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The Best Place to Stay in Ulm - NYCE Hotel Ulm

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

When you are planning a trip to any destination, what’s the most important factor to consider when choosing a place to stay? Is it the location, breakfast, access by public transport, a comfortable room, or budget-friendliness?

Best place to stay in Ulm
Lobby of NYCE Hotel Ulm

Well, you can find all these features at NYCE Hotel Ulm. The best part is that NYCE Hotel is a hotel chain with properties in various major and mid-sized cities in Germany.

Whether you are visiting metropolitan cities like Hamburg or Munich or comparable smaller cities like Dortmund or Ulm, you will find comfortable and reasonably priced hotels with NYCE. Check out more NYCE hotels in other cities in Germany.

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Where to stay in Ulm
NYCE Hotel Ulm

In this blog, let’s talk about our experience of staying at NYCE Hotel Ulm.

Location of NYCE Hotel Ulm:

The NYCE Hotel is located in Ulm Weststadt - which is still in Ulm Center but definitely. Not crowded which make it an ideal place to stay. This area used to be an Industrial area but now, it’s changing into a Modern neighborhood mainly a business district at Blaupark.

Ulm Old Town
Ulm Old Town

Whether you are going on a business trip or for leisure, it has a perfect location which is easily accessible with public transport.

The Tram station is located within a walking distance of 5 minutes from the hotel. You can take the direct tram to Ulm Central station which takes less than 10 minutes.

Things to do in Ulm
Things to do in Ulm

There are various shops and restaurants conveniently located within walking distance, and the grocery store is just 2 minutes away. In short, you have everything you need for a comfortable stay.

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The Ambiance of NYCE Hotel Ulm:

Upon entering the hotel, we found ourselves in a vibrant and welcoming environment where the friendly staff greeted us at the check-in counter. After a quick and easy check-in process, we received some helpful tips for exploring Ulm.

Best Hotel to stay in Ulm
Lobby at NYCE Hotel Ulm

The hotel features a lobby, bar, and restaurant. The unique design and colorful lobby create an inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests to linger and spend some time. It's not your typical hotel where you just check in for sleep; it's special for its guests.

Best Place to stay in Ulm
NYCE Hotel Ulm

Additionally, the hotel offers a unique perk: you receive free popcorn with every drink in the evening. You can also enjoy the weather on the outdoor terrace.

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NYCE Hotel Ulm
Restaurant at NYCE Hotel in Ulm

Room at NYCE Hotel at Ulm:

The NYCE Hotel Ulm has a selection of 70 comfortable rooms, each available in various sizes to cater to individual preferences. We opted for the King-size room, which has a generously sized bed with plush bedding.

This combination provided the perfect retreat for unwinding after a demanding and tiring day of activities.

Room at NYCE Hotel at Ulm
My Room at NYCE Hotel at Ulm

Our chosen room not only offered comfort but also reflected the artistic ambiance we first experienced in the vibrant lobby. The thoughtful design and decor of the room contributed to an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Budgeted stay in Ulm
My room at NYCE Hotel Ulm

For those who require a dedicated workspace, the room includes a convenient workstation, catering to the needs of digital nomads or business travelers.

Moreover, an LED setup is thoughtfully provided, adding an extra layer of entertainment and relaxation options for the duration of our stay.

Rooms at NYCE Hotel Ulm
NYCE Hotel Ulm

To enhance the convenience of our stay, an open wardrobe was at our disposal, allowing us to neatly hang and organize our clothes throughout the visit.

Rooms of NYCE Hotel Ulm
Rooms at NYCE Hotel Ulm

The bathroom in our room was equipped with a refreshing rain shower. All the essential amenities such as towels and a hairdryer were also thoughtfully provided, ensuring that our needs were met without any inconvenience.

NYCE Hotel Ulm
Welcome note from NYCE Hotel Ulm

Breakfast Experience at NYCE Hotel Ulm:

The NYCE Hotel provides its guests with a remarkable breakfast experience, featuring an extensive buffet spread that is served daily on the ground floor.

Best Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm
Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm

The breakfast buffet has refreshing choices, including a selection of fresh fruits and a crisp vegetable salad. There are also different varieties of Cheese and raw-cut meat. The spread also includes unique offerings such as hummus and cream cheese, adding a touch of variety and international flair.

Best Breakfast in Ulm
Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm

Delightful cakes are presented, providing a tempting treat to satisfy the taste buds. No visit to Germany would be complete without indulging in the rich tradition of German bread and pretzels. The breakfast experience at NYCE Hotel authentically captures this, offering a unique selection of German bread alongside freshly baked croissants served with jams.

Where to stay in Ulm
Best Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm

The breakfast also has a choice between boiled and scrambled eggs to cater to various preferences. Whether one starts their day with a cup of tea or coffee, the hotel boasts an extensive collection of different tea blends and coffee varieties. Fresh juices are also there to provide a refreshing and healthy start to the morning.

Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm
Breakfast at NYCE Hotel Ulm

What truly enhances the overall breakfast experience is the attentive service of the staff. The commitment to ensuring a delightful dining experience is evident in the frequent refilling of all food items. This dedication ensures that guests can enjoy a satisfying and indulgent breakfast, setting a positive tone for the rest of their day at NYCE Hotel.

Best breakfast in Ulm
Best breakfast in Ulm

After having an extravagant breakfast, we relaxed on the comfy sofas of the lobby and enjoyed our coffee.

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Places to stay in Ulm
NYCE Hotel Ulm

For the dinner, if you don’t feel like going out - you can also grab a quick dinner like Pizza at the hotel.

Ending Note:

Our experience staying at NYCE Hotel Ulm is 10/10—whether it’s a welcoming environment, a comfy room, a delicious breakfast, or friendly staff—everything was on point and made our stay memorable. The NYCE Hotel is definitely a great choice to stay in Germany.

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