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A Day Trip to Enschede, Netherlands and Enschede Christmas Market | Things to do in Netherlands

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Enschede is a Dutch city near German border and was the first city captured by German during 2nd World War. Nowadays, the city is welcoming a lot of German students especially who are living in NRW State of Germany as it's included in their semester ticket.

Enschede, Netherlands

How to reach Enschede, Netherlands

Within Netherlands:

Enschede, Netherlands

From North Rhine Westphalia, Germany:

It's highly recommended to take a NRW day ticket costing 30.50 from Deutsche Bahn and travel unlimited from 9:00 AM to 3:00 AM on weekdays and 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM on weekends.

My wife is a student in NRW state of Germany and she is always going around in the state and also to some Dutch cities like Venlo and Enschede with her semester ticket for free. For me, I have to spend some buck for my trip.

Enschede, Netherlands

Our Journey to Enschede:

We started our journey from Dortmund, Germany. It's almost 2 hours by Regional Train (RE).

The City:

Enschede is a city with modern architecture. It's also a home to lots of Digital Advertising and recruitment agencies like Adecco, Creative Icy and logic4 etc.

It's also has 4 Universities including the campus of internationally recognized universities like Saxion University of Applied Sciences.We would highly recommend visiting their campus as well.

Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede

We were totally amazed by the interior and exterior of the University. It's a modern style building with a very difficult architecture from any German University I have visited so far.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe Museum:

My next stop was Rijksmuseum Twenthe Museum. It's in a renovated old factory of textile goods. The Museum starts from the Middle Ages and takes to the whole journey of arts and evolution to the Modern Arts. The museum has a huge collection of contemporary arts. The price of the ticket is 17.50. We have been to Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and already knew about this gem of arts in Enschede.

Reis Opera:

If you are music lover - Reis Opera is a place to go. The city offers a magnificent Opera House where you can have unforgettable experience of your life by the performances of different artists.

As It was a very sudden plan, so we did not book my tickets in advance but definitely I will go back sometime for attending the Opera in Enschede, Netherlands.

Enschede, Netherlands


The weather was very cold but the sun was shining so we also visited the famous Volkspark in Enschede. We love greenery and it helped us to refresh our mind and brings a new motivation.

Volkspark Enschede, Netherlands

The small lake is also flowing in the park with bevy of Swans in it. We would suggest you to add this according to the weather. If it’s gloomy and cold, it’s better to spend the time in other places.

Volkspark Enschede, Netherlands

We had also walked along the park and reached into the residential area. The area was totally depicting the Dutch style houses.

Shopping in Enschede:

The city has an amazing Medieval style narrow streets with a huge old town square in the middle of city center with International brands like H&M, Zara, Primark and also local Dutch brands.

If you are living in Germany and want to buy some Dutch brand, it's easy accessible here in Enschede. The small mall is also in the city to provide the indoor shopping experience. The mall was decorated with Christmas themed lights and glass globes.

Shopping Mall in Enschede, Netherlands
Shopping Mall in Enschede, Netherlands

There are many nice restaurants and café in the old town offering Dutch food. It would suggest you to go to Pool café The Bridge.

It has a snooker table where lots of people are playing and also an amazing ambiance with a view of the old town square from the bridge style sitting area.

Cafes in Enschede, Netherlands

Christmas Festivity in Enschede:

Due to the Christmas festivity, all the streets in the city center are decorated with colored sparkling lights with different themes. One of the streets is with the theme of love with hanging hearts. Another street is with hanging lamps.

Christmas Festivity in Enschede

Another street has decorated the wooden sledge and the sofa with beautiful loved themed sofa.

Christmas Festivity in Enschede

Good news for ice skating lovers – Welcome to Winter Wonderland. The city has also an Ice Skating Rink where kids and adults enjoy the thrill of skating.

For the kids, there's also a snow slide where kids were sliding from the high in a tube.

Christmas Festivity in Enschede

Right infront of the train station, the amazing Snow Castle was placed and gave you a feel that you are in a Winter Wonderland.

Where to Eat?

When we reached to Enschede train station, we were starving to death so we bought a Donner box from the station . It was a nice brunch in affordable price and highly recommended for students and tourists to try.

There's also an option of Burger King on the train station. If you are hungry and can’t control your hunger you can easily have something from train station.

Ending Note:

Don’t forget to try Hollander Fries. After exploring the city- it’s a time to go back home.

This is how we spent an amazing day in a Dutch city Enschede.

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