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Updated: May 27, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of enjoying a staycation at the fabulous Atlantis the Palm, Dubai in the VIP Fan Suite.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai has a stunning views inside & out. It's situated right by the Arabian Beach in the corner of Palm in Dubai with an amazing view of the Palm trees.

We are sure that you are going to lose yourself in the beauty of the resort. Even in the summer season, the Hotel was fully booked.

A corridor in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE

Dubai never disappoints us, but we gained a whole new appreciation of what the Dubai has to offer for its residence and tourists.

Let’s Start with my Staycation Experience:

I have been to Atlantis Aqua Adventure Park 8 times but this was my first experience staying at the hotel. Passing through the corridors of luxurious branded outlets, we have reached to the lobby.

Lobby in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE

As we had a booking in their VIP Fan Suite, we checked in through their Royal Majlis where the staff welcomed me with the cold refreshing juice.

Welcome Kit from Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

The Fan Suite in Atlantis:

Atlantis got to have 1 Million Fans on their Facebook so they have renovated the suite with the theme of Facebook.

Our Room in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Every single thing is related to Facebook from their Facebook Amenities to Poke Button to call the 24/7 room service.

SERIOUSLY!!! Everything related to Facebook.

They have made everything customized according to their Guest. My name was displaying on the Television along with the welcome note.

Our Room in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

We have been welcomed with a Fresh season fruits and yummiest chocolates by Patchi in Facebook featured cover.

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Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Patchi Chocolate in Facebook's Iconic Heart Emojis

There was also a holding stand for the purpose of doing Live video season in order to have a complete view of the room. The room also has an amazing poster of the water park and a comfy thumbs up seat right infront of the poster.

It has two queen side most comfortable beds with cute Emojis cushions– perfect for a family or couples.

Facebook's Iconic Thumb Emoji in the shape of a sofa for doing Live Video with Audiences

The bathroom has a LED screen. The purpose of the screen is to login the Facebook and use it from there. OMG !! AMAZING AMAZING – It was my first experience to have my Facebook logged in on the wall of my Bathroom.

Let us show you the Bathroom:

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
World's first Interactive Mirror Screen with Facebook App Built-In

The Bathroom contains all the amenities with Facebook themed covers.

Facebook themed wall in the bathroom of Fan Suite in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Moreover, the room was also equipped with a modern lighting system- you can select the light according to your choice. It also has a status update forum where you can update where are you going before leaving the room.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Twin Beds in Atlantis The Palm's Fan Suite

The room has lot more to offer like complimentary water bottled, Plush robes, slippers, flavored tea and coffee, hair dryer and Locker.

Welcome Gifts from Atlantis

From the terrace, you can have an amazing view of the pool, beach and resort. A person like me who is addicted to late evening tea, we considered it as a best place to enjoy the sunset along with my cup of tea.

View from the Terrace of our room

Pool side:

Undoubtedly, It's the best pool side in Dubai. It has a best view of the beach along with Dubai cityscapes and the palm. It's one of the most romantic pool with an amazing view of the Gate House of Atlantis and Scenery. It's also perfect for the families especially kids.

Pool side in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

There's a huge sitting area along the pool side and also a bar where you can order your favorite cocktails. They also have evening Happy Hour - so Don’t miss your favorite drink at 50% Off.

Pool side in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

One of the best Pools in the World. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai is on a Whole different level. They also have cabanas where you can also relax and have your favorite drinks.

Pool side in Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Private Beach at Atlantis, The Palm:

Atlantis has its own private beaches that are only accessible if you are staying with them. The beaches have a fabulous and relaxing environment with comfy seats to get some Vitamin D. It has an amazing view of the Dubai sky line and The Palm.

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Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
Beach at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

There are different water sports like Kayaking, sightseeing tour, paddle boating and banana boating. There was a towel hut where you can get all the information about the beach activities.

The beach also has a Volley Ball Net where you can challenge your friends for the volley ball game. The Nasimi Beach Club is one of the famous spot for party lovers. You can book your bed or Cabana in the beach club.

Fitness Gym:

If you are a fitness freak, It's a place to go. The gym has an amazing 360 Degree View of the beach which motivate a person like me who is not really into fitness gyms.

Sauna & SPA: