Things to do in Prague, Czech Republic | Travel Guide for Prague

Updated: Feb 24

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is considered one of the finest and Romantic cities of Europe. The City is located on the Bank of River Vltava and used to be a Bohemian Capital.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

We both had visited Prague for the first time in the same year and same month but Alone- I was there for the first time on October 1, 2016, to celebrate my birthday and Aoon visited Prague for the first time during Halloween days and again in the summer of 2018.

In the End of October, Prague City was totally indulged in the Halloween

Money Exchange tips:

There are lots of money exchanger scams in Prague. The Money Exchangers are normally charging hidden charges along with a high conversion rate. As I was already being warned by my friend about these scams I still paid around €17 for converting €100. The money exchanger provided a good rate and asked me to sign the agreement and on the below of the statement, there was a small text written about the 17% fees.

If you have Euros with you, the Best trick is to go to McDonald’s and buy a meal from there. They do accept Euro and pay you back in Czech currency according to the Rate.

Where to Stay in Prague:

Prague is considered a safe European city and the city is famous for its Hostels. It has a wide range of hostels from the Economical to the Expensive ones. If you are travel alone or with a group of friends. We would suggest experiencing the Hostels in Prague.

Things to do in Prague:

1. Prague Castle:

Prague Castle is considered one of the largest ancient castles in the World. The Castle was built in the 9th Century and used to be ruled by Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, and the President of Czechoslovakia.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

The Castle is located in the height and can be seen from different spots from the River. Hradčanské Square is one of the famous squares and it’s connected with the Castle courtyard. The Square is famous for its Historical houses and you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the city from Southern Terrace.

As the Castle is located on the height, we had climbed up the narrow streets which has an amazing cafe and Restaurant and considered as the Best spot to enjoy the lovely view of the City and Red bricked houses.

2. St. Vitus Cathedral:

St. Vitus Cathedral is located within Prague Castle and is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The Cathedral is a Gothic Style Church and held significant importance in History as it has tombs of many Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. You can also Climb the Main tower of the church and enjoy the view of the City.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague Castle

3. Prague Old Town:

Prague Old Town is a Magical Medieval Old Town with Cobblestone Streets and there are hidden surprises on every corner of the Street.

We would highly suggest walking around the Prague Old town and enjoying exploring the streets of Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic