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Exploring Movie Park Germany: A Thrilling Day at the Best Theme Park in Germany

Have you ever imagined that you could experience the glam, adventure, and thrill of Hollywood in a small town in Germany? 

That’s totally possible in Movie Park Germany where you can escape from your day-to-day routine and experience the Hollywood fun. 

Movie Park Germany
Movie Park Germany

The Movie Park is located in Bottrop near Essen. The theme park has unique themes to cater to the interest of its visitors - Whether you're into Hollywood blockbusters, animated adventures, or classic Westerns.

Movie Park has it all in different themed zones which have not only exciting and thrilling rides but also the sets that transported us straight to the USA. 

Movie Park, Germany
Movie Park, Germany

How to reach Movie Park, Germany:

By Car:

It’s quite convenient to reach Movie Park, Germany using a car and there are multiple parking slots available. 

Public Transportation:

It’s also very convenient to reach Movie Park by public transportation. The Movie Park is located in Bottrop and you can take the train to Feldhausen Bahnhof and there’s a walk of 8 minutes to the theme park. You can also take a bus from Feldhausen Bahnhof. 

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How to buy the Tickets for Movie Park, Germany:

It’s highly recommended to buy the Movie Park, Germany online. You can select the admission ticket of your choice from their website.

Tickets for Movie Park, Germany
Tickets for Movie Park, Germany

You can choose from the following:

Day Ticket with fixed dates:

With a day ticket, you can get access to all activities for a day. The cost of the ticket starts from €29.9 up to €56.9 depending on the day. 

Ticket Bundle: Ticket + Buffet

With the bundle ticket, for €59.90 per person, you can get access of the park for a day along with an "All You Can Eat" buffet at "Trattoria Hollywood".

The Hollywood Street Set in Movie Park Germany
The Hollywood Street Set

Season Pass:

You can get access to Movie Park and some other partner parks depending on the season pass throughout the year. 

In our case, we opted for a day ticket with a premium Speedy ticket.

Pro Tip: 

You should definitely consider getting a speedy pass which allows you to take a separate line and depending on the package, it reduces your wait time up to 95%. We opted for the Platinum speedy ticket and we used to take a separate entrance lane and our waiting time was only 5% compared to the normal waiting time. 

Adventure Land, Movie Park Germany
Adventure Land, Movie Park Germany

Using the simple login, you can use a speedy ticket and only one attraction can be booked at a time. You can also choose a gold, silver, or Bronze speedy ticket and it has a different waiting time. You can find more details here

Best Tips for visiting Movie Park, Germany:

1. Download the App: 

To plan your day effectively, download the official Movie Park App which provides you with all the details about the attractions, the timing of the shows, parades, and the waiting time of the rides. 

Movie Park, Germany
Movie Park, Germany

2. Opening Times: 

The opening of the park varies daily, Normally, on the weekends, it’s from 10:00 to 18:00 & weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00. But You can check the schedule here. 

Streets of New York, Movie Park
treets of New York, Movie Park

Just one thing to be noted they normally close the queue around 30 minutes before the closing time of the park so be there in the queue before that. 

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3. Best day to Visit Movie Park: 

The weekdays are better for planning your trip as there are normally fewer visitors but if you are planning to visit during the weekend or Friday, it’s suggested to buy a speedy pass to avoid the long waiting time. 

Movie Park, Germany
Movie Park, Germany

There are different shops based on different themes at Universal Studios Hollywood which offers unique merchandise and souvenirs. If you want to grab a T-shirt of your favorite character, check out the themed shops. 

5. Lockers: 

There are also lockers in the park where you can leave your belongings but it’s better to come earlier so you can still get the lockers during crowded days.

Studio Tour, Movie Park Germany
Studio Tour, Movie Park Germany

6. Restaurants and Cafes & Shopping:

There are different Restaurants and Cafes based on different themes, so it’s advisable either to go for lunch earlier or a bit later to avoid the rush hours. 

There are different shops based on different themes at Movie Park which offers unique merchandise and souvenirs. 

Movie Park Germany
Movie Park Germany

7. Comfortable Shoes: 

As you have to walk a lot in the Movie park, wear comfortable shoes to comfortably move around the park throughout the day.

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Things to do in Movie Park Germany: 

1. The Hollywood Street Set:

Well Well Well! There’s no doubt that the Hollywood Street Set gives a real vibe of Hollywood. There are fancy cars, Studios, Shops, and cool props.

We have also been to one of the cinemas where we also watched a 4D Tom & Jerry video.

The Hollywood Street Set, Movie Park Germany
The Hollywood Street Set, Movie Park Germany

2. Streets of New York:

Even if you haven’t been to New York before, you can experience a mini charm of New York City at Movie Park where we feel we are literally in the movie set.

Streets of New York, Movie Park Germany
Streets of New York, Movie Park Germany

This zone has three main attractions full of thrill and action based on different themes.

a. NYC Transformer: 

The theme looked like a small power plant and we sat on a Gondola ride that took us to the height and gave a twist in different directions and we were upside down and looking at the park. 

NYC Transformer, Movie Park Germany
NYC Transformer, Movie Park Germany

b. Van Helsing's Factory:

Van Helsing's Factory is one of my favorite rides which took us to the experience of vampire hunting with great Abraham van Helsing This was an adrenaline speedy coaster ride into the darkness. 

Van Helsing, Movie Park Germany
Van Helsing, Movie Park Germany

c. Time Riders: 

Have you ever thought about experiencing the different ages in a single ride? It’s a 3D right that took us from the Ice Age to the future age.

3. The Old West:

The Hollywood experience isn’t complete without the Old West and cowboy experience. The themed buildings, rustic restaurants, and period-specific decor all contribute to the authentic Wild West vibes. 

The Old West, Movie Park
The Old West, Movie Park

We enjoyed the glimpse into the cowboy’s life and reenactments of famous Western scenes. This theme also has some crazy and thrilling rides. 

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a. Side Kick:

It was like a flying Frisbee which swings back and forth in a circular motion which means that we weren’t only rotating but also swinging in a whirlwind. 

Side Kick, Movie Park Germany
Side Kick, Movie Park Germany

b. The High Fall: 

Imagine that you’re going up to 60 meters high and enjoying the view of Hollywood in Germany but then there is a sudden drop from 60 meters at the speed of 90km/h and you’re back to the ground in a second. Sounds thrilling. Yes, It was absolute fun but if you’re afraid of heights then it’s not really for me. 

c. Iron Claw: 

What a thrilling roller coaster which is based on the imagery theme of the series which was shot at this location but now the series lost popularity and we experience the ruins of Iron Claws and then go on a thrilling roller coaster ride. 

Roller Coasters in Movie Park
Iron Claw

d. The Bandit:

Well, if you’re in the Wild West, how is it not possible to experience the wild chase of the Wild West? 

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This is the first German wooden roller coaster, and goes up and down at 70km/h It’s like chasing a bandit on a horse with lots of bumps on the way. 

Different themes in Movie Park
Movie Park, Germany

4. Santa Monica Pier:

If might be thinking is there any chance to experience Santa Monica without going to LA? Yes, It’s all possible in Movie Park. 

Santa Monica Pier is a very colorful and vibrant theme and it focuses more on the kids-friendly rides from the Play area to the Swings Carousel, and Ferris wheel - you can experience how fun is it to be a kid again.

Santa Monica Pier, Movie Park
Santa Monica Pier

5. Federation Plaza: 

We are talking about the ultimate Hollywood experience but haven’t explored the Sci-fi action. The Federation Plaza is based on the Sci-fl theme. 

a. Star Trek: Operation Enterprise:

This zone has only one ride based on the Star Trek theme but this is ultimately the most adventurous and iconic ride of Movie Park. 

The theme of the ride is based on the fantasy where the Enemy has trapped the USSA enterprise and freshly trained Starfleets which are “US” sent on the rescue mission. 


This is such a cool coaster ride with sharp twists and turns and upside down. We had such fun and we took this ride twice.

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6. Adventure land: 

Are you one of those who grew up watching the Nickelodeon channel? If yes, this is heaven for you. 

Adventure land, Movie Park
Adventure land, Movie Park

Adventure Land has different theme rides based on the Paw Patrol theme which are mainly for the kids and we also unleashed the kid inside us and helped our 4-legs friend. 

We also enjoyed a water ride based on Dora’s theme and a splashy battle with SpongeBob and Patrick.

Adventure land, Movie Park
Adventure land, Movie Park

There are also a few more rides based on the Ninja Turtles theme and Jimmy Neutron which was mainly for the kids. 

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Hollywood of Germany, Movie Park
Hollywood of Germany, Movie Park

In Adventure Land, there are more than just rides. There are also Meet & Greet with your favorite characters and you can take a picture with them.

There are also a few shops where you can buy your favorite merchandise or souvenirs. 

Rides in Movie Park
Movie Park

3 must rides to take in Movie Park: 

a. Excalibur - Secrets of the Dark Forest:

It’s a theme ride based on King Arthur and Wizard Merlin and we went exploring the Secrets of the Dark Forest in Merlin’s Cave. It’s a Round Table journey which is perfect for family fun. We went through the mysterious cave and landed in the river - where we had to be careful from the water splash. 

b. Movie Park Studio Tour: 

This roller coaster ride was launched on the 25th birthday of Movie Park which takes on a riding tour of Film studios in California. This speedy ride comes up to 60km/h and we have seen different sets, with lighting, sound, and special effects. This is a must-experience in Movie Park. 

Movie Park Studio Tour
Movie Park Studio Tour

c. Area 51 - Top secret:

This is also one of our favorite water rides where we discovered the reality of the rumor of the aliens in Area 51 in Nevada.

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Well, we can’t deny that we have experienced something different but you have to experience it by yourself and see if the rumor is true. 

The Must-do Experiences in Movie Park: 

a. Operation Red Carpet - The Stunt Show:

We expected to get the Red Carpet experience at the Gloden SAM awards but the awards ceremony was changed into a thrill when a star of the night was kidnapped by the Award gang. 

The Stunt Show
Operation Red Carpet - The Stunt Show

What a show was it: The Los Angeles Police Department to the FBI - all got involved in catching the gangsters. The amazing stunts like car sidings and one-wheeling on the bikes make it so thrilling.

Shows in Movie Park
Shows in Movie Park

b. Movie Park Studios on Parade:

You can also get a sneak peek of Hollywood glam in the Movie Park "Hollywood on Parade which takes place from Nickland to Hollywood Boulevard. 

The parade has different cinematic dance performances with special guests like Marilyn Monroe, and other characters.

Hollywood Parade at Movie Park
Hollywood Parade at Movie Park

The parade takes place only between Thursday to Sunday and you can check the timings on the app on the day of your visit. 

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c. Meet & Greet with your favorite Character: 

You can also enjoy the meet & greet with your favorite character and get the chance to capture a picture with them.

Hollywood Parade at Movie Park
Hollywood Parade at Movie Park

There are different meet-ups with the characters like Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, and Nickelodeon toons. 

If you would like you know which are our top 5  best thrilling rides, check out these: 

  • Star Trek: Operation Enterprise

  • Excalibur - Secrets of the Dark Forest:

  • Movie Park Studio Tour 

  • Iron Claw

  • Van Helsing's Factory

Movie Park, Germany
Movie Park, Germany

Ending Note: 

The movie park is suited for all - whether you’re into thrill and adventure or more into light-hearted attractions - it covers all from exciting rides to amazing Hollywood sets.

As we’re not a fan of waiting in long queues to take the rides, we would highly recommend buying a speedy pass based on your preference and saving time in taking the ride rather than waiting in queues.


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