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17 must-visit places in Germany with 49-Euro Ticket in the summer

Updated: Feb 28

Have you already subscribed to Deutschland Ticket and looking to discover the fairy-tale charm of German culture, towns, and adventure to make endless memories? Let's find about 17 must-visit places  in Germany that promise unforgettable experiences:

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1. Königsee:

Königsee is located in Berchtesgaden alps, Germany and it’s located near the Austria border. The Königsee is called King's Lake, and it's the third deepest lake in Germany between the cliffs.

The lake has emerald green water and it also has a beautiful cruise in a traditional boat that takes you to the unique church of St. Bartholomä.

Königsee, Germany
Königsee, Germany

2. Neuschwenstein Castle:

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 19th Century by King Ludwig II of Bavaria from his personal funds. The Castle was intended as a home for the king but he died in 1886, the same year in which the castle was completed. After his death, it was open to the public.

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Neuschwenstein Castle
Neuschwenstein Castle

3. Lindau:

Lindau is a beautiful Island town on the shore of the Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance.

The lake lies between the Germany, Austria, and Swiss borders and you can also take a cruise to Bregenz in Austria, or Switzerland from Lindau.

Largest lake in Germany
Lindau, Germany

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4. Mittenwald:

The Altstadt or Old Town of the Mittenwald is totally a fairytale picturesque town with a perfect background of the German Alps. The Mittenwald is famous for its culture and famous landmarks like the Catholic Church St. Peter and Paul. The area is also famous for its lakes like Ferchensee and Lautersee.

Lakes near Mittenwald
Lakes near Mittenwald

5. Füssen:

Füssen is one of the most beautiful towns located in the region of Ostallgaü near the Austrian border.

The town is very small with cobblestone streets. There are three famous lakes; Forggensee, Hopfensee, and Alpsee located near Füssen.

Füssen, Germany
Füssen, Germany

The world-famous Neuschwanstein castle is also located around 4 km from the town. There are many hiking trails near the area and one of the most tourist spots in Germany.

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6. Walchensee & Herzogstand:

Walchensee is the deepest lake in Germany and it’s located around 75 KM away from Munich. The lake has a beautiful Turquoise color and is famous for a kite surfing spot.

Herzogstand, Germany
Herzogstand, Germany

To enjoy the beautiful view of the lake, you can climb up to the Herzogstand which is around 1800 meters. You can also go there by Cable car which takes you to the top of Herzogstand.

7. Grainau:

The town has a tracking trail along with small water streams that take up to the lush green hills. The valley has an amazing view of the mountains and towns.

Grainau, Germany
Grainau, Germany

8. Ramsau & Hintersee:

Ramsau is known as a mountaineering village in Germany and is located in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria.

Best places to visit in Berchtesgaden
Ramsau, Germany

Hintersee is also located in Ramsau. The lake is quite small, but it's undoubtedly the most picturesque lake within the Alps in the background. You can also go paddle boating in the lake and enjoy a picnic with a beautiful view.

9. Herrenchiemsee Palace:

The Herrenchiemsee Palace is located in Herreninsel in Chiemsee. It’s a Baroque-style castle and according to traditions, the abbey of Herrenchiemsee was established in 765 AD. In the 19th century, the Palace was constructed by King Ludwig II as a replica of the Palace of Versailles.

Herrenchiemsee Palace
Herrenchiemsee Palace

10. Nymphenburg Palace:

Nymphenburg Palace used to be a summer Palace for the Rulers of Bavaria. The Palace is one of the main attractions of Munich. It's a Baroque style Architecture along with the Park and Lake, which enhances its beauty.

Nymphenburg Palace, Munich
Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

11. Garmisch Partenkirchen:

Garmisch Partenkirchen is famous for its Skiing spot and neighboring valleys are considered the best spot for tracking and hiking and lie near the famous Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

Garmisch and Partenkirchen used to be two different towns since 1935, when Hitler combined the two towns to participate in the Winter Olympics Games 1936.

Things to do in Garmisch Partenkirchen
Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany

12. Immenstadt in Allgäu:

The Immenstadt is located in Allgäu and is famous for its beautiful lake ‘Alpsee’. There are uncountable beautiful and lush green spots in the region. You can also take a chair lift on the top of Berg and experience Kletterwald and take the Alpsee coaster to come to the foothill of the hill.

Places to visit with 49 euro in Allgäu
Immenstadt in Allgäu

13. Drachenburg Castle:

The Drachenburg Castle is located in the NRW State of Germany in a town called Königswinter near Bonn (the Old capital of West Germany).

Drachenburg Castle
Drachenburg Castle

The Drachenburg Castle was standing magnificently on the hill of Konigswinter. It was constructed only in 2 years from 1882 to 1884 as a residence for Stephen von Sarter (Finance Expert) but he never lived in the castle.

14. Walhalla:

The Walhalla is located in Regensburg above the Danube River. It’s a neo-classic building and looks similar to the Pantheon.

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It’s a hall of fame that honors the achievements and accomplishments of all the famous Germans.

Walhalla in Regensburg
Walhalla near Regensburg

15. Charlottenburg Palace:

The Palace used to be the residence of Prussian Queen Sophie Charlotte. It's located in the district called Charlottenburg in Berlin. It’s the biggest palace along the Spree River with a peaceful and calm neighborhood. The Palace has a lush green park and a small lake which is coming out of the Spree River.

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin
Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

16. Eibsee:

Eibsee lies at the foothills of Germany’s highest point Zugspitze. The Eibsee is one of the most beautiful lakes with a breathtaking view of the great Zugspitze.

There are a variety of restaurants and hotels for tourists to relax. You can also rent a paddle boat or go on a boating trip.

Eibsee Lake near Garmisch Partenkirchen
Eibsee, Germany

17. Berchtesgaden:

Berchtesgaden is located in the south of Germany near Austria. The area is an ideal place to spend a perfect vacation in nature. The region also has Berchtesgaden National Park in the German Alps and it has a beautiful and breathtaking landscape.

Berchtesgaden in Germany
Berchtesgaden, Germany

List of 17 must-visit places in Germany with a 49-Euro Ticket in the summer:

  1. Königsee

  2. Neuschwenstein Castle

  3. Lindau

  4. Mittenwald

  5. Füssen

  6. Walchensee & Herzogstand

  7. Grainau

  8. Ramsau & Hintersee

  9. Herrenchiemsee Palace

  10. Nymphenburg Palace

  11. Garmisch Partenkirchen

  12. Immenstadt in Allgäu

  13. Drachenburg Castle

  14. Walhalla

  15. Charlottenburg Palace

  16. Eibsee

  17. Berchtesgaden

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