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Things to do in Krakow, Poland | Krakow Ultimate Travel Guideline

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Krakow is the oldest city and a second largest city of Poland. Krakow has a Vistula River flowing in the centre of the city. The Krakow had a significant historical importance in Old times and used to be an Economical, Artistic and Cultural hub in Medieval times.

How to reach to Krakow City from John Paul II Krakow Airport:

Krakow City has a very good Network of Public Transport, the Krakow international Airport is highly accessible by Public Transport. It takes around 45 minutes to reach the Central station from John Paul II Krakow Airport.

John Paul II Krakow Airport

How to Commute within the Krakow City:

We were commuting by local Trams and Uber within the City. Krakow City is well connected with Public Transport, Our Apartment was located around 2 KM from the Krakow Old Town and the Tram was passing by the door of the Apartment.

We were buying the Day Ticket that costs 5 and it’s more convenient and cheaper than buying a ticket every time. If you are staying for 3 days in the City, we would suggest you to buy a 3 days pass for commuting within the City.

Our Experience in Krakow:

In 2018, I travelled to Krakow from Dusseldorf, Germany and Aoon came from Prague, Czech Republic and we decided to explore the city together for two days and then Return to Dubai, UAE from there. There’s a direct flight of Fly Dubai from Krakow to Dubai.

Krakow, Poland

We had reached Krakow in the late evening, after dropping the baggage at our Apartment we rushed toward Krakow Old Town. As I have already been to Poland before in Gdansk but Aoon was visiting Poland for the first time and he had a very different perception about Poland, he was totally surprised to see the Rich Architecture and Infrastructure of the City.

Krakow, Poland

Day 1 in Krakow:

Old Town Square (Rynek Główny):

The Old Town Square is one of the most famous and crowded squares of Krakow. It’s considered as Europe’s second largest Market square. The Square is known as Rynek Główny and surrounded with Museum, Cathedrals, famous Landmarks and local and international Cafes like Hard Rock Cafe.

Old Town Square, Krakow Poland

Whether it’s day or Night, the square has a hustle and bustle of people. The people were sitting in the square and in Outdoor Restaurants and Cafe and enjoying the Summers.

Old Town Square, Krakow Poland

Things to do in Old Town Square:

Horse Carriage Ride:

We had enjoyed the Old town Tour on the Horse Carriage. Our Rider was a young and enthusiastic girl dressed up in an Equestrian Attire and explaining to us the Town's Historical importance.

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Horse Carriage Ride in Old Town Square, Krakow Poland

The tour started from the Old Town Square and took us to Wawel Hill and then back to Old Town Square. We were passing by the streets of Old Town and we literally felt that we were travelling back to Medieval times. The tour was around 30 minutes and it cost us 300 Zloty.

As I was already late at night, We had only been to an Old town tour on the Carriage and sat in the Town Square and enjoyed our time and planned the activities of the next 2 days.

Horse Carriage Ride in Old Town Square, Krakow Poland

Day 2 in Krakow:

In the morning, we started our day with having an amazing breakfast in an Old town square with a beautiful view and started exploring the following places.

St. Mary’s Basilica:

The St. Mary’s Basilica is a Gothic spires Church located in the Old Town Square of Krakow. We had visited the Church from inside and considered it as one of the beautiful churches we have visited.

St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow

We also wanted to Climb up the Church but the waiting Queue was quite long. We would suggest coming early in the morning to enjoy the beautiful view of the Town from the Top. You can get the tickets from the Kiosk near the Church Entrance or you can also book it in advance through Get Your Guide.

St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow
St. Mary’s Basilica, Krakow

Town Hall Tower (Muzeum Krakowa):

As we had missed the chance to climb up the top of St. Mary’s Basilica due to long waiting time, we had been to the top of Town Hall Tower. The Tower has a Gothic Style Architecture and has been standing significantly since the 15th Century.

Town Hall Tower (Muzeum Krakowa)

There are different things exhibited on the different floors of the Tower, Actually we were expecting a 360 degree Open View from top of the Town hall and we were pretty disappointed to see that from the top, we can also see the view of the Old town from the Small windows and closed doors to Balcony.

Cloth hall:

In the Center of Town Square, the World’s oldest Indoor Shopping Mall known as Cloth Hall is located. It has small stalls selling Souvenirs.

Cloth hall

Rynek Underground:

Beneath the Krakow main square, the Rynek Underground Museum is located which can only be seen with a Guided tour.

Wawel Royal Castle:

The Castle was constructed in the 11th century and situated in the centre of Krakow City on a hill and Vistula River on the other side of the Castle.

Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow

The Castle represents the historical and Cultural importance of Polish Rule and used to be a seat of Polish Rules.

Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow

We climbed up the hill and entered the Castle from the Palace Courtyard. We had also been to Sandomierska Tower of the Castle and enjoyed the beautiful view of the River.

Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow
Sandomierska Tower, Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow

Dragon's Den:

We Climbed down the Castle and saw the Secret Passage way which takes into the Dragon’s Den. The Den has a Dragon Sculpture blowing a Flame from its month on its entrance.

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Dragon's Den, Krakow

If you go outside of the Den, along the River side there is a lush green park where people were enjoying their Summer evenings with a view of Vistula River.

Dragon's Den, Krakow

Cruise in River Vistula:

We would highly recommend the Sightseeing Cruise Tour in River Vistula. From the Castle, we walked along the River and saw a few Booths offering Cruising services in river Vistula.

Cruise in River Vistula, Krakow

The condition of the Cruising boat wasn’t impressive but the Services were okay with a Price of 10 for one hour tour. We enjoyed some amazing Modern Architecture views of Krakow City on our Cruise Trip.

Cruise in River Vistula, Krakow

Nightlife in Krakow:

The City has very Vibrant Nightlife on weekends, we have been to few Clubs in the Old town and they were full with the people. Even on the streets, the people were enjoying and partying.

Day 3 in Krakow:


We started our 3rd Day with a Segway tour. You can find many tour operators in the streets of Krakow Old Town. We had a Private tour with a Guide and we covered the Old Town and passed by Planty Gardens and Wawel Castle and the Guide was sharing the historical importance of every Square.

Segway tour in Krakow

The tour was for 30 minutes and cost us around 20 per person. You can also book your Tour with Get your Guide.

Krakow Planty:

In the middle of City, the Krakow Old Town is surrounded with Krakow Planty. The Park is 4 KM long and has adorable gardens with Monuments and Fountains. The Park also covers the area of near Wawel Castle. It’s a favorite spot of locals to enjoy the summers in such a lush green and refreshing environment.

Krakow Planty

St. Florian's Gate:

The Florian’s Gate is a beautiful Gothic Tower of Poland. The Tower was built in the 14th century and used as a watch tower in old times for the City defence.

St. Florian's Gate, Krakow

Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory:

You can also get the chance to visit the Historical Schindler’s factory which turned into a Museum. The Factory had a significant importance during WW II and many lives had been saved.

Jewish Quarter Kazimierz:

During the Medieval times, the Jewish Quarter known as Kazimierz was considered as the heart of Krakow and the main resident area for Jewish Community. Nowadays, the Neighbourhood is famous for the Museums, Art Galleries, Vintage Restaurants and Cafes and Bars.

Jewish Quarter Kazimierz, Krakow

Golf cart:

The Weather was quite hot on our 3rd day. So We decided to take a tour of the City on a Golf Ride. The Golf Cars are available in the Old town near Old Town Square and the Prices vary on the Tour. We had a tour for 1.5 hours and it started from the Old town, then to Wawel Castle, Jewish Quarter covering different Galleries, Synagogues and Churches. As it was a private tour for us. The Driver was also stopping the Cart on our Request. The Tour also included the Audio Guide in English.

Shopping in Krakow:

The Krakow Old Town has many locals and international Brands but they don’t have long Shopping streets like typical European cities. The City has Shopping Malls with all the famous Brands. The most famous Shopping mall is Galeria Krakowska Shopping Mall, Serenada shopping mall and Galeria Kazimierz.

Galeria Krakowska

Our Favorite Restaurants in Krakow:

Hard Rock Cafe:

The Hard Rock Cafe is located in the Most Visited place of the City that’s Old Town Square. It's a Multi storey Building and has a Hard Rock Store in the ground floor from where we bought our T-shirts.

Hard Rock Cafe, Krakow

You can also enjoy your food with the View of the Old Town. Don’t forget to make the advance booking.


The Zayka is a Pakistani-Indian Restaurant which has a fusion of Spices and Herbs and serves Authentic Pakistani Cuisine in highly reasonable Prices.


The Restaurant Bonerowska is specialized in fish and Steaks and located in a Prime location in the Centre of Krakow Old Town near Old Town Square.

The Restaurant has an amazing view with both Indoor and Outdoor sitting. We enjoyed their amazing breakfast and highly recommended to try their food.

Bonerowska, Krakow

Other Recommendations:

Wieliczka Salt Mine:

The Salt mine is located in Wieliczka which lies within Krakow Metropolitan Area. The Salt mine was producing Salt until 2007 and is considered as one of the Oldest Salt Mine. The Mine is now a historical Monument and depicts the History of Salt Mining and Numerous Statues carved by Miners.

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Auschwitz Concentration Camp:

You can also visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camp from Krakow. The Camp was operated by German Nazi during WW II and the Holocaust.

Ending Note:

You can also buy Krakow City Card Online or from any Tourist centre and enjoy the free access to select museums and also a discount on the Entry of main tourist spots like Schindler's Factory and Wawel Castle.

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