7 best things to do in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. The city of Gothenburg is also called ''little London'' because, in the 1800s, Gothenburg became industrial and many Scottish and British businessmen had moved to Gothenburg.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is also famous due to its simple and minimalistic Scandinavian architecture. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Things to do in Gothenburg, Sweden:

1. Haga:

Haga is the cute and cosiest neighbourhood of Gothenburg located in the southwest of the city, The district is famous for its cobblestone streets and 19th-century wooden houses.

Haga, Gothenburg

Järntorgsbrunnen, Gothenburg

Haga is the busiest neighbourhood with uncountable cafes and local shops. I have also bought a souvenir from Haga. You can also find traditional big Swedish cinnamon buns and Swedish Coffee Fika in Haga.

Cafe Husaren Haga, Gothenburg

2. Explore Nordstaden District:

The Nordstaden is the central district located near the Central train station of Gothenburg. The Nordstaden is famous for its shopping experience and its local and international restaurants.

Nordstaden District, Gothenburg

I had started walking from the streets near the Kungsportsplatsen. There are parallel streets full of cafes and shops. Every street has a little glimpse of artist touch and there are narrow passages that take you to the hidden cafes and restaurants.

Kungsportsplatsen., Gothenburg

You can always find a surprise in every street. I was there in February but the city still lightened up with the Christmas lights.

Nordstaden District, Gothenburg

The Stora Saluhallen is an Old fashioned food hall with vendors who offer fresh cheese and other delicatessens.

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Stora Saluhallen, Gothenburg

From these streets, I walked towards the Götenburg Stadsmuseum and enjoyed the beautiful view of the river. There are many restaurant and shopping brands like Zara, H&M located on the river.


I have also been to the Nordstan Shopping mall and found very Scandi fashioned brands.

Nordstan Shopping mall

Nordstan, Gothenburg

3. Avenyn:

If I call Avenyn a 'Champs-Elysee' of Gothenburg, it won't be a lie. It's a very long Boulevard starting from the Old town to the Gotaplatsen Square where there's a huge statue of Posedin.

Avenyn, Gothenburg

The avenue is famous for its liveliness and restaurants. All the famous and local posh restaurant chains like Hard Rock is present there.

Avenyn, Gothenburg

4. Visiting Gothenburg Archipelago:

In the North and South of Gothenburg, tiny granite Islands are highly accessible with the Ferry from Gothenburg.

Saltholmen., Gothenburg

You can take a tram or bus from Gothenburg central to the Saltholmen. There are different ferries which go to the different Island from Satholmen station. You don't need to buy any extra ticket, the city ticket also covers the ferry ride but be careful about the expiry time of your ticket.

Gothenburg Archipelago

These Islands are perfect for the summers with lots of tourists and you should alteast spare one day for Island hopping. There's a journey of 1 hour to the Vrångö Island.

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There are many fishing villages with old shipping settlements and hiking spots. There are also inhabitants living on a few Islands.

Gothenburg Archipelago

As I didn't have enough time, I only went to the closest Island from Saltholmen that's Aspern and Köpstadsö which is only 20 minutes ferry ride.

5. Sightseeing tour on Land & Water Amphibious Bus:

I have also got the chance to experience a unique tour of the Ocean bus which runs on the roads of Gothenburg and then go into the sea.

Ocean bus, Gothenburg

The bus tour starts from the front of the Stora Teaten on the famous Kungsportsavenyen in Gothenburg(in the middle of the city).

The bus passes by many famous tourist spots and the guide explains the fun fact and history and different Monuments of Gothenburg and then it goes near the sea and enters the water with the Splash.


The tour was very interesting and really worth experiencing. The price of the tour is 260 SEK and I booked a ticket online on their website. You can also get the ticket on the spot, but I recommend buying it online because you might not find the seat.