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Carnival in Munich - Fasching Parade in Munich 2020 | Visit Munich | Germany Travel Blog

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Every year in February, the city of Munich turns into Party land and celebrates the festivity of Carnival. In the German state of Bavaria, Carnival is called “Fasching”. We attended the Fasching in Munich this year.

“Damische Ritte” means foolish Knight

We had been to Carnival in Cologne, Germany and also in Lucerne, Switzerland and to be honest, we weren’t expecting that Munich also has a big carnival. Obviously, it’s not like the famous Carnival of Cologne but still we were very excited.

Day of the dead Parade in Munich 2020

This year, in 2020, the Fasching parade took place on Sunday, February 16 at 1.13 PM. The Parade started from Kreuzstrasse near Sendlinger Tor and then passed by the famous pedestrian zone Neuhauserstrasse, Kauferinger Straße to Marienplatz.

The pedestrian has blocked with a rope from both sides and the way in the center has been created for the participants. The crowd was standing behind the rope.

Star War in Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The event has been organised by a club “Damische Ritte” which means foolish Knight. There were around 53 groups with over 1000 members participating in the parade.The parade group included big themed trucks associated with different musical bands, fictional movies and characters, historical associations and political parties.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

We came around 12 PM to Kreuzstrasse and selected the perfect spot on the footpath to welcome and cheer the Parade.

When we arrived, almost all the participants were there with their trucks but the audience was still coming.

Tropical Party in Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

We would highly suggest to come earlier to spot a perfect place otherwise It gets really crowded.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

Finally the Parade started at 1.13 PM. The parade was led by Damish and their Duke Casimir on the wooden horse with a sword. It was followed by 30- 40 Damian knights.

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Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The participants of the parade were throwing candies towards the crowd (famous tradition of fasching).

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

After that, other Participating bands dressed up in different themes started parading in their themed trucks.

You just imagine the character and they were the part of the parade including Super Mario, Pirates, Lego, Students of Hogwart school of wizard, Red Indians etc.

Clowns in Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

There were also participants parading and playing the live drum show and dance performances. The participants were totally enjoying it, They were dancing and drinking on their themed trucks.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The kids were really excited and collecting and filling their bags with the candies being thrown by participants.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

Afterwards, the participants gather at Hofbrauhaus and celebrate carnival parties.

Narrhalla celebrates on the Viktualienmarkt:

On Thursday February 20, 2020 , the Viktualienmarkt in Munich turned into a “Nonsense Thursday” where carnival companies along with women from Viktualienmarkt celebrated a carnival party with their dance performances which they practiced for months.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The event had organised by Gesellschaft Narrhalla eV and its free of cost to enter and enjoy the carnival.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

Carnival party on the streets of Munich Old town:

From February 23rd-25th, 2020 , the old town of Munich and Pedestrian from Karlsplatz to Marienplatz had turned into a party place.

There were two big stages set up one at Karlsplatz and the other one at Marienplatz in front of town hall and the different performers were performing and taking part in a competition.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The large number of people dressed up in different costumes were gathered near the stages and enjoying and dancing on the performances with their drinks.

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There were coloured confetti all over the old town and were thrown by the participants with candies towards the audience.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

There were also stalls set up in the pedestrian Neuhauserstraße and Kauferinger Straße. They were selling carnival specialties and drinks with carnival songs. People were also gathering around the stalls and dancing and enjoying the carnival.

There were also few stalls selling carnival costumes, balloons and confetti. For the kids, there was a small Carousel ride and stalls with games.

Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

The Muencheners were dressed up in different costumes of animals like Dino, Rabbies, Mouse, Sharks, bees. Most of the kids were dressed up like fictional characters from fairytales.

There were also performances by the bands who dressed up like honey bees and beat the drum and created the most energetic music which compelled the audience to dance on the beats.

Hospital Theme in Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

That’s how Muencheners celebrate Fasching !!

Pirates in Fasching Parade in Munich 2020

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