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Best Amusement Park in Bavaria, Skyline Allgäu Park

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The Skyline Allgäu Park is located in Rammingen, Bavaria Germany. The Park offers the ultimate fun and adrenaline experience to the adults who love to take the adventure to the next level and also for the kids who can enjoy family and fun rides.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

The Amusement park has more than 60 attractions and also hosts different events throughout the year.

How to reach Skyline Park by Public transport:

It's very easy to reach by public transport. There's a train that comes to Rammingen(Bay) train station and from there, it's like 1.5 km (around 20 minutes walk).

Trip to Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

As we were coming from Munich, we took the train from Munich to Rammingen and it took us 1 hour to reach the Rammingen train station.

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The timing and the ticket:

The park has a different time in the summer and the winter season. You have to check the timing on their website. We went there in October, the ride opens at 9:30 and closes at 18:00. The price of the ticket is Euro 42 per person.

Best Adrenaline Ride in Ällgau Park:

1. Sky Circle:

It's a free swing with a four-seat Gondola hanging on each end. It's one of the crazy circular rides which has two different rotations. The gondola swings vertically and horizontally at 120 km/h. We were screaming our hearts out but it was too much fun. I wouldn't hesitate to take this ride again.

2. High Fly:

We were ready to experience flying in Fly High. It was a 360-degree rotational swing that goes up to 33m high and gives a two ways rotation around its axis and 360-degree turn.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

3. Allgäuflieger:

The Park has the World's tallest Flying Carousel Ride which is 150 meters high. Once we sat in the swing and fasten our seat belts, it took around 1 minute to reach the top of the 150-meter tower and then the actual fun begins!!

Allgäuflieger - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

We were literally flying and swinging at the speed of 50km/h and enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains and panoramic view of Skyline Park,

Allgäuflieger - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

4. Skyrider:

For all Motorsports lovers, you have a great chance to go on a go-kart track 220 meters long with steep curves and little altitude. You can borrow the helmet from there and buy the Balaclava for euro 2.50 from there.

Once the flag goes up, you can start with others and enjoy the kart racing experience.

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5. Skyshot - Gstar:

The famous G-Star Ball is one of the most adventurous rides. It's a ball attached to two powerful steel cables. The ball shot up to 90 meters in the air and spins. If you are brave, you can definitely enjoy the view of the park and the Allgau mountains.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

The Sky shot has the longest queue. It's advisable to take the ride in the early morning. We made the mistake to keep it in the end and we waited in the long queue but we weren't able to take it. But we will be definitely going back to have this adrenaline experience.

6. Zero Gravity:

It was truly a very different experience for us. We have been to many different theme parks around the world but we haven't had this experience before.

Zero Gravity - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

We entered a large research facility lab and we were locked in the round room and we were standing in a circle inclined towards the wall.

The music started and we started relating and the floor underneath of our feet started going down but due to the gravity, we were literally sticking on the wall and not able to move at all. The ride is fun action and thrill.

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7. Skywheel:

The famous heart-shaped roller coaster takes you up to 50m up vertically in a very slow motion and then drops in the backward direction in full speed and then goes up again and completes the loop. On the top, you are upside down and then comes down.

Skywheel - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

8. Skydragster:

If you Are you scared of high-speed rides and want to determine your speed then Skydragster is for you. It's an interactive fun coaster. The Sky Dragster driver sits like a motorcycle and gives the acceleration to start the ride and determine the speed of his journey. You can go up to 60km/h.

Skydragster - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

Fun Ride in Ällgau Park:

1. Skyrafting:

You can ultimately get a sky rafting experience in the amusement park in sky rafting ride.

Skyrafting - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

The round boat lifts up to the height of 34 m to the water slide and takes you to the water gorge it spins and twists at a fast pace you also get some water splashing and after the steep turn it lands from where you started,

Skyrafting - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

2. Skyspin:

The Skyspin is a 4-seater roller coaster ride that goes up to the speed of 60km/h and takes a round of 430 m long track with up and downs and steep curves.

The roller coaster is a mild ride. If you are scared of high-adventure rides, you can take this one.

3. Skyrider:

The Sky ride takes up in a lift to the height of 20 meters and it floats and swings and the feet are free in the air. The roller coaster is a very comfortable and smooth fun ride and goes up to 50 km/h.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

5. Wildwasserbahn:

The crazy water roller coaster looks like an old mine and takes us to a height of 30 m and takes sharp turns and drops us on the water with a big water splash.

Wildwasserbahn - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

You also get the chance to get your picture in the ride which you can buy from the counter for 4.5 euro and you can also get it downloaded with the link.

Wildwasserbahn - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

Rides for the Kids:

There are quite a lot of rides and attractions for the kids but we lived our childhood again by taking all of these rides and attractions.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

Skytwister Ride took us up to the height of 34 m and the yellow and silver spacey ride starts rotating as we went high, we can see the view of the amusement park.

The kids can also enjoy the big Pirate Boat swing ''Alte Liebe'.

Alte Liebe - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

The kids along with their parents can also go on a train ride in Skyline Park on Park Bähnchen. The small train wagons take a round of the park in 15 minutes and stop at various points in the park.

Bähnchen - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

We also enjoyed the 'Kidfarm'. On the kid's farm, there are goats, chickens, and geese. The kids can enjoy the life of the countryside and enjoy the farm animals.

Kidfarm - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

We also went into the house of horror in Geisterbahn on the coaster ride and enjoy the scary fun ride.

To enjoy the incredible view of the park and Allgau Mountains, we also rid of the Ferris wheel ''Riesenrad''. The kids can also enjoy the Boat ride 'TretBootfahrt' in the small lake in the amusement park.

TretBootfahrt - Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

We both also competed against each other who can jump higher on the trampoline. The kids can jump up and down on the Sky Jump trampoline.

We enjoyed the dodging car experience in the Autoscooter ride where we bumped our car into other cars as many times as we wanted.

Skyline Ällgau Park, Bavaria

Ending Note:

The park doesn't open every day. You need to check on their website before planning your trip.

The park also hosts different events. As Oktoberfest is very much popular and well-celebrated in all Bavaria, Germany. Skyline Park has also organized the Oktoberfest part where they had a band who was playing live music and there were many people who were dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen.

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