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Hidden Gems of Mittenwald, Bavaria Germany

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Mittenwald Old town:

The Altstadt, or Old town of the Mittenwald, is a fairytale picturesque town with a perfect background of the German Alps. The Mittenwald is famous for its culture and famous landmarks like Catholic Church, St. Peter and Paul.

Mittenwald Old town

Walking on the cobblestone narrow streets of the town, which has small local cafes and restaurants, rows of quaint houses & buildings, and shops and in the background, you will be genuinely amazed by the majestic Alps.

Mittenwald Old town

There is uncountable scenic beauty near Mittenwald, and We have been to Mitenwald a few times, but this summer, we went to explore the Hidden Gems near Mittenwald.

How to reach Mittenwald:

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Exploring Hidden Gems near Mittenwald:

We had planned to explore the hidden Lakes in the Bavarian Alps near Mittenwald. We took the bus outside from the Mittenwald Main Train Station toward Lake Ferchensee. Lake Ferchensee is around 5 KM from the Mittenwald train station. You can also hike or cycle there.

Mittenwald Old town

The Bayern ticket doesn’t cover the bus ticket to Ferchensee, you have to pay around Euro 6 for the round trip to Ferchensee. The bus service is only available in summer. In the winter, you have to hike up to the Lake.

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The Lake is located on the Northern foothill of Olypiaregion Seefeld. It’s on the Bavarian border behind the Mittenwald. The Path to reach the Ferchensee is so beautiful. The lake is at an elevation of 1,060 m.

Ferchensee Mittenwald

In the summer, you can enjoy the lush greeny, and in the winter, you will be amazed by the fog and winter wonderland of the snowy mountains and frozen Lake.

Ferchensee Mittenwald

After the bus ride of around 15 minutes, we reached the Pristine and the exotic lake of Ferchensee. Around the lake, there are trolling flowers and gentians blooming. The background has mesmerizing mountains.

Ferchensee Mittenwald

It is truly an experience to walk along the lake. We had also prepared a slight refreshment, and we sat near the lake and soaked in the sun.

There were also a few people who were also enjoying swimming in the lake. There are also hiking trails near the lake.


Lautersee lake is at a lower height than Ferchensee Lake. If you are coming from Mittenwald. The Lautersee comes first. It’s the same Bus which goes to Ferchensee and Lautersee. To reach the Lautersee, you can either walk, or you can take the same bus.

Lautersee Mittenwald

The Lautersee has beautiful surroundings with lush green fields and mountains in the background. Around the lake, there are also two Restaurants and Guesthouses. We enjoyed a lovely coffee with a view of the Lake from Hotel Lautersee Terrace Cafe.

The lake is also ideal for swimming and boating. We rented a boat for 1 hour from the boating company for Euro 14, and we enjoyed paddle boating in the Lake. The lake is relatively small, it hardly takes 10 minutes to paddle from one corner to another on the boat.

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Lautersee Mittenwald

Near the lake, you can also find a little Forest Chapel ‘Maria Königin’’. We spent around 2-3 hours near the lake and indulged in the beauty of Nature.

If you want to take a bus on your return journey, you must be careful with the bus timing. Usually, the last bus leaves around 16:00 in the summer. We didn’t want to return early so we decided to take a walk to Mittenwald.


It’s almost 40 minute's walk and many beautiful trails to reach Mittenwald.

We had chosen a path passing through the Gorges and waterfall near Leinbach, and it was one of the beautiful trails with lots of beautiful spots.


There are so many beautiful spots in the area of Mittenwald, you can also experience the Kranzberg area. We would also suggest staying there over the weekend and enjoying and exploring different Spots.


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