest houses or Germany’s Capital famous Train station of Alexanderplatz or Historical Berlin wall or Romantic German Castles or German carnival Barn everything is available in the Germany theme.

Balthasar Castle Restaurant

The Germany theme has most of the rides for families. Elf Ride is a boat trip through the river. The zone also has a Puppet Boat ride for kids which is a gondola ride through the fairyland.

There’s a train station from where you can take a train which stops in different themed countries. You can also enjoy the EP express ride which is a mono train from the Alexanderplatz station and it stops in different zones of Europa park. The Germany zone also has a small Jim Button ‘traditional German’ steam engine which is a very exciting and interactive experience for the kids.

Germany Theme, Europa Park

The most exciting experience was Voletarium Ride. It’s Europe’s largest flying theatre experience and we have a lovely flight across Europe and enjoy mesmerizing views.

The German theme also has restaurants like Burger bär, Europa-Park Rock Cafe, Balthasar Castle Restaurant which are serving typical German food and many options for shopping.

Germany Theme, Europa Park


In the Italian zone, we have an experience of mini Venice with beautiful Roman Architecture. There are very nice Italian restaurants and cafes serving Italian Pizza and Ice cream like Benedetto, Gelateria, Mario’s Pizza and you can also get Pasta with different sauces from Pastaria di Enzo. There’s are also a few shopping places in the zone.

Italian theme, Europa Park Rust Germany

The Italian zone also has an Open-Air Stage and Teatro Bella Bolla where we had enjoyed the live performances by the Artists. We have also been to Ghost Castle where we entered into Medieval castle and passed by some creepy scenery with scary background voices. We have also ridden on Volo da Vinci, which is Leonardo da Vinci’s flight machine takes on a ride of the park.

Italian theme, Europa Park Rust Germany


The France theme is the best zone in Europa park and we would like to suggest spending at least 2-3 hours in France. The theme is inspired by the Alsatian province of France and the entrance of the zone is literally like a mini Petite from Strasbourg. We have enjoyed a lovely lunch near Petite France in Alsatian Woode Fired Oven Bakery.

Petite from Strasbourg, Europa Park

The main area has a beautiful lake and you can find many restaurants and cafes in the surrounding of the lake. One of the most famous restaurants is Chez Marianne Boot which is a boat restaurant in a lake.

France, Europa Park Rust Germany

We have also got a ride on Euro Tower which is a 75m glass lift and we enjoyed the 360-degree breathtaking view of the Europapark. We have also enjoyed a 4-D Magic cinema show in France theme. You can always use the app to find the timings of the different shows.

Bird-eye view from Euro Tower, Europa Park Germany

We had also been to ‘’Madame Frudenreich Curiosities’’ theme ride which is a tour to Dino breeding farm and where they are celebrating a birthday of a little dino.

We also experienced the wild nightlife of Moulin Rouge, Paris in Eurosat CanCan Coaster which is a loop roller coaster ride that depicts flashy dancers and music. We have also enjoyed the VR Eurosat Coastiality roller coaster at Valerian Universe. For the VR experience, we had paid Euro 6 per person and got our VR headset.

Europa Park Germany

Silver Star is the highest and biggest ride of the Europa park and it’s a must ride to experience if you love to adventure.


The Switzerland theme depicts an experience of the small swiss village with an experience of enjoying swiss food in Bob Run snack Bar and Valaisan Parlours. The popular Swiss children’s book Schellen-Ursli has also been found as a theme in the Swiss zone. We have been to Swiss Bob Run which is similar to Toboggan Bahn’s experience. Another highlight of Switzerland is Matterhorn Blitz, which is a wild and rugged roller-coaster mountain ride with steep turns and up and downs.

Switzlerland, Europa Park Germany


The Greece theme is truly based on the Island of Santorini and Mykonos. The zone has white and blue architecture and narrow streets just like any Greek Island. Greece theme has a few of our favourite rides including Water Rollercoaster Poseidon.

Water Rollercoaster Poseidon, Europa Park

The ride takes you back into the trip of Greek mythology starting from the Greek temple. The ride is a water coaster that drops you into the water and then again takes you another round of up and down and again drops you by a steep slope into a Greek sea.

Greece, Europa Park

The other most exciting ride in Greece is Pegasus. It’s a flying horse ride that starts from 15m above the ground and takes us above on the track and then drops us into the beautiful Greek village.

We have also discovered a very unique and confusing experience at Cassandra’s Curse which is a ride based on Byzantine church and its interior is on Greek mythology. The ride has a very confusing simulation in different orientation and direction which make us entirely confused and disorientated. We have also taken a submarine ride equipped with infrared lasers into the ocean and discovered the lost city of Atlantis.

Greece, Europa Park

We would highly recommend the show in Greece ‘Dome of Dreams’ where you can explore the underwater magical sparks.

Moreover, you can also enjoy some Greek food in Taverna Mykonos and buy some souvenirs from Penelope Glykos and Helena Souvenir shop.

Greece, Europa Park


Ireland Zone is totally focused on the kid’s attractions. If you have a kid, we must admit that it’s heaven for them. There are lots of different rides which they can enjoy.

Ireland, Europa Park


The English Zone is also focusing on the kid attractions like London bus, British Carousel, Crazy Taxi rides like dodging cars, Race tracks for kids, etc. This zone also has some shopping attractions like Adidas shop. You can also enjoy some British food in The tree Piglet restaurants or Anne’s Sweet Kitchen.

The main attraction of the English theme is the Paddington train station from where you can take the Panorama train which takes you to other countries in Europa park. The famous Globe theatre has different shows.

Paddington train station, Europa Park

We had enjoyed an amazing Magic show by Oguz Engin and of course, Ed and Edda/the famous mouse from Europa Park) were also there for our amusement. You can check the show timings from the Europa park app.

England, Europa Park


Russian Zone starts with a small village that gives you a vibe of Moscow. You get the chance to enjoy Russian food and burgers and also some tea in this zone. The kids can also enjoy a Lada Autodrom and Sleigh Ride.

Russia, Europa Park Germany

The main attractions for us in the Russian theme are Euro-Mir and Majorette factories. The Euro-Mir also has a virtual line: Don’t forget to book your slot on the virtual line and skip the long queue.

In the ride, we reached the top of the 28 m high tower. The rollercoaster ride starts from there with some steep turns and up and downs.

Russia, Europa Park Germany