How to spend 48 hours in Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is a French city located on the German border. It's the capital of the Grand Est region formerly known as the Alsace Region.

Strasbourg has been a part of Germany from time to time that why you can find famous German wooden frame architecture. It has been also a subject of a long tug of war between France and Germany.


The city has the biggest preserved medieval old town which presents its long historical importance. The city is also popular for the presence of the European Parliament house.

We have spent two days in the city and were totally mesmerized by the beauty. In this blog, we will be sharing our experience of how you can spend 2-days in Strasbourg.


When you are in France, it’s a sin to miss the World famous French Breakfast. We had started our first day with breakfast.

Breakfast at L’atelier 116:

France is famous for its exotic bread and pastries. We found a small but cosy Cafe L’atelier 116 in the old town. It’s a perfect place for breakfast as it has a different variety of sandwiches, breakfast, pain au chocolat, patisseries, French Breakfast Puffs, Croissant and filter coffee.

L’atelier 116, Strasbourg

Strasbourg Cathedral:

After breakfast, we have started our old tour exploration from Strasbourg's famous Cathedral. The Strasbourg Cathedral is truly a masterpiece of Medieval times. It’s Catholic Church and used to be the World’s tallest building from 1647 to 1874. Even now, it’s the 6th tallest church in the world.

Strasbourg Cathedral

The cathedral is located in the big town square and there are lots of restaurants and tourist shops are located nearby. We have been to an Ice cream parlour in front of the Catherdral and enjoyed the Gelato with a perfect view.

Strasbourg Cathedral

Cruising in the River Ill:

The weather was sunny and perfect for the day cruise. We bought a ticket from a tourist shop near the Cathedral (Batorama Cruising company. We had chosen a long cruising with a tour of the old town and outer skirts of the city including the European Parliament.

Cruising in the River Ill

The Price of the Cruise is Euro 14.50 per person and we have enjoyed a beautiful view of Strasbourg Old Town La Petite, Barrage Vauban and Ponts Couverts and New Strasbourg.


You can take the Cruise from the Pier near Palais des Rohan. Check out the Cruise packages here for more details:

Time to get some Lunch at Le Rafiot:

After the cruise, we were already late for lunch. In Strasbourg, almost all the restaurants are closed from around 14:00 to 14:30. You can only get some snacks after 14:30. It’s highly suggested to have lunch first before the restaurants closed. We found a cool boat restaurant with a nice view of the river and we enjoyed some snacks there.

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Palais des Rohan:

One of the most amazing Architectural and historical Landmarks of Strasbourg is the Palace of Rohan. It’s located on the bank of the River. It used to be a former residency of Bishops and Cardinals. Now, it’s the home of three of Strasbourg’s most important Museums.

La Petite District:

Undoubtedly, Le Petite is the most photogenic and romantic district in Strasbourg. It literally takes back to a 15th-century medieval time with black and white half-timbered houses. These half-timbered houses are so beautifully decorated.

La Petite District

The district is located on the river bank. In the night, you can see the reflection of these timbered houses in the river which makes it so magical.

La Petite District

You can walk in the narrow cobblestone streets and lost in the beauty of the district. One of the famous streets is Rue aux Plates and you can find some authentic Alsatian Restaurants.

La Petite District

Ponts Couverts:

We have walked toward the end of the Petite district and we have reached the Ponts Couverts. The Ponts Couverts is another most picturesque spot in Strasbourg, It’s a point where three bridges deviate from the river in three different areas. You can also find the Ponts four tall watchtowers on these bridges.

Ponts Couverts, Strasbourg

Barrage Vauban:

One of the famous landmarks of Strasbourg is Barrage Vauban. The Barrage was constructed in the 16th century on River III and served as a defence in French-Prussian War in 1870.

They had planned to raise the level of III at the time of siege and flood the lands to the south and prevent the invaders to enter.

Barrage Vauban, Strasbourg

We had gone up to the roof of the Barrage Vauban and enjoyed the best view of the Ponts Couverts and you can also see Strasbourg Cathedral from there.

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Dinner at Shahi Mahal:

Our trip to any city isn’t completed without satisfying our taste buds with some Desi Indian or Pakistani Restaurants. There are lots of Indian/Pakistani restaurants but we are lucky to find the best Pakistani Restaurant in Strasbourg.

Dinner at Shahi Mahal, Strasbourg

We have ordered Chana Chat/Chick Peas Salad, Sizzling Chicken Tikka and Butter chicken with Naan (flatbread). We had also ordered famous mango lassi and Chai (tea) to enjoy our meal to the fullest. Everything tasted so perfect just like back in the home. We would really recommend the dining experience at Shahi Mahal.

Dinner at Shahi Mahal, Strasbourg

After dinner, we had a little walk in the old town and then we went back to our hotel after spending a hectic day exploring the city.

On the second day, we started our day by having breakfast in our Hotel and then we reach the Old town.

Exploring Old town:

Although we have explored the old town, it’s so mesmerizing and every street is so lovely.

Old town Strasbourg

We had started our day at the famous square of Gutenberg where you can also see the monument of Gutenberg. The square is always crowded with hustle and bustle of the people.