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Best Place to Stay in Dubai - Address Hotel Marina, Dubai

Updated: May 28

The best hotel in Dubai - Address Hotel Dubai Marina

In the summer of 2018, we decided to enjoy the staycation in the Heart of Dubai Marina in the Address Hotel. The Address Hotel is a 5 Star hotel and the first hotel launched by Emaar Group. The hotel provides the most luxurious and elegant experience.

Hotel Lobby, Address Marina Dubai

If you have a membership card of Emaar Group, you can avail the discount upto 20% on your stay. The hotel has an amazing entrance with a huge lobby and restaurant.

Hotel Lobby, Address Marina Dubai

Our Suite in Address Marina, Dubai:

We stayed in a luxurious Tower Suite which is around 70 square meter with our private balcony from where we enjoyed the beautiful view of the Infinity Pool of Address hotel. We had a King-sized bed room and living room.

Our Living room in Address Marina Dubai

Our living room has an exquisite view of the Dubai Marina and Skyscrapers. When the sun gets down, the Dubai Marina is enlightened with the lights and view from our room is beyond words to explain.

View of Dubai Marina from our room

We were welcomed with fresh seasonal fruits and chocolates placed in our living room. We had a mini bar and small wardrobe over there.

Our Living room in Address Marina Dubai

In our king-sized bedroom, we had a big LED screen showing the welcome note with their personalized message. The Address hotel takes the comfort of the Suite to the next level; everything has been operated with the IPAD including Lights setting, Room temperature and LED.

Our Room in Address Marina, Dubai

The Address Marina suite is the best place to spend the holidays for technology savvys.

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Gadgets in Address Marina, Dubai

The most fascinating thing about the Suite was the bathroom. It has a big window next to the bathtub and you can see the view of Dubai Marina from there.

View of Dubai Marina

The Suite has all the amenities including bath robes, slippers, shampoo, bath gels, hair dryer etc.

The hotel had very friendly and efficient staff which were always available to provide whatever is required to the guests.

Dining Experience at Address Marina:


The Address Marina has a breakfast buffet every morning with a huge variety of Arabic breakfast dishes to International options.

Live Breakfast at Address Hotel Dubai

For breakfast, Restaurant offers a variety of fresh juices, salads, seasonal and dry fruits.

Breakfast at Address Hotel Dubai

The live cooking was done by the chef and making your choice of fresh eggs. They had Waffles, pancakes, Maneesh, French toasts, Crepes and Dim sims and many more.

Breakfast at Address Hotel Dubai


For dinner, we went to Mazina Restaurant in Address Marina and enjoyed the wonderful Italian theme buffet dinner.

Italian Dinner buffet at Address Hotel Dubai

They had a huge variety of Italian cuisine including Salads, breads, Olives, Meat, Pasta, Pizza and desserts.

Italian Dinner buffet at Address Hotel Dubai


We were looking at the pool from our Suite’s balcony and went directly to the pool to enjoy the summer and kill the heat of the scorching sun.

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Infinity Pool, Address Marina Dubai

The Address Marina had an Infinity pool with an amazing view of the Skyscrapers. We had the best time over there and enjoyed the sunset.

Pool side, Address Marina Dubai

The pool side had small cabanas and comfortable seats to soak the sun.

Shades Bar:

The Shades bar is on the pool side where you take some drinks and snacks. After the sunset, the light had been switched on near the pool and the view of the pool was so amazing.

Shades bar, Address Marina Dubai

There were a lot of people sitting on the Shades bar and enjoying the Shisha and drinks with an amazing view of Dubai Marina.

Spa and Sauna & Gym:

The hotel also has an amazing Spa and sauna for the relaxation of their guests. For the fitness freaks, the hotel has a well equipped gym service so you won’t get any extra pounds during your vacations.

Ending Note:

The hotel also has an entrance to the Marina Mall so it’s really convenient to visit the mall and do some shopping while your stay in Address Marina.

We would highly suggest booking your stay in Address Marina Dubai if you are planning for a trip to Dubai.

Address Marina Dubai

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