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Best Restaurants in Baku, Azerbaijan Baku - Travel Guide for Baku Azerbaijan

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Restaurants Guide in Baku - From Luxurious to Affordable Restaurants in Baku, Azerbaijan

We have been to Baku, Azerbaijan twice and are totally in love with the Azeri food. Baku has countless local and International food chains with amazing food and ambiance.

Best Restaurants in Baku, Azerbaijan
Panoramic View of Baku from Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant

Here in our blog, we will explain our dining experiences in Baku from the top luxurious restaurants to affordable places to enjoy the best tasty food, and will list down famous restaurants in Baku.

Hilton Sky Grill Restaurants:

To enjoy the New Year's Eve of 2018 and welcome the new year, we reserved our table in Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant.

The restaurant is on the 24th floor with a beautiful terrace to enjoy the panoramic view of the city with Skyscrapers of Baku, Flame Towers, and the Caspian Sea.

Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant Baku, Azerbaijan
Panoramic View of Baku from Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant

The restaurant had offered a special 6-course dinner for New Year's Eve for AZN 210 per head.

Best Hotels in Baku, Azerbaijan
Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant

The dinner started with a hot appetizer followed by a cold appetizer and then served the main Course which was Grilled beef with mashed potatoes. As my wife is not fond of Beef, the chef was very nice and he served her Grilled chicken.

Best Restaurants in Baku
Dinner Buffet at Hilton Sky Grill Restaurant

For desserts, they served three different varieties of desserts including Chocolate Delice with Dark chocolate mousse, caramel, chocolate sauce, and crumbles.

Things to do in Baku
Desert Served in Hilton Sky Grill, Baku

Fairmount- Flame Tower:

In the iconic Flaming Tower in Baku, the Fairmount Hotel is located inside this tower and it has amazing rooms and restaurants. We have been to Nur Lounge and Jazz Club over there.

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Restaurants in Flame Tower, Baku
Flame Tower, Baku

Nur Lounge:

Nur lounge is a lobby area to enjoy the casual sitting and relaxing environment with your friends. They have different teas, coffees, cocktails and snacks.

We enjoyed their amazing coffee with their cupcakes and indulged in the comfort and luxury of the lounge. You can also enjoy Shisha with live piano music in the background.

Jazz Club:

To experience the extravaganza dining experience with live Orchestrated Jazz melodies with piano and guitars & dance floor, the Jazz Club is a must restaurant visit. The club has a great ambiance with Neon lights and an amazing view of the Caspian Sea.

Best Restaurants in Baku
Jazz Club, Fairmount Hotel Flame tower Baku

Every day, they have different kinds of Jazz music. On Saturday, there's also a live performance by a singer.

The Club also has a wide range of food and drinks to offer including Sushi as well. We tried Crispy Calamari with tartar sauce and Chicken Caesar Salad with baby lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and Mojito.

Hard Rock Cafe:

Hard Rock is located in the old town right in the heart of Baku. The Hard Rock cafe has an amazing ambiance with a collection from the biggest rock stars like Micheal Jackson. The live music of the cafe enlightened the environment.

The cafe is always full, so don’t forget to book your table in advance else you have to wait for 1 hour. We have already been to several Hard Rock in different countries and cities, so we knew their menu quite well. we had ordered their Twisted Mac, Chicken and Cheese, and Local legendary Burger.

Hard Rock Cafe, Baku
Hard Rock Cafe, Baku


Vapiano is also located in the center of Baku, it's a German food chain, and famous for its Pasta, Lasagna, and Pizza. The prices are also quite affordable and they have a live kitchen and you can make your food right in front of you with your favorite ingredients. We had ordered their Chicken BBQ PIzza with our favorite toppings.

Best Pizza Baku
Chicken BBQ PIzza, Vapiano

Passage 145:

The Passage is one of the most crowded restaurants with a unique ambiance. The interior of the restaurant is a unique concept representing the Culture of Azerbaijan.

It also has an indoor terrace sitting with colorful couches and sofas and beautiful hanging portraits. It has also amazing cuisine - a perfect combination of National and International menu with its amazing Azeri Chai.

The restaurant is located on a famous street with other restaurants. It's one of the top tourist places and affordable price.

Passage 145, Baku
Best food at Passage 145, Baku

We had ordered the Grilled chicken breast and Chicken fingers along with their Signature Strawberry Mojito. They have the best Shisha with amazing flavors. I would highly recommend trying their Shisha.

Malacannes 145:

Malacannes 145 is a food chain of Passage 145. It’s located in historical buildings by oil Industrialists and later on, used as his personal residence. The restaurant has a unique interior sitting depicts the architectural heritage of the city. The restaurant offers the best desserts but we went there for the Shisha. I must say it's the best shisha I have ever had.

City Cafe:

It's one of the nicest cafes and is highly recommended by locals in Baku. The cafe has many different branches all over Baku City and best place for Breakfast and brunch. The cafe has a variety of menus for health-conscious people. The ambiance and the environment of the cafe are just super cool.

City Cafe, Baku
City Cafe, Baku

I had ordered the Club Sandwich which has a delicious chicken fillet, veggies, cheese, pickles, and sauces. They also have the best Monastery Chicken fillet with the yummiest mushrooms and veggies and Kiev Cutlet with veggies and Potatoes.

Telequlle Restaurants:

To enjoy one of the most romantic lunch, the Telequlle restaurant is a perfect place to go. The restaurant is on the 27th floor of the TV tower and it's a bit far from the city center.

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Telequlle restaurants, Baku
Telequlle restaurants, Baku

It’s a place with a mind-blowing panoramic view of the Baku and Caspian sea. It has a revolving restaurant with perfect Azeri and European cuisine. I had ordered traditional Azeri Sadj chicken with potatoes and Veggies.

Azeri Sadj at Telequlle restaurants, Baku

It's a perfect spot for lovers to enjoy the food and the 360-degree view of Baku.

Telequlle restaurants, Baku

Ending Note:

Baku has a wide range of cafes and restaurants from expensive to economical options. Don't forget to reserve your table in advance in your favorite Restaurant.

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