Kirmes Soest - Soester Allerheiligenkirmes | Things to do in Soest

Updated: Feb 6

I always used to hear a lot about the Kirmes in Soest, Germany from my wife as she was studying in Soest and going to Kirmes every year. This year, I decided to have a have a look on Kirmes with her!!

How to Reach Soest:

We started my journey from Train Station in Dortmund, Germany. Soest is just 45 minutes away from Dortmund. We took a direct train and it was totally full because lots of people were going for Kirmes in Soest from surrounding cities and town.

Kirmes Festivity in Soest:

Soest is a small town in North Rhine Westphalia with an amazing architecture and have a significant historical importance. It's also famous for its University where lots of International students are studying. Exploring the Largest Festival in Europe, Kirmes in Soest, is the one of the best Things to do in NRW, Germany.

Kirmes in  Soest, Germany
Kirmes Soest

In 2018, The Kirmes started on Nov 7 and it was until Nov 11. To be honest, I did not keep my expectation high when I was going. But when we went out of the Train Station in Soest, I was totally stunted. The old town was fully decorated with lights, thriller rides, gaming stands and food stalls.

On the right side of the train station, there was a ride called Jules Verna Tower. It was around 50-60 meters high. It elevates and pulls the rider at a speed of 2 meters per second to the top of the tower. The view from the top is unforgettable for us. We had a bird eye view of the whole Kirmes.

Kirmes in Soest, Germany
Kirmes Soest

The next ride was Mr. Gravity. It was like a heavy rotation which has multi rotating plates. The speed was increasing clock wise and counter- clockwise. It was totally INSANE but I loved it.

Here comes our favorite ride ‘’Hard Rock Drive’’. The ride was like bumping cars where they have more than 20 disco cars with amazing music. We were bumping our car in others as much as we can. It reminds me of my childhood. It was so much fun.

Kirmes in  Soest, Germany
Hardy Rock Ride, Kirmes Soest

On the left side, there were food stalls for crepes with different variety, Ice cream with mouth watering flavors, cotton candy, pop corns, sweet corns, Mandeln with so much innovation, famous potatoes with different sauces, different fries like pommes, curly fries and hot dogs. We could not stop ourself trying all of them.

Kirmes in  Soest, Germany
Steamed Corn in Kirmes Soest

My next ride was looping the loop. It was a like merry go round in a monkey cage. Basically, the ride is for kids but it’s always fun to be young again.

Time to show some Archery skills – I am an expert in archery and doing it since my college and also participated in many competitions during my student life. I took 4 arrows and three of them hits on Bull’s Eye but when I hit the 4th- two of them in the Bull’s Eye fall down so unfortunately I did not win a big prize. I just got a YOYO.

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Kirmes Festival in Soest, NRW, Germany
Scores and Scores of people in Soest to attend Kirmes 2018

There were so many shooting stalls as well. There was also a chance to win stuff toys. It was a bit difficult game – I was supposed to shoot the small buttons.

I had tried my luck but was not so much successful but it is always fun to try these types of activities.

Archery in Germany
Archery in Kirmes 2018 in Soest, Germany

There was also a stalls for hitting the ball and drop the tins. There were so many kids who were trying to drop the tins by hitting the ball. I must say it is a bit difficult game for the kids but still I can see the happiness and joy on their faces.

There was also a very huge Sky Wheel which has open and closed sky cabins. I took the ride and enjoyed the amazing panoramic view of the whole city.

Kirmes in  Soest, Germany
Sky Wheel in Kirmes Soest

On one side, there was so many lights, stalls, rides and people and on the other side the view of Gothic Church. I really loved it. It is a MUST to do in Soest.