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Visit Berlin !! Explore the Hidden treasures of Berlin | Germany Travel Blog

Updated: Jun 5

Berlin is a city offers the best flavor of everything. It has amazing Spree River flowing where you can enjoy the cruise, one of the largest Grunewald “Green forest” for the tracking, the Wannsee beach allowing you to get some tan and sunbathing, the city with unique history and culture and uncountable museums and art galleries, the craziest nightlife and best restaurants where you can try the world cuisines.

Spree River Berlin, Germany

Here in this blog, we will provide the guideline to explore Berlin like a True Berliners. Mostly, the people come to the capital of Germany and only visit the main touristic spots. Believe us, there is a lot more to explore other than the main tourists spots.

Every street of the Berlin has its own feel and culture. Let's Explore the hidden treasure of Berlin.

Exploring Berlin, Germany

Berlin Mitte (Central Berlin):

All the tourists are familiar with Alexander Platz and TV Tower Berlin and it's one of the top suggestions appears on the google search but apart from it, we would say the must place to go in the centre of Berlin is Nicholas Quarter.

Berlin TV Tower

It's cobblestone streets quarter near Alexanderplatz, check out Nicholas church and Nicholas quarter. The quarter has small restaurants, cafés and small traditional shops.

We would highly recommend exploring the center of Berlin that’s neighbourhood of Alexanderplatz with Bicycle, Scooters or E-scooter.

Cycling in Berlin

It has one of the most crowded and coziest streets with small street side cafés, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours.

My favorite area in Mitte is Rosenthaler Platz. It has amazing bars and late night café.

Exploring Berlin Mitte

The street is always full of tourists and also the best place to stay in the city. The Rosa Luxemburg platz, Oranienburger strasse, Schönhauser strasse and Weinmeisterstraße are the most lively streets of Berlin. We would highly recommend to enjoy the walk and get the Berliner feeling.

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Exploring Berlin Mitte

One of my favorite spots near Northbahnhof is Beachbar Mitte. It has amazing beach bar with volleyball courts, trampoline and mounting activities with obstacles.

It’s the best place to go with friends and enjoy the best of summers there.

Berlin Mitte

From Rosenthaler Platz, we would suggest to walk towards Hackescher market and explore Hackesche Hofe. It’s like eight interconnected complex with outdoor galleries, cinemas and theatres.

Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin

We would recommend visiting Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley to see the best Graffiti. Moreover, it also offers a unique and elite shopping experience and dining options.

Hackescher Markt:

Apart from the famous small local designer shops, there are many café, restaurants, beach bars and Shisha cafes where you can enjoy the best sunset.

Hackescher Markt, Berlin

You can also sit in the park along the Spree River and enjoy the amazing view with hustle and bustle of people.

Cafe near Hackescher Markt, Berlin

If you walk along spree, you can also find the open air spots for partying in Summers. we would highly suggest to discover the famous Anne Frank Zentrum where you will be lost in the world of graffiti.

Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin

Humbold University:

If you are an architecture admiral, we would highly suggest visiting Humbold University and you will be amazed with it. It’s just located a few miles from the Berlin Dome.

Humbold University

We would highly suggest to take a walk on the famous road called ‘’Unter den Linden’’. It has many amazing landmarks of the city.


We would highly suggest to explore the Parisian style streets with all brands, restaurants and cafes near the famous Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


The famous Tranenpalast is also located in the Heart of Berlin Friedrichstrasse. To experience how the life of the Berliner was before reunification of Germany when they wanted to travel East to West, Tranenpalast is the place to find the stories and experiences of locals.

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Every-time before reunification, they used to face the passport check and luggage check at Freidrichstrasse Railway station.

Charlottenburg Palace:

The palace is located in the district called Charlottenburg. It’s the biggest palace along the Spree River with a peaceful and calm neighborhood. The Palace used to be a residence of Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte.

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

The Palace has a lush green park and a small lake which is coming out of Spree River. There are many festivals taking place every year especially the Christmas festivity and market.

Spree near Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

We would also suggest to explore the town center of Charlottenburg. If you are using the S-bahn, there is a shopping district just a few miles away with all the famous day to day brands.

On the back side of the S-bahn station, there are many street café and restaurants with residential buildings.

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin


Tempelhof was the old airport of Berlin. In 2008, the airport was being closed and opens the field for the Public. It’s an open field park for the public with provides a picnic, jogging and walking spot for the Berliners.

You can also do kite flying as the area is really windy due to big open field. It’s also an ideal place for skateboarding as well. Sometimes, they also for circus and other events on the weekends.


To explore like a Berliner, we would also suggest to get the entire feel of Berlin. Spandau has a significant historical importance as it has the oldest East Germany watch tower. It has its own old town with lots of cafes and restaurants and shopping mall where all day to day brands are available.

Exploring Spandau District, Berlin

You can also visit Kolk quarter that's the oldest park of Spandau. The Zitadelle Berlin is the best preserved fortress also located near the old town Spandau. You can also visit the River Havel and also bring your boat to float in the river.

You can also cycle along the river bank. Spandau also has a lush green forest which is an ideal place for hikers and trackers.

Exploring Berlin

Mauer Park & Volkspark:

To enjoy the best of summers, Berliner normally spend their evenings in Mauerpark. The park is located in Prenzlauer Berg. It's one of the biggest parks of Berlin and lots of people are coming over there for a picnic. You can come for grill and barbecue parties. It’s also ideal for cycling and jogging.

Natural Beauty in Berlin

Every Sunday (depending on the weather), there’s always a Karaoke session going on after 3 PM. You can also find flea market next to Mauerpark if you are interested to buy some secondhand items. The park is full of people especially on weekends and there are also lots of artists playing music in the park.

You might also find some weed dealers who are trying to approach you secretly if you are interested to buy some stuff from them. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in the locality as well. The park also has a path which leads to Berlin wall. 

Another ideal park for the Berliners is Volkspark, the park has a unique sculpture and fountain of fairy tales. It’s a very popular spot for the summers. 


For the animal lovers, Berlin is the must place to visit where they can get a chance to see two biggest Zoos of Germany. Tierpark is located in Freidrichfelde. You can also buy your tickets in advance.

Into the nature, Berlin

Zoologischer Garten:

It’s the most famous and oldest zoo of Germany located in Tiergarten. It’s a heaven for the animal lovers with aquarium as well.

Tiergarten Park:

Tiergarten Park is a like a New York Central Park for the Berliners. It’s located in the middle of the city and connecting main landmarks like Brandenburg gate and Potsdamer platz.

It’s one of the most famous picnic points of the city and highly relaxing spot in scorching heat of Berlin nowadays. The park also has a small lake and small café are located nearby to enjoy your favorite drinks.

Wannsee Beach:

Yes !!! You are reading it correctly. Berlin has a 1.3 KM long sandy artificial beach. You can go and swim over there and enjoy the sun. You can also play soccer and volleyball.


You can also enjoy the ferry ride in Berlin with a cost of Berlin A-B ticket (normally cost 2.80). It’s been operated by Berlin local transport and you can enjoy the best sightseeing. There are total 5-6 Ferry routes but we would highly suggest F10 which crosses Wannsee Lake.

Spree River Cruising in Berlin

Tropical Island:

To enjoy the tropical island and palm trees, you don’t need to fly to Tropical zone. You can just visit Tropical Island near Berlin which allows the best tropical experience in Europe.

It has a swimming pool with crazy water slides and Sauna and Spa. You can also book your rooms, suites, Lodge or tents in the palms to enjoy and experience the best of tropical environment.

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Another surprise of the Berlin is Grunewald. It’s one of the largest and greenest forests of Berlin. When you are tired of the hustle and bustle and hectic life of Berlin and you need a narrow escape from your routine.

Grunewald, Berlin

Grunewald is the place to offer peace and calm to your mind. You can have a relaxing walk in the forests and lost in the beauty of the forests.

Gardens of the World:

To experience the beauty of the different gardens of the world, you just need to visit Marzahn Park Berlin and lost yourself in the beauty of Cheery blossom and other perks of the different gardens. You can also attend different events in the park along with the cable car ride of the beautiful view.

Ending Note:

You can also get a chance to Stay in Floating hotels in a Big Cruise boat near East Gallery of Berlin in very affordable price.

Berlin, Germany

Ending Note:

Berlin is the Largest city in German speaking world and no trip to Europe is complete without visit this wanderlust.

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