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Munich Christmas Market | Christmas Markets in Germany | Christmas in Germany

Updated: Jun 21

In the end of November, the Munich city is decorated with lights and festivity of the Christmas. There are different Christmas market in Munich which are unique in their own style and worth to visit them.

Christmas Market in Marienplatz, Munich

We would like to share our experience of Christmas Markets in Munich. We had visited Munich in December 2018 and 2019 to explore the Festivity of Christmas.

Christkindlmarkt :

We had started our tour from Christkindlmarkt, one of the oldest Christmas market. It's the Christmas market located in Marienplatz and the shopping street near by.

Christkindlmarkt Marienplatz, Munich

It has one of the tallest Christmas Tree of Munich with a background of magnificent Munich Town hall.

Christkindlmarkt Marienplatz, Munich

The Marienplatz is already one of the most happening and lively place of Munich but due to the Christmas festivity, square and the streets are over crowded with people.

The square has small wooden shops selling unique Christmas decoration pieces and souvenirs.

Christmas Festivity at Marienplatz, Munich

There are also some food stalls selling Christmas specialties like Mandel, wurst etc. You can also enjoy the live music everyday over the balcony of Town hall.

Christmas Festivity at Kauferingerstrasse, Munich

Starting date: 27.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

SternenPlatz at Rinder:

It's an extension of the Market at Marienplatz and missed out by lots of people but it's a beautiful market with mind blowing decor of lights on the trees. It provides the cosy and romantic feel of the Christmas.

Christmas Wooden Pyramid at Rindermarkt, Munich

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You can find a Christmas Wooden Pyramid over here and red colored traditional stalls serving Gluhwein.

Starting date: 27.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

Christmas Festivity in Viktualienmarkt:

My next stop was The Viktualienmarkt. Its is an open air permanent market just few meters away from Marienplatz. The market has turned into the Christmas wonder.

Christmas Festivity in Viktualienmarkt, Munich

The market is lightened up with the Christmas colours with lots of stalls and table to enjoy the Christmas specialties.

Christmas Market at Sendlinger tor:

Sendlinger tor is a one of the gate of Munich and it's just a few meters away from Viktualienmarkt so we walked directly towards Sendlinger tor to experience the Christmas market over there. It’s also one of the vibrant places of Munich with uncountable bars.

Christmas Market at Sendlinger tor, Munich

The place has a beautiful Christmas market with wooden stalls and selling Christmas decors, jewellery, lights, Christmas trees etc.

Christmas Market at Sendlinger tor, Munich

Starting date: 26.11.2019

Closing date: 22.12.2019

Munich Residenz Christmas market- Kaiserhof:

After exploring these markets, we headed towards our favorite Christmas market of Munich. It’s in the Courtyard of Munich Residenz. You will be totally amazed to see how the courtyard of Munich Residenz portraying the festivity of Christmas.

Munich Residenz Christmas market

There are various wooden stalls and selling wooden ornaments, lanterns, Christmas decor, scarfs and many other things.

Munich Residenz Christmas market

The most fascinating thing about the market is the display of the dolls and Santa Claus depicting different scenes. The markets become very crowded and packed on the weekends.

Starting date: 21.11.2019

Closing date: 22.12.2019

Travel back to Medieval time in Wittelsbacher Platz:

Our next stop was exploring the Christmas festivity in Medieval style near famous Odeonsplatz.

The Wittelsbacher platz has changed into the Medieval village even the people over there are also dressed in traditional old medieval style costumes.

Medieval time in Wittelsbacher Platz

There are ongoing shows for the entertainment of the audience on weekend and a lot of music and surrounded with different wooden stalls selling Christmas special things like wooden carved decoration pieces, candles, soaps, jewellery etc.

Medieval’s time in Wittelsbacher Platz Christmas Market, Munich

Starting date: 25.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

Pink Christmas Market in Stephansplatz:

The Munich also has pink Christmas market to offer which looks like a Fairytale. It has pink themes trees and typical German stalls like any other Christmas Market.

Starting date: 27.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

Tollwood Magic- Theresienwiesen:

The Tollwood is not a christmas market but a winter market placed where World’s famous Oktoberfest is taking place every year in Theresienwiesen.

Tollwood Winter Theresienwiesen, Munich

There are German and International exhibitors and displaying different things in tent stalls. There are lots of food tents serving different cuisines with seating stalls.

Tollwood Winter Theresienwiesen, Munich

Starting date: 27.11.2019

Closing date: 31.12.2019

Chinese tower Christmas market:

The Chinese Christmas market is located in famous Englischer Garten. The market is more popular with locals than international visitors. There are lots of families and friends visiting there and crowded with lots of people.

Chinese Christmas market in Englischer Garten, Munich

There’s a famous Grandma Barn which is famous among kids. There are a variety of stalls with traditional food, jewellery, ornaments etc.

Chinese Christmas market in Englischer Garten, Munich

Starting date: 28.11.2019

Closing date: 12.01.2020

Neuhaus Christmas Market:

The next stop was Rotkreuzplatz to explore the Christmas Market of Neuhaus. The area is well connected with the subway and buses.

It’s a small Christmas market with a most authentic and local vibes as it's not too touristic. The market has a Christmas Pyramid which can be seen from the distance.

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Christmas Festivity in Munich

It's one of the best markets for the kids as they have Puppet show every Sunday between 2 PM to 3 PM.

There are lots of food stalls selling Crepes, Sausages, Pommes, Potatoes with Sour cream and other street food there. The market also have a live performances.

Starting date: 26.11.2019

Closing date: 23.12.2019

Haidhausen Christmas Market:

We headed toward Rosheimer Platz to explore the Christmas market of Haidhausen in Weissenburger Platz.

The place has a perfect environment of festivity with magical lights and wooden huts of different stalls with Christmas decor, lights, candles, small souvenirs and food stalls.

Christmas Festivity in Munich

To enjoy the live music with the Christmas festivity, its a best Christmas market to visit.

Starting date: 26.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

Schwabinger Christmas Market:

To enjoy the Bohemian style Christmas market, Munich Freiheit is a must place to visit.

Bohemian style Christmas market in Schwabinger, Munich

The market has a lot to offer from its unique, bright and inspiring arts, crafts of the Schwabing Artist to sculpture and live concerts and performances.

Bohemian style Christmas market in Schwabinger, Munich

Starting date: 29.11.2019

Closing date: 24.12.2019

Karlsplatz Skating:

The Ice Skating Rink is set up in the middle of the city in Karlplatz Stachus to enjoy the winters and Christmas festival at maximum. Everybody is welcome in the rink to enjoy the ice skating whether you know how to skate or not.

Ice Skating Rink, Karlplatz Stachus Munich

You can also borrow the skating boots from the counter. There are variety of discounted offers on various days for students, old people and others.

Check their website.The price of each block varies from Euro 6 to Euro 9 for adults for 2.5 hours.

Starting date: 22.11.2019

Closing date: 12.01.2020

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Ending Note:

Apart from Munich Christmas markets you can also explore other Christmas Markets nearby to Munich:

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