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Updated: May 27, 2020

Three days in Füssen, Bavaria – Heaven on Earth: Bavarian Alps, Germany

In Last week of Oct 2018, I had planned with my wife to explore the Bavarian Alps. We started our journey from Dortmund and decided to make Füssen as our landing place.

Bavaria, Germany

Füssen is just few kilometers away from the Austrian border as well. One of the best thing to do in Germany is to explore Bavaria, the most richest German State.

Bavaria, Germany

The town is famous for its Violin making industry. Füssen is around 600 KM away from Dortmund. I must say it is a dreamy and magical place for romantic couples.

Our Arrival to Füssen:

We reached to Füssen around 10.30 PM. All the restaurants were closed at this time. We only had an option of Mcdonald's at that time which is not very close to the city center. Always try to have your dinner early in Füssen.

Where to Stay in Füssen:

I would highly suggest booking the hotel in advance else you will find all the expensive options. Luckily, we found a very cozy room with personal bathroom around 2 km away from Füssen City Centre.

Fussen in located on the Southern most region of Bavaria, Germany and it's a last station of Deutsche Bahn's Regional Express trains. With its lush green fields, foggy Bavarian Alps and rich history has a lot of activities and attractions located in and near Füssen.

Our Experience in Füssen:

Our 1st day - Exploring the Castles in the Region:

As we were staying in Füssen, we took a bus no. 78 from the Main Train Station in Füssen. Füssen is around 3.5 KM from the town of Hohenschwangua where both the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle are located. The ticket cost me around 4.50 for the round trip. You can also rent a bicycle in Füssen for only 10 per day.

Castles in the Bavaria, Germany

There's a ticket office located on the foot of the hill. Neuschwanstein Castle is located on a hill on the left side of the ticket office and Hohenschwangua Castle is located on the right side. There are different combinations of tickets for the both castles along with Museum of Bavarian king. Don’t forget to claim your student discount if you are an EU Student.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle:

The ticket to Neuschwanstein Castle is for 12.5. You can climb up or take a horse carriage ride that which is 7 per person. As we wanted to experience the classical way of transportation to climb the hills, so we took the horse carriage.

There are guided tours after every 5 minutes so you can select the language of your choice as well. It took us around 1 hour for the tour of castle where we have experience magnificent interior from Council hall to King’s room.

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