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How to plan your trip to Europa Park, Germany

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

How to Reach?

Europa Park is located in Rust, Germany. The Park is highly accessible by public transport. If you're traveling within Germany, you can take ICE to Ringsheim or Herbolzbeim (Breisg) then you can take a direct Bus to Europa Park (15-20 Minutes Ride).

Europa Park Rust
France, Europa Park Rust

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If you’re coming out of Germany or somewhere far away, you have the following option to reach Europa Park:

Basel Airport:

From the Basel Airport, there’s a 1 hour and 30-minute long journey. You can take the flight to Basel Airport and from there, you can take the train to Ringsheim or Herbolzbeim (Breisg) then you can take a direct Bus to Europa Park (15-20 Minutes Ride).

Strasbourg Airport:

You can take the flight to Strasbourg. From Strasbourg, you can take the train to Ringsheim or Herbolzbeim (Breisg) then you can take a direct Bus to Europa Park (15-20 Minute Ride). There’s a 1 hour and 30 minutes train journey to Europa Park.

Best theme in Europa Park Germany
Russia, Europa Park Germany

Stuttgart Airport:

From the Stuttgart Airport, it’s a 2 hour and 30 minutes journey to Ringsheim or Herbolzbeim (Breisg) then you can take a direct Bus to Europa Park (15-20 Minutes Ride).

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Where to Stay during your Trip to Europa Park?

Europa Park has its own Hotels and resorts. It has 6 hotels, a Camping resort, and Camping space. The Europa Park Hotels cost a minimum of Euro 280 per night (depending on the dates). The Hotels are just a 2-minute walk from Europa Park. Each hotel has a different European Theme and it has different restaurants serving authentic food. The Hotel has a Spa, Sauna, and swimming pool.

Best Hotel near Europa Park
Hotel Colosseo, Europa Park

We have stayed at Hotel Colosseo in Europa Park. It’s a 4-star Hotel based on the Italian theme of the Coliseum.

If you’re looking for budgeted options, you can also check the hotels located in Rust, Ringsheim, or Herbolzbeim approximately Euro 60 to 100 per night.

Europa Park ticket:

You can buy the tickets online on the website of Europa Park. The one-day ticket costs Euro 55. We bought two days' tickets and it cost 104 Euro per person. In the park, you have to pay additionally for the VR Rides (depending on the rides).

Things to do in Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Rust Germany

Tips and Tricks for Europa Park:

We would highly suggest downloading the Europa Park app. In the app, you can find the map of the Park and it’s super helpful in navigating from one theme to another. There’s no additional cost for the Virtual line. You can also use the app to book your virtual line for different rides.

There are 6 main rides that are on the fast track. We have added our tickets to the app and we were able to book the time slot with the app.

If you are more than one person and want to book the ride at the same time - Then, It’s highly recommended to add the ticket to one phone app in this way you will be able to book the same time slot for all the people. If you are booking it with two different mobiles, you might get different time slots even if you book at the same time.

Spanish theme, Europa Park
Spanish theme, Europa Park

You must book the slot in the morning for your fast track, sometimes due to the crowd it might be possible that you won’t get the free slot. In this situation, you have to wait in a long queue. You can only book one Ride at a time, and once the ticket checker scans your Virtual Line code. Then you are able to book another ride. You can also find the details of different live shows in the app as well.

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Europa Park Trip:

Europa Park is so huge. It’s impossible to cover all the main attractions in a day. We would suggest at least spending two entire days in the Park and exploring and enjoying the adventure and madness of the attraction in different themes of Europa Park.

Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Rust Germany

The Park has 18 different themes based on different European countries. From the main entrance, you enter into Germany theme first and experience mini Germany covering famous German Castle, black forest, mini Berlin Alexander Platz, etc.

Some of the themes are more for family fun or kids while some zones have more adventure rides for the adults. The German theme has more attractions for the families and kids but you can always re-live the kid in yourself and enjoy the theme rides in all zones.

Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Rust Germany

It’s very hard to conclude which one is our favourite theme as every theme has such a unique vibe and different experience but the most beautiful themes are France, Italy, Greece, and Scandinavia as these have lovely picturesque spots which give a feel that you are literally roaming there.

Things to do at Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Rust Germany

For the small kids, we would say England, Ireland, Germany, Luxemburg, and Grimm's Enchanted Forest are the main themes but in all other themes, you can also find lots of kid's adventure.

Best rides at Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Rust Germany

For adults or adventure lovers like us, France, Greece, and Iceland themes are the must-place to go as they have some crazy rollercoasters and fun coasters.

The Russian, Austria, Switzerland, and Scandinavian themes have a mixed ride for both adults and kids while the Italian theme focuses more on beautiful Italian Architecture and Italian cuisine.

Europa Park, Rust Germany
Europa Park, Germany

For family fun, Adventureland has different rides to explore the wildness of Africa and cruise in the lake.

Adventureland, Europa Park
Adventureland, Europa Park

The Holland theme also focuses on kids adventure but this zone has a mind-blowing Pirates of Batavia theme ride. The Spanish theme is famous for its live shows and kids' activities.

Best theme ride at Europa Park
Europa Park

The Portugal theme is also very lovely and the Atlantica SuperSplash which is a water roller coaster is the main highlight of the theme.

Spain theme at  Europa Park
Spain, Europa Park

The Europa Park also has a train, Mono train, and EP Express which takes you on the round trip of the park and also stops in different themes.

The VR adventure in France and Austria is a must-experience in the park.

Overall, all theme has some activities for kids and adults. Each theme has 3-4 different theme restaurants or cafes serving local food and shops for buying some memorable souvenirs from your trip to Europa Park.

Each zone also has some theme rides and live performances or shows. You can always check the timings of the shows on the Europa Park app. In two days, it was nearly impossible to watch every show or visit all the restaurants but you can always choose according to your preferences.


We would highly recommend at least spending 2 days in Europa Park, and you can also visit the park during the Halloween season and enjoy the Pumpkins and Halloween Parade or also enjoy the winter theme in Europa Park.

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